Chapter Forty Seven: Back To Hell

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Annalise ignored Genes' shouts of protest and numbly stepped forward, her eyes locked on the figures of her friends. Someone stepped in the way. The man from before, bulky and impeding. His white hair caressed his shoulders just so, ruggedly handsome. She could guess who this man was, just from the way Eugene was looking at him. But she wanted the confirmation for herself.

"Who are you?" Annalise demanded, not taking her eyes off Noah and Mia. Gene stepped in front of her, blocking her vision almost completely, just as the man began to walk towards her. Vitus made a noise of amusement, tilting his head curiously. Annalise felt like a bug under his scrutiny.

"You are a miracle. In all my years of life, I've never seen something like this. A demon's soul in a human body. Incredibly interesting. It's a shame your dad wants you dead," Vitus explained bluntly, looking up into the ceiling like he was contemplating something. "I think your dad mentioned something like he was afraid of the competition? I didn't really pay that much attention i'm afraid,"

Annalise stepped out from behind Eugene, to get a proper look at the man. In all honesty, what he was saying could be true. She had no idea why her supposed 'father' wanted her gone. This 'demon', so afraid of a girl like herself. It didn't really make that much sense. To be fair, she didn't exactly know much about demons, so maybe that's just how they were.

"Annalise Redwood." Vitus drawled, lips twitching up into a half smile. "Who are you really?". The question froze her for a moment. Annalise didn't really know who she was. For years she had lived without a father figure in her life, and she was content to ignore the blaring gap in her life, as long as she had her mother and brother. She would be okay.

Then she died. And then nothing was the same.

She couldn't even trust her own mum anymore. What if she had known who her real father was, and just never told her? Her whole life hiding something as important as her own dad being a demon. It wasn't something you should hide from your children. What about her brother, did he know? Was he part demon as well?

"What are you guys on about!" Noah cried, looking around frantically, as he thrashed against the chains. "Annalise has been dead for five years! Stop talking about her!". Mia remained quiet, looking down at the ground. Annalise wished she could go over there and reassure them, tell them that it was okay. That she would go back to her body and she would be alive again.

But she couldn't. Because they still couldn't see her.

Vitus huffed angrily, crossing his arms with a blank look towards the woman who was hovering over Noah and Mia. "Silence them. Permanently. I have no use for rats anymore." He ordered.  

The next few moments, everything blew up and went to hell.

Annalise shouted in panic, and rushed forwards as the woman began to raise her knife to stab Noah. "Stop!" She cried, just as Mia began to scream. Before the woman could do much of anything, her face dropped and she froze. A couple of seconds later, she fell to the floor, her blonde hair covering her face.

Where the woman had stood, Harvey appeared out of thin air, causing Annalise to breathe a sigh of relief. Of course he had done something. Harvey grinned at them, wiggling his fingers in a wave, before he knelt down besides Noah and Mia. Annalise rushed over to the three of them, even though none of them could see her.

There was a sudden pounding of footsteps as Victoria and Raul made their way down the stairs. The five people that had gathered around Vitus like a shield, began to spread out and rush the others.

Annalise skidded to a stop beside Harvey, she wasn't too worried about the others. They could handle themselves against Vitus' henchmen. Dawn proved that to her earlier. Harvey waved his hands over the chains on her two friends, a dark blue mist covering them for a moment, and then suddenly, the chains fell away.

There were no words of thanks from either of her friends, but Harvey didn't seem to mind as he helped them both stand with a smile. Annalise hovered over them anxiously, eyes fluttering around them for injuries. Mia looked up to Harvey weakly, her face covered in dirt and scratches. Her short hair muddled, and tangled.

"She's alive isn't she?" Mia mumbled, the spark of hope relighting her eyes. Harvey chuckled awkwardly as Annalise's 'heart' clenched tightly. He looked around, almost like he was making sure no one was there to hear anything

"Sort of? Not really, but ultimately yes she is?" Harvey explained nervously. "Its a long story". He finally settled on. Annalise longed to reach out and explain to them what was going on, but for now she would just watch over them and make sure they were okay as they could be.

All of them turned slightly to watch the ongoing fight that was happening in front of them. None of the vampires seemed like they were struggling, but Annalise still bit her lip as she tried to keep track of Eugene.

They were all moving too fast for anyone to really catch anything. The only thing that gave away they were fighting was the occasional grunt, punch or clang. There were two bodies on the floor already, luckily they weren't anyone she knew. 

Harvey rolled his eyes, and let out a frustrated huff. "And they call me dramatic," he said, reaching out his hand towards the fight, a pale blue smoke drifted from his fingers, and around the others. Freezing everyone in their tracks. It was almost comical, the looks on their faces.

The three remaining henchmen fell to the floor, as the smoke wrapped around their throats. Bodies twitching for a moment, before they finally fell still. Eugene, Cassius, Raul and Victoria began to move again as the smoke dissipated.

"Just who are you?" Noah muttered, as he glanced at Harvey in awe. The man smirked in response, but for once kept his mouth shut. It was Annalise's turn to roll her eyes, as if that wasn't dramatic in and off itself.

Vitus' face was growing red in fury, as he looked across the dead bodies of his underlings. "Useless! Useless!" He hissed at them,his lip curling up as spit sprayed across the floor. "How fucking annoying. You've really forced my hand this time." He brought up a finger to his ear.

"Set her body on fire. It's time to send her back to hell." 

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