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"Come on dad! What are you talking about, who knows how many years that'll take? Besides, don't you remember my promise? That if something ever happened to you, I would find Kira and make sure he gets executed," Light announced, silencing the already quiet room further.

Kiyo couldn't help but mentally applaud the Oscar-worthy performance Light put up when it came to reinforcing his convictions about his innocence. It was almost as though there was only a part of Light's brain that was home to Kira which he could turn on and off at will, making himself believe he was innocent every time he spoke to his father.

It takes a lot of skill to fake something like that so flawlessly.. if only Light could refine his mental abilities to the level of his acting skills, then his acting skills would have actually come to some use.

"Light, listen to me. Kira is pure evil, we can all agree on that," Soichiro began, but couldn't help but falter slightly at his assumption as he glanced at Kiyo.. she certainly didn't believe Kira was pure evil. Nonetheless, he decided to ignore Kiyo and continue with what he was saying.

"But recently I've started thinking of this whole situation in a different way. What is truly evil is the power to kill people, and any person who has come to possess this kind of power is cursed. No matter how you use it, no true happiness can be obtained like that. Not by killing other people." Soichiro ended his little speech, shifting slightly at the disapproving look on Kiyo's face.

Unlike L and Light he obviously didn't care for the girl's approval, but the look still made him feel like he had said something incorrect, something that she could prove was incorrect but chose to remain silent rather than speak out which he was thankful for.

L and Light also seemed to have noticed the look on Kiyo's face which caused them to look away quickly and L to feel the urge to say something to dissipate the tension.

"I think you're absolutely right. If Kira is just a normal person who somehow obtained this awful power, I would say that he is cursed."

But this only made Kiyo's disapproving expression deepen.

Which is why Soichiro found it wisest to change the topic.

"Ryuzaki, I am sorry for all this trouble, but I'll be back at work as soon as the doctors let me out of here."

"Excuse me," A feminine voice was suddenly heard from the door of the room, "Visiting hours were over ten minutes ago."


"Do you really believe that? What you said back in there?" Kiyo asked L as she, L, and Light walked out of the hospital side by side. 

L only turned to look at her with a questioning gaze, unsure of what she was asking about.

"What you said about Kira being cursed," Kiyo clarified.

Light visibly seemed to perk up at that.

L remained quiet for a few moments, his head automatically turning up to look at the sky as he seemed to ponder over his words to give the girl an answer he truly thought was his actual belief.

"Yes," he said finally, looking back at her, "I do believe in what I said. You don't?"

"I don't." Kiyo said simply, not an ounce of hesitation in her voice.

"How so?" Light asked, quite interested in what the girl had to say.

By now, the trio had come to a halt, standing outside the hospital in front of L's car, the two boys eagerly waiting for Kiyo's answer, intrigued by what it may be.

"I believe everyone has the power to kill."

A very conclusive statement, but judging by Light's obvious fidgeting, Kiyo could tell that he wanted her to elaborate but didn't know how to ask, so she decided to spare him the awkwardness and continue speaking.

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