The Offer

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"..there are cameras all over my house."

The line remained silent for a while before Soichiro Yagami spoke, more like spluttered, into the phone.

"W-what?! Cameras?!" Was the only thing Kiyo could make out before he went into a state of incoherent mumbling as the static noises seemed to have increased, which she figured were attempts at hushed whispers between Mr. Yagami and L.

"Mr. Yagami? Hello?" 

"Y-yes, Kiyohime. What makes you think there are cameras in your house?"

"I left home with my bathroom door slightly ajar but when I came back it was closed completely. I do not own any pets, I had pest controlled my place only three days ago, and I keep all my windows shut irrespective of whether I am at home or not, and yes before you ask, there is no place from where any mice or cats could have entered. I had forgotten to put my jar of maple syrup in the fridge and it is as it was in the morning, with a slight layer of dust collected on it, but there was no such dust on the rubber handle of my fridge, or any door handles for that matter, indicating that they had obviously been opened. Also, one of the best placed to hide a camera would be in the air conditioner, and when I took a look at it to turn it on, I saw a metallic glint from inside it." She said before pausing just for a moment and speaking again.

"Light told me you were in the NPA, and in this situation, all I could think of was calling you, but after listening to you panic and fumble with your words on the call, and judging by the thirty seconds of pin-drop silence when I revealed to you that there are cameras in my house, I can only conclude that you somehow knew of this.. ordeal?" 

There was no urgency in Kiyo's voice, no panic, no adrenaline. There was the initial surprise, but as she continued speaking, her tone became flatter, almost as if showing how not amused she was at this whole situation. It was almost as if she was saying 'Are you serious..?' without saying it at all.

L, on the other hand, was more than amused

"Mr. Yagami, I'm not going to report this, if that's what you're worried about," Kiyo continued, sighing as she brought her left hand to slowly massage her forehead before pressing her eyes shut, showing the two men watching how absolutely irritated she was, how absolutely irritated she wanted the two men to think she was, before continuing, "I'm assuming this has something to do with the Kira case? Something done by L? He's the only one that I'm aware of who could go to such lengths. Tell me, is he sitting next to you right now?"

 She scoffed and shook her head showing her utter disapproval, "Just.. just please tell me that there is a woman watching Mrs. Yagami and Sayu?"

She could hear Soichiro gasp through the phone

"H-how did you-"

"I came here hardly over a month ago, absolutely no one would even notice my arrival, I go to the Yagami House for dinner, talk about the Kira Case, come home, and the next day there are cameras in my house? Seriously?"

"Hello, Kiyohime," A new voice spoke from the other side of the phone, "I find your deduction skills to be quite.. extraordinary," the all too familiar voice said, "I would like to test them out myself in person sometime."

"You can test them right now, L, cause I need a shower and I sure as hell ain't taking one here."

"Very well then, you will be sent an address in the next few minutes, please come there immediately." L said before hanging up the phone.

Kiyo got up from her bed and took out a bag from her wardrobe, stuffing in all her essentials and clothing for at least two night's stay. She took out her phone, checked for the notification with the address she had to go to, and left the house, locking it up behind her, for her very first face-to-face meeting with the greatest detective in the world, Lawliet.

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