Author's Note - 2

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Hey guys!! 

I usually upload a new chapter every three days, but this time the new chapter's going to be slightly delayed.

Don't misunderstand, this book is not on hold, and I'll probably upload the new chapter in a few days or a week maximum.

I just honestly can't seem to think of anything!

I have a lot of stuff thought out, and a lot of scenes in my mind, but I just can't think of ways to connect them together. I've already finished writing half of the chapter I'm working on right now and I'm just so fucking stuck >_<

Every time I open Wattpad to write something new I just feel like switching to youtube and watching Sidemen or Daz games till I fall asleep.

Plus I currently have my exams going on! And online school! Everything is just messed up.

Bottom line, I'm sorry for the delay and I will most probably upload within this week, 

So until then, bear with me please ლ(╹◡╹ლ)


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