"I want to tell you I'm L."

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3rd Person POV:

Anger? Was it anger? No, he's felt angry before..

Annoyance? Meh, not really. This was something.. something different.

It was the same feeling he had when Watari would give the other kids of the orphanage more attention than he would give L. It's been so long since he had felt this, L just didn't know where to place it.

Wait.. wait.. could it be?

Was it.. jealousy?

But why would he-

Okay, okay.

There's no point in denying it or questioning it.

L was jealous. L was jealous of Light. L was jealous of Light because he was with Kiyo. L was jealous of Light because he was with Kiyo and L was sitting in the car watching them.

L saw Kiyo smile warmly at Light and hug him back, albeit it wasn't even close to being a tight one. He watched as Light said something absolutely fucking hilarious apparently as Kiyo laughed at whatever the fuck he said. He said something more after that, or was it asked something, L didn't know. He was too busy watching Kiyo as she looked around twice or thrice before shrugging and glancing at her watch one last time, nodding at Light and then walking into the gates of To-Oh with him.

Wait.. she walked in with Light?

But she was going to wait for him, wasn't she?

To be fair, L knew that it was his mistake. Deep down he knew that he had made her wait for too long and despite that, she had looked around for him. It wasn't her fault.

But L was too childish to accept his mistake, and Light Yagami was a little bastard, thus it's his fault. He manipulated her into going with him and ditching L.

Well, what do ya know, maybe Light is Kira after all.


Light Yagami walked down the path to his University, staring at the road in front of him in deep thought.

Our best guess would be he was thinking of a new plan or something about the death note, but actually, the boy was thinking of a certain neighbor of his that had seemingly disappeared into thin air.

The last he had seen of her was on the day they had dinner together at the Yagami household. After that, he had tried calling her, knocking at her door, texting her, but to no avail. In the end, Light had sent Ryuk into her house to check for her and to his surprise, the house was dusty and Kiyo was nowhere in sight.

Where could she have gone? He couldn't help but question.

Eventually, he forgot about it all as he got busy with 'cleaning' the world, until earlier that day when his mom had reminded him.

"Why don't you ask her to join you? You both can go to To-Oh together!" She had excitedly said. Light remembered having seen Kiyo rush out of the University on the day of the exam, so he knew that she had applied, however, whether she had been accepted or not, he did not know. Either way, the two weren't even in contact for him to be able to ask her.

Right at this very moment, Light ignored Ryuk's constant blabbering as they neared To-Oh, continuing to think of Kiyo. He had met her just twice, out of which officially was only once, and yet her words, her opinions, her thoughts, already seemed of more value to him than most others he knew.

All of a sudden, Ryuk's obnoxious laughter pulled Light out of his thoughts, almost startling him as an annoyed expression overcame his face.

"What is it now, Ryuk?" Light murmured out so that no one but said Shinigami could hear him.

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