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[Somewhat explicit content ahead! You have been warned.

... anyways, enjoy the chapter!]

18th May 2007:

What a day it had been! Light and Kiyo were both incredibly tired.

No no, bring your head out of the gutter, they both had a tiring day at school. They have to attend To-Oh at least sometimes now, don't they?

Managing the investigation while managing attendance had been quite the task for both the teenagers and whenever they did attend classes they had to make sure they not only do the day's work but also try and cover up what they had missed with the teachers.

Yet, somehow, after such a horrid day, Light Yagami had the strength to run up to a certain girl just because he wanted to have a conversation with her. Well, not just a conversation, but that would just have to do for now.

Kiyo had stopped in her tracks and let a smirk grace her lips before turning around to look for the voice that had called out to her. She knew who it was, she didn't even need to recognize the voice, just the fact that a guy had called out to her like that was enough for her to know that it had been Light.

It was really not possible for her plans to prove to be unfruitful.

"Yes, Light?" She asked with a smirk he could only categorize as knowing, making his lips twitch into a smirk of his own. Maybe she just knew him all too well.

It had taken him quite some time to think over his plan of action. However skeptical he was about her true intentions, he simply couldn't resist the fact that the girl he had wanted on his side since the first time he had seen her, had come to him willingly. Even if it was a lie, it was an opportunity he simply couldn't miss. Besides, what if.. just what if this wasn't all a lie..?

"I would like to have a word with you in private, if you don't mind," Light said, surprising himself with the shy tone that leaked through his voice which had her smirk widening and amusement swirling in her twinkling eyes.. that for some reason seemed to have made his breath hitch in his throat. A small chuckle left Kiyo's lips as she locked her eyes with his, just staring into them for a few fleeting moments and making his heartbeat quicken unexpectedly.

Oh, the things she did to him..

"Sure," She said slowly, "What would you like to have for dinner?"


That evening, a lot of giggling and a lot of teasing later, Sayu and Sachiko had finally allowed Light to leave for Kiyo's place.

He had quite honestly surprised not only Ryuk, not only his mother, not only Sayu but also himself with the amount of unconscious effort he had put into his appearance for this 'dinner date'. When he stepped out of his room with styled hair, in the brown dress pants he saved for only special occasions, and the black turtle neck he had bought just recently, he had his mother and sister squealing in delight that their Light had finally found a girl he wanted to put in effort for. 

And as Light continued to inwardly scoff at their words and tried to convince himself that this effort was all just because he wanted to manipulate her, even he couldn't deny that somewhere, he just wanted her to look stunned and impressed when she saw him in these fashionable clothes for the first time.

After quickly escaping the clutches of his mother and sister, and being left uncomfortably flustered after all their hinting towards this late-night dinner, Light made his way to Kiyo's house, hoping for a memorable reaction when she saw him in the body fitting turtle neck for the first time, and to say that Light was pleased with the reaction he got would be an understatement.

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