Author's Note - 3

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Okay so...

I have mmmaaannnyyy exams lined up right now. I just got over with a huge exam and now I have another from 5th Jan then another one from 25th Jan and another one from 16th Feb.

Life is not good and my brain has come to a screeching halt.

I have so many ideas and plans ready for this book, but it takes me a lot of effort to structure those thoughts and mold this story according to it, which has become even more difficult to do now that I have subjects like physics to study and topics like integration to learn.

Updates are unfortunately going to be very slow on this book... for now at least.

Which is why I thought why not start uploading the other book I've been working on!

The new book is called 'Victoria' and it is a Harry Potter Fanfiction

The character obviously isn't the same as Kiyo, but it is similar in terms of the self-respect the character holds for herself and how independent and innately strong she is.

Once again, with a badass girl boss of a character, I have returned with a new book that I will not be deleting because I have already written A LOT of it already.

So yeah, please make sure to check it out!

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