A Beautiful Situation

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4th April 2007:

L did not know what to do. 

Being the best detective in the world, more than anything else he did not know how to cope with one particular state of mind, very commonly known and experienced by all at least once in their life, simply called -'confusion'.

I mean what the fuck was going on?!

They were getting lead after lead, without encountering a single hindrance in the middle, and it just seemed too convenient. What just made it worse was the fact that one of his suspects was finding all this information against another suspect of his. 

Every single theory of Kiyo's had been proven to be true, just as she had predicted it, and granted, even though these theories were like those mental math sums whose answer is the most fucking basic thing in the world but you don't see it until you finally see it, how could she have so easily foretold everything?

It was almost as though she knew what had happened.

And with the attitude she had been giving him, it was almost as though she knew he was facing this dilemma. 

It had been a little over two weeks since Yuri had revealed that Light knew of the FBI agent's name and even though that was something L had expected somewhere in some corner of his mind, he had not expected that at all. To say he was shocked at the revelation was an understatement, but at the same time, he had come to know that it was pretty much impossible for Kiyo to return empty-handed when she left in the pursuit of some new information.

What made all this even more irritating to L was the fact that this could all just have been a big BIG coincidence, and even if all of it was planned by Light, none of this evidence would be enough to prove him guilty. It was doubt-inducing, sure, but not enough to prove him guilty.

The more he thought about it, L realized that if he had found out all this information and if he was the one who had come to such conclusions, he would have acted upon them against Light, but because it was Kiyo who had found this, he seemed skeptical about it..
And somewhere that even sparked the feeling of guilt within him.

What if she was seriously trying to help? What if she was innocent and just.. insanely smart? But he had heard her almost defend Kira at the dinner at the Yagami household, what should he make of that? At the same time, and at the same place, she had also said that she didn't support Kira, what was that supposed to mean?

L was just confused.

And when he tried to irk her by trying to taunt Kiyo about trying to save herself by targeting Light, he was the one who was left annoyed at her cocky attitude.

"Your suspicions are not going to stop me" She had said with such seriousness she had almost sounded valiant.

And then there was this:

"Go home, cause you ain't gonna find anything." 

And her laugh in between that, her fucking condescending laugh that made him feel like whatever he had believed until now was a lie.

Also, how the fuck was she so confident that he wasn't going to find anything?! Was her confidence a product of her conviction that she was innocent, or was it because she had personally gotten rid of it all?

"I'll be waiting for the evidence." Oh shut up!

L took a deep breath, trying to calm himself from the utter commotion and turbulence in his mind. 

That deep breath would have gone unnoticed by anyone since L had his usually calm face on, but Kiyo, unfortunately, noticed it from across the room, and she just couldn't help the smirk that came onto her face..

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