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I'm your author, WwGrey, and I'm here with a brand new Deathnote fanfiction!

I still don't have any readers but yet I'm writing this story.. I don't even know for whom at this point..

Anyway.. if you do happen to come across this story, please please do give it a chance, it would really mean a lot to me.

Also check out my Naruto fanfiction, 'Breaking the Great Wall of China', just read it, please :'(


I don't know whether you have read this kind of a Deathnote fanfic plot before, but I have not read any, and so I decided to write it myself.

The basic plot is about a girl called 'Lilith' in her first life dying and being reincarnated in the Deathnote world, it was an anime she had seen when she was young, she had seen it multiple times, bla bla bla..

But, but, unlike the usual thing of wanting to 'save' the characters and ultimately 'change' the story, she is the kind of person who watches it unfold. 

What is the point, though, of having the information regarding the future, if she won't use it? So our reincarnated main character, now named 'Kiyohime Ikari', decided to not be the hero, but the sadistic puppeteer, who toys with the characters, who frustrates them to no end, she knows it all, but she won't utter a single goddamn word

All this..

Because she was bored.

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