Chapter Thirty Seven: Harvey Cubert

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Harvey knew he hadn't exactly been the best brother, hell he hadn't even been a good son. Let alone a decent person. It was something he had to live with for the rest of his long life. He remembered the day he left, like it had only happened yesterday.

He'd stood out the front door of his house, more of a shoddily built shack than anything. It was the dead of night, so no one would see him go. Or so he thought. His little brother, barely five at the time, had followed after him, chubby cheeks rosy from the cold. Eugene rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and stared at Harvey.

Harvey had patted him on the head, telling him to go back to sleep. But as Eugene was want to do, he pouted and outright refused to go anywhere unless it was with his big brother. Harvey grimaced, swallowing down a wave of guilt and promised Eugene that he would be back in a few days.

What a lie that had been.

Harvey had fled to America, to pursue training to become a witch. He had been so caught up in his training, so swept away with the magic of it all. That he hadn't known 70 years had already passed.

He came back to England, with only a small hope that his brother might still be alive. It was quickly dashed when he came back to where they all used to live together. The house was gone. And so were all his hopes and dreams.

He gave up after that, and focused all of his attention back on his training. While he was a fully fledged witch at this point, there was always something new to learn. Something to improve on. So that's what he did. He bided his time, as the years passed. Wars were waged, people died. Life moved on.

That was until he heard rumours of a serial killer spreading. Someone who suspiciously sounded just like the little brother he had left behind. Blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin. Granted a lot of people probably looked like that, but it still didn't stop the irrational hope from building up in him.

The guilt of leaving his brother bubbled up in him, like poisonous gas. It choked him, from time to time. Constricting his chest like a snake. He wished, above all, for one last chance to speak to him. Even though he didn't know back then, that he brother was a vampire and that any normal human should be dead by then. He still had hope.

So he searched, he stayed up all hours of every night at the key spots where the serial killer was supposed to show up next. He avoided the attention of the shitty police officers at the time, and stalked in the shadows for days. It wasn't exactly hard, since lampposts weren't really a thing back then.

And then it happened one night. In the dead of winter, after weeks of lurking around he finally found him. He remembered hovering around in a dirty alleyway, feeling incredibly stuffy in his far too fancy jacket. He was tugging at the ruffles at the end of his shirt sleeves, when he saw it in the corner of his eyes.

A flash of blonde, unruly hair towering over some poor soul who happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time. The young man he was staring at, was covered in blood. It was splashed over his face like paint, and two white fangs popped out from behind his lips. His green eyes were barely visible in the dark light, but it was completely undeniable.

He knew that beauty mark from anywhere. A dark mole, just on the left side of his chin. Hardly visible, but all the same. Green eyes, blonde hair, pale skin and a beauty mark.

Harvey had watched in shocked interest, as the man. No as Eugene, tore into the victim with his bare hands. Ripping chunks of skin from varying places. Blood splattered across the alleyway walls, and Eugene covered the victims mouth to muffle the screams.

Harvey swallowed. This wasn't the little brother he had left behind. The sweet, innocent young boy who would follow after him like he was the only thing in the world. What had happened to that boy? He didn't know what he was expecting, chasing after a serial killer.

He'd just wanted to see his brother, one last time.

"Eugene?" Harvey had blathered out unconsciously. The reaction he got was all the proof he needed, that this man really was Eugene. He snapped his head round to look at him so fast, Harvey was concerned that he would get whiplash. Eugene dropped his victim like a brick, and the stranger fell, bashing his head on the concrete and passing out.

Eugene stood up straight, the darkness that clouded over his eyes evaporated and he'd stared at his bloody hands like they weren't his own. With a speed Harvey thought was impossible, Eugene vanished.

Harvey gazed at the place he once stood. He knew that was his younger brother. But god, he didn't know who he was. He ran up to the victim, his magic pouring out of his fingertips like fine blue smoke, to patch up the man's wounds.

He brushed a hand over the strangers head, focusing as hard as he could, he erased all his memories of that night. When the man woke up, he would think he spent a drunken night outside. He would know nothing of the horror he had been a victim too.

Harvey had closed his eyes, scrunching up his face to stop the tears as grief overcame him.

It might be Eugene he saw. But that was no longer his brother.

After that night he stopped trying to look for him. He moved on. Became one of the most prolific witches in all of England. And tired so desperately to forget the image of his younger brother doused in someone else's blood.

2015 came around fairly quickly, and to say he had a change of heart would be an understatement. He wasn't stupid, when he first saw his brother, he knew he was a Vampire. And he knew that he was most likely still alive to this day, and would live beyond his years.

So, one last time, he tried to find him again. This time it was fairly easy, what with the internet and everything. All he had to do was look up a name, and he could find everything about a person. So that's exactly what he did.

Surprisingly Eugene didn't even live that far from where Harvey was currently living. So, he sent him a letter. What he got back was a fairly rude response with lots of creative expletives telling him to leave him alone. He kept trying. And the same thing kept happening.

The back and forth went on for years, until finally Eugene turned up to his door, two other vampires in toe. Asking for his help. All for the sake of one woman, no less! Of course he would help, he would do anything to make up for his past mistakes.

That led him to where he currently was, standing outside a giant skyscraper in the middle of a busy London high street. He would talk to Angela Smith and 'convince' her to remove the curse from Victoria, so they could finally find the body of Annalise Redwood.

He would remove the curse himself, but curses were intimate, complicated things that only the cursor could undo without causing more damage to the person. 

Harvey would go to any length to repair the damage he made.

Authors Note: 

I really enjoyed this chapter! I had a lot of fun delving into Harvey's character. I like him alot actually. As you guys know ive been feeling pretty damn ill lately, with a chest infection but i felt a little better today and just had one of those creative spark moments. 

So i managed to finally finish this chapter lol. What do you guys think? How are you all doing <3 Hopefully well! 

I love you all <3 

Sam. E

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