I need some advice, please!

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So, I kinda wanted a break from this book.. I'm not discontinuing it or putting it on hold, but just like when I just can't think of anything here I'll go write something else.

Basically, I've started with the Sherlock book. I know I said it won't happen until after this book, but 25 chapters later I've realized that I'm not even halfway through the anime, and I don't know how long it'll take for me to complete this and whether or not I'll actually remember what I wanted to write till then.

My question is, should I start uploading it simultaneously?

It'll slow down both the books since I can only upload one chapter a week, so you'll get a new chapter only once in two weeks, but it'll keep things interesting for me and I'll be able to give you better content since I'll have one more week to think and clean up the chapters

I'm really not sure what will be better, so I thought I'll ask you guys what would be a better option

I wanted to start uploading the Sherlock book on the coming Saturday, so it would really be great if you could hopefully tell me whether I should just go ahead with it or wait a little longer

Also, whether or not you want to actually read it. That is very important, probably the most important thing. It's like, what's the point of writing it if no one wants to read it, you know?

okay I'm going off topic

Anyways, you read everything above so let me know and please help me out.


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