Chapter Forty Eight: Human Body, Demon Soul

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"Dawn," Annalise whispered in shock, her mouth falling open. If someone had her body, that meant they had Dawn too. Her body was just that, a body. But Dawn was a friend, and still very much had her spirit and body attached. Dawn wouldn't have let anyone take her body away without a fight. So..if they had it. Annalise didn't even want to think about all the possibilities.

She looked to the others for reassurance, but found none. Eugene had made his way after Vitus, like it was all he could see. Face full with fury he punched him in the side of his head viciously. A small black earbud fell out of Vitus' ears, breaking the moment it fell to the floor beside him. That must have been what he was using to talk to his followers.

Annalise watched as Vitus cursed, and the two men began to scuffle. Neither of them used their vampiric powers, and yet somehow it was even more brutal for it. Vitus' nor Eugene were holding back this time. She was quickly interrupted as Victoria's voice sounded over the panic.

"Cassius, Raul! Follow me upstairs now. We need to get to Dawn," She demanded, pushing past everyone to rush up the stairs. There wasn't even a glance to the two fighting men, which had Annalise had more to think about it, was slightly odd. Given how everyone knew Victoria's feelings for Gene.

Either way she ran upstairs like a bat out of hell, with Cassius and Raul quick on her heels. Annalise hoped they could get to Dawn fast enough. There wasn't more time to think more on it, as a numb tingling spread from the tips of her toes to her knees. She looked down confusedly, nothing had changed. It wasn't something she had ever felt before, not since being dead anyways.

In a moment, the tingling raged into an inferno, scorching trails up her legs. It tightened in every spot it touched, squeezing her skin like a burn. Just..just like fire. Her eyes widened as hunched over, clutching at herself as she screamed.

It was too much! The pain was blinding and all consuming. She had never felt so much pure agony in her life, not even when she was murdered. Absently, as though she could see it in the back of her mind, she noticed objects began to vibrate and levitate. The walls began to shake, as if their very foundations were beginning to collapse.

She couldn't look that much further into it, as the throbbing pain began to spread up her legs, until it was all she could feel and think. 



A rumbling resounded through the small room, echoing in his ears like a drum. Eugene paused momentarily and it was enough time for Vitus' to pounce on him. Gene shook him off, not without getting a few scratches from the nails digging into his shoulder. Screaming soon followed.


He whipped round to face her, and saw her collapse in on herself with a screech. "Anna!" He shouted, not sure what was going on. The roaring continued, until the floor began to shake, small objects like stones and paperclips began to rise up from their places on the floor. Wall began to vibrate, the weakest points started to crumble.

Oh god, Annalise.

This was all Annalise's doing. "Anna-" He started to call out but was abruptly cut off as Vitus slammed into his side, knocking him to the floor. He hissed through his teeth, dodging Vitus' punches. He scrambled to catch his wrists, using the momentum to curl up his knees and kick Vitus off of him.

He clambered up, and tried to dart over to Annalise. Growling in frustration as Vitus was soon to follow. Vitus stopped in his track abruptly, a sheer look of terror in his eyes. It wasn't something Eugene was used to seeing on the man, and it made him laugh on the inside.

Harvey waved a hand flippantly from where he had appeared behind Vitus'. "Go! Deal with it! The whole house is going to come down if she doeskin stop soon!" He ushered. Eugene stopped, glancing over Vitus to make sure he was securely in place. Just as he had thought, there were chains of magic curling around the man's knees, freezing him in place.

"I said go!" Harvey shouted, eyes darting around the room nervously. Annalise's scream began to distort, growing louder and higher in pitch. "Holy shit." He heard Harvey mutter. Eugene turned back around reluctantly, each cry stabbing his still-beating heart. His mouth dried up, he tried to swallow down the fear but nothing was happening.

It wasn't Annalise he was seeing.

This wasn't Anna.

Her jaw had opened up wide enough to the point of dislocation. Almost like a snake, opening its mouth up to devour its prey. It exposed lines and lines of sharp teeth, as Annalise's mouth began to open up even more. Her eyes had sharpened, the whites of her iris slowly bleeding black.

Blood, darker than red, appeared in her tear ducts, pooling till they eventually fell. Making dark stains across her cheeks. The floating objects in the room began to move in disarray, with Annalise at the centre of it all like a collapsing star. With all the power and none of the glory.

This wasn't Annalise, this was something more. Something not human. But then again, she never had been. He weaved his way to her, dancing between the objects to avoid getting hit. "Annalise!" Eugene yelled as he got closer, voice going horse. He hovered over her, eyes wide with panic as his hands flickered between holding her shoulders and patting her back.

"Please. Annalise!" He begged, bending down to look her in the eyes. He winced, as she let out a particularly loud cry, his hands jolting up to cover his ears. Annalise clawed at her legs, though it did nothing to her.

"Stop this! Come back, Anna," Eugene demanded frantically, "Please." In a woosh of wind, and sound all the flying objects dropped to the floor. The walls stopped their shaking and Annalise collapsed to the ground. All traces of..of whatever that just was disappeared and she had returned to her normal human appearance.

Eugene had never believed in a god before, but he found himself thanking them all the same. Relief flooded him, and he fell to the space beside her, bones like liquid. "It stopped. It stopped. It stopped." Annalise rambled under her breath, clutching her legs.

"What?" Eugene asked, leaning over to hear her better. A slow, demented chuckle filled up the silence. God dammit, couldn't the man stay quiet for a second.

"So this is what he was afraid of all this time!" Vitus laughed, the grin splitting his face. "Ha! This is the power of a demon.". The man had no right to sound as cocky as he did, tangled up in magic chains and unable to make a move.

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