Frustrations and Risks

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2nd August 2007:

Light was beginning to grow impatient. He was impatient and he was frustrated. 

How could he not be? When she was so close yet so far away?

He was sick and tired of pushing away those feelings of annoyance and anger building up within him, which is why, when L spoke about how they were putting their lives at risk for nothing and how everything they were doing was just a waste of time, Light went ballistic.

Anyone who would have bothered to look more carefully would have seen this punch coming from a mile away. All that pent up irritation, from being locked up for fifty days to being handcuffed to L for more than a week now and having to tolerate him twenty-four/seven, along with the irritation of not being able to freely talk to the one person he had been longing to talk to - all of it had come crashing down on Light, who immediately decided to crash it down on L as well through that one punch.

It wasn't that bad though, because L too had managed to get rid of quite some of his frustrations through this fight they had, so all in all the little squabble had proven to be more helpful than it was harmful.

However, frustration once more bloomed in Light's chest when Kiyo, who had arrived at the scene of the fight to apply ointment on the duo's bruises, was literally pushed out of the way by Misa because she wanted to sit in Light's lap and apply the ointment to her beloved boyfriend's face herself.

But that wasn't what annoyed him the most.

The biggest reason for his frustration was the fact that Kiyo had started, very gently might I add, started caressing L's face to apply the gel evenly. She spoke to him, so softly, so delicately, asking him again and again if anything was hurting too much. She pulled his face closer to hers to inspect his pale skin, to make sure she hadn't missed anything, to make sure nothing was bruised horribly. 

And then there was Misa who kept squirming in his lap, trying to somehow make the situation sexual as she applied the ointment to her own cheeks before rubbing it against his face, making the whole process much more elaborate, inaccurate, and painful than it should have been. Not even caring about how Light - who had literally been kicked in the face - might be in pain, Misa continued to whisper and giggle in his ears as she told him how much she didn't expect him to have this side, how much it turned her on, and just how sexy Light looked when he was angry.

Well, if Misa truly thought Light looked sexy when he was angry, he should be smoldering right now.

Because if Light was a volcano, he would have erupted right then right there.

But he couldn't do anything except sit and watch Kiyo stare L down with a concerned annoyance, scolding him for behaving like a kid and getting himself hurt, while Misa Amane tried her level best to dry hump him as she applied the medicine to his face.

9th September 2007:

"Is there any progress?" Isla exasperatedly asked, just wanting to go home to her pregnant wife. Things were getting tiring now - tiring, repetitive, and incredibly dull.

"There's just enough to tie him down to the case, not enough to actually convict him," Joshua replied, also wanting nothing more than to go home.

Everyone on the team wanted to just go home recently. 

Initially, when L's request had come through, every single officer working at Scotland Yard was thrilled. It felt like the greatest opportunity had come knocking at their door, and they would be foolish to not welcome it with open arms. Now, however, they weren't that sure anymore.

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