But if You Were

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"Say Light, do you know a girl named Naomi Misora?"

Ryuk's guffawing right behind him was like a sharp slap to his face, but there wasn't anything new about it, it was laughter he had known for a long time now.

What simultaneously shocked and scared the living daylights out of him was the girl that sat in front of him, cackling as though the air she breathed had been replaced by the most concentrated laughing gas.

Light felt himself grip onto the armchair till his knuckles turned white - a poor attempt at stopping the merciless trembling of his body. She knew. She knew everything. And she had the evidence to prove that what she knew was right. She had to die. Kiyohime Ikari had to die. He needed to kill the girl in front of him. His hand involuntarily inched towards his wallet. He was going to pull out the sheet from the death note. He was going to write her name. She was going to die. The voice in his head grew louder, only being further fueled by the maniacal laugher that seemed to have cruelly cornered him, invading his mind.




Until it all stopped.

Just with a sudden sigh, all the laughter came to a halt.

"Oh, Light. Look at you!" She exclaimed with wide eyes before jumping to her feet, "Getting so nervous because of such trivial things! Pull yourself together for me, will you? I'll go get you some more tea."

A nervous breath in, a nervewracking breath out. A fearful breath in, a forceful breath out. A staggering breath in, a stumbling breath out.

Relax Light. Calm down. 

You need to think straight to be able to get out of this problem. 

You need to think straight to be able to. 

You need to think straight. 

You need to think.

By the time Light's breathing and heartbeat had calmed down a bit, albeit not even close to being its normal rate, Kiyo had returned with a steaming hot pot of tea and refilled his empty cup. She smiled at him, and she looked him in the eye as she did so, just as she had done the first time she filled up his cup with the warm and comforting beverage.

Kiyo placed the kettle down and sat back on her armchair, a single huff of laughter escaping from her lips as they curled into a smirk. 

"Naomi was the fiance of one of the 12 FBI agents here," She started, sipping her tea but not breaking the intense eye contact, "Coincidentally, her to-be-husband was the agent that had been assigned to investigate you," Kiyo placed her cup down on the coffee table as she leaned back into her chair, "And coincidentally, I stumbled across some evidence that says and proves that you were the last person Naomi met before disappearing."

A single droplet of sweat that had been beading at the side of his forehead, slid down his cheek at her words. His heart that had been galloping at miles per minute suddenly seemed to have stopped and dropped to the pit of his stomach.

Kiyo remained silent for a moment, brushing her fingers over each other, observing every single minutest reaction she received, "Did you know, Light?" She said softly, her green eyes staring at his soul through his brown ones, "There had been a bus jacking a few months back?" An innocent expression on her face, "And coincidentally, you and your FBI agent were both on that bus," Kiyo let a small smile spread over her face, "Coincidentally, the bus-jacker was killed in the incident," Her smile widened, "Coincidentally, when I spoke to your date that had been accompanying you that day on the bus, she said that the agent showed you his badge," Her smile had now morphed into a wild grin, "Coincidentally, you knew the name of your FBI agent was Raye Penber."

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