The New Formed Couple

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[Just mentions of explicit stuff]

25th May 2007:

Just a week ago he had been sitting in Kiyo's living room with her tongue down his throat, just a week ago he had received the most memorable bruises of his life, just a week ago he had melted into this puddle of pleasure that was mewling and moaning and gasping just from a little make-out session, and now here he was.

When Light had reached the task force HQ the next day, he had been informed that Kiyo had taken a week's holiday to prepare for some important upcoming exam, which Light was almost thankful for since he was too embarrassed to actually face her at that moment, but by the end of the day, as his work came to an end, Light couldn't help but miss her.

What was Kiyo doing right now? Would she be studying or would she be taking a break? He wondered what she might have been wearing.. and he wondered if she was thinking about him too.

When his cab pulled up in front of his house, Light's feet seemed to have just started independently walking as he soon found himself standing in front of Kiyo's door and knocking at it with only slight hesitance.

But his hesitance washed away the moment Kiyo opened the door, rolled her eyes with a sexy smirk on her face, and pulled him into one of the best kisses of his life.

And this routine continued for the whole week.

Light found himself spending more time at the Ikari household than he spent at his own place. They didn't talk about the investigation, they didn't talk about him being Kira, they didn't talk about the university or their studies. They both completely disregarded any fact that made their lives anything more than normal and just spoke like two best friends would, just like.. maybe a couple would, and Light knew he was beginning to enjoy that a bit too much.

The fluttering in his chest was no longer limited to when they kissed, but rather just happened any time she made physical contact with him or did something like make tea for him without him having asked her to. He found himself losing a bit more control every time she pulled him into a make-out session, and he found himself becoming louder every time she started marking the skin of his neck. Light honestly couldn't wait to find out what it would be like to go all the way with her.

And yet, despite everything they had done throughout the week, here he was - sitting on the floor with his arms wrapped around a sobbing Misa Amane.

It disgusted him, repulsed him that he had to hold someone this way who wasn't Kiyo. Now that he knew what exactly even a simple touch had the capability of doing to him, any other from anyone else just simply sickened him, however he couldn't just forget his duties as Kira for this pleasure trip, no matter how much he had fallen in love with it.

As he held Misa in his hands, his mind wandered off to just the previous day when Kiyo had finally actually pressed her knee into his excitement, rather than just keeping it hovering around, a bit too far for his liking. She hadn't done anything, hadn't moved her leg around, hadn't gone past anything she had done for the past few days, but this little extra combined with her electrifying touches and kisses almost had him finishing in his pants, but she had stopped just before he could - as always.

"I'll try my hardest to make you love me," Misa had promised.

Even just the thought of it made Light scoff.

How could he ever 'love' someone like her? Someone so needy, so dependent? Someone who didn't even understand, who couldn't even understand what he wanted? He wasn't going to put in his efforts to please this submissive little creature that had left her weight in his arms and agreed to become his puppet. The only thing he could do to a moldable piece of waste like her was to use and throw her away as soon as he didn't need her anymore. 

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