The Kira Tapes

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18th April 2007:

It had been almost two weeks since.. whatever had happened in the previous two chapters.

Your author is lazy guys, forgive her.

...It's always 'her', isn't it? I haven't come across one male fanfic writer. If any of you know of a male writer, please support him and lemme know so that I can support him too. We need male writers in this bland world.

Anyway - 

Things had somehow gone back to how they had been before the whole To-Oh Entrance ceremony situation.

Matsuda and Kiyo would literally spend all their time together, joined at the hip throughout their hours at HQ as L, unfortunately alone, continued to supervise all the work the task force did, especially paying attention to certain pair that seemed to be more interested in each other than in solving the case that was wracking up the world.

If he didn't know better, L would have thought that Kiyo and Matsuda were romantically involved.

However, he didn't let that disturbing thought cross his mind either way.

The days were going smoothly but slowly. They had a reassurance in them, a stability that helped the task force to regain their composure and focus on the case better, however, something told them that it was just the calm before a storm.

That something was the anxiousness which seemed to be visibly growing in the pit of the stomach of the only female member of the task force.

As the days went by, all the other investigators started noticing the doubt that clouded Kiyo's mind. When they would ask her what happened, the only answer she would give is 'Call me paranoid, but I feel something wrong is going to happen. It's like my spidey-sense, but without the spider part.'

Her answer always made for a good laugh, but none of the men could shake off the feeling that she might just turn out to be correct, women are known for their sixth sense, after all.

Today was no different.

Kiyo was acting normally, as she usually did, but she was also, as usual, showing clear signs of agitation. 

It almost made L feel like she knew something was going to happen.

He, however, decided to push all those thoughts to a corner of his mind, choosing to deal with them later instead of during work hours.

Everyone was silently continuing with their work when suddenly Ukita had spoken up, gaining everyone's attention.

"Regarding Naomi Misora's disappearance, shouldn't we open an investigation into this matter?"

L's eyes snapped to look at Kiyo and Matsuda, who he found were already looking at him with absolutely smug expressions. However, L, being in no mood to boost their egos, just kind of dismissed their involvement in it, and Kiyo being Kiyo understood that.

"An investigation had already been opened on the 25th of February, albeit informal, which has now been closed. You had your duty at the NPA Headquarters that day which is why you must not have known the exact details of it," L quietly said to Ukita, slightly lost in thought. They had never really revealed what they had found to the rest of the task force, had they?

Kiyo had stepped forward at that point, and L couldn't help but pout at the spotlight that had once again been taken from him. He wasn't mad about it.. just a little.. pouty. She and Matsuda went on to tell everyone in detail exactly what they had found from which leads, what they had deduced, and what they had confirmed, every single little piece of information that they had gained over the past few months.

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