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23rd November 2006 - 

Kiyohime's POV:

They say that it takes years for someone to trust you, and it takes even longer to make a memorable impact on that someone's life.


But who says five minutes isn't enough to make a person trust you just about enough for you to be considered a possible friend? Who says five minutes isn't enough to make an unnoticeable impact on someone, an impact that makes it easier to get them all twisted and stuck in the cage of your mind games?

Light Yagami was a stupid genius, quite the oxymoron, I know, quite the accusation as well, but Light was a man who would be suspicious of everything if you make a mistake, and would easily be manipulated if you say the right things on the pretext that he is the one controlling you, 

And if I played my cards right today, Light's victory at the end of this round of poker would be one dictated and directed purely by me.


I stood leaning on the isle that held all the books as I read my book. I glanced at my watch and realized that it was almost time. 'Cram school is over so he should be here' I thought, looking around..

Ah, there he was!

I watched, as Light Yagami walked into the store and pulled a flashy-looking magazine from one of the stands near the windows. Slowly, without anyone noticing, he pulled out a black book and pen from his bag and hid them behind the magazine.

'Takuo Shibuimaru, Light's second victim,' I thought to myself as I looked at the bikers that forced themselves onto the poor girl. 'Dies from a motorcycle accident while chasing the girl after Light writes his name in the Deathnote.'

"Takuo look out!" One of his men shouted. That was my cue.

I got up straight, walking towards Light, and stood right next to him. I crossed my arms over my chest with my book tucked between them peeking well enough for Light to catch its title. I kept a little space between my legs to show my confidence, and narrowed my eyes, putting on a stern look on my face to show my disgust.

I could practically hear Light's heartbeat as a truck that supposedly came out of 'nowhere' crashed into the bike, coloring the road with Takuo's blood. Very subtly, I glanced at Light to see his eyes wide as saucers, they looked like they were going to fall out of his sockets. A bead of sweat from his forehead made its way down to his cheek just as quickly as it had formed as Light audibly gulped his absolute shock down. His right hand moved to wipe his sweat off as he let out a shaky breath.

'Finally aware of your surroundings again, Light?' I thought as I let out a loud audible scoff.

"Instant Karma," I spat shaking my head in disgust at the accident in front of me as Light's head snapped in my direction, his eyes widening even more.


"So there is a God watching over this world after all," I whispered with my head held high, just loud enough for him to hear it clearly, and judging by the sudden furrow in his brows and his grip that tightened around his book, I'd assume he heard me.

I clicked my tongue and spun on my heels as I walked towards the exit of the store with long strides, not sparing him a single glance.

He wasn't going to follow me..

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