Detailed Records

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Somewhere around a month had passed by, more like flashed by, since Kiyo and L's discussion after their entrance exam. L had immediately asked Watari to start compiling all the information Kiyo had asked for, which, to be specific, was Naomi Misora and Light Yagami's phone call records and locations between 27th December, Raye Penber's death, and 1st January, the day Naomi Misora was last seen. She had also asked for Penber's detailed report that he must have submitted to his higher-ups.

Getting information like this wasn't easy even for L, especially when two FBI agents were directly affiliated with it. The procedures that were necessary to at least make sure it didn't seem like Watari was breaking into the database and stealing the sensitive documents was long and lengthy and time-consuming, but Watari being himself managed to complete the feat within just a little above a month's time and sent it to L and Kiyo for further investigation immediately.

25th February 2007:

A new hotel, a new HQ, but the same old mess. Kiyo had always wondered as to what exactly the task force did throughout all the time skips in the show since only the main breakthroughs and highlights were what the show comprised of, but now, sitting in a pile of papers, she realized that this was more office work than investigation work. 

There was a shit load of stuff that needed to be done. Every last detail of every victim of Kira's needed to be filed, recorded, dated, labeled, organized, packed, bundled, and stacked up in order to be sent to L's personal record library and copied and sent to the NPA record library separately, and compared to the number of criminals that were being killed daily, the number of hands in the task force to do the job was extremely low. Every possible detail of every possible person related to the case that fit Kira's criminal profile went through the same procedure before being shipped off to only L's library.

It was hectic, it was messy, and it was hella boring. Kiyo was on the verge of getting up and declaring a holiday for everyone, it was beginning to seem like they were all competing against L for the title of 'The Darkest Dark Circles'! But a 'surprise' package delivered to their room in her name stopped her.

'Kiyohime Ikari' read the recipient's name

'W' read the sender's name

Kiyo's eyes immediately widened as her eyes snapped to look at L who was staring back at her with a similar look.

It was finally here.

"Before we continue making our records," L said looking at the task force, who had all stopped their work to stare at the package, making them look at L with an almost questioning look, "Kiyo would like to say something."

Kiyo cleared her throat slightly before glancing down at the package once more, remembering the discussion she had a week ago with L.

It had been a quiet day and now an even quieter night. The cameras were long gone from Kiyo's house but she had stuck to living in the hotel itself since L had very clearly told Kiyo about his suspicions about her being Kira and that he wanted to keep an eye on her, and she had, albeit reluctantly, agreed. 

The task force had gone home and Kiyo was working a few extra hours with L, late into the night, when he had spoken,

"There's a very good chance Watari will be finishing up his work and sending it over soon," L said looking up from his laptop to her, "And there is an even bigger chance it will arrive when all the other members of the task force are also present."

"Are you suggesting we tell them?" Kiyo asked, no hints of taunt or any kind of irritation in her voice, she was genuinely asking for his suggestion.

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