Chapter Ten: Now You Know

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It took only a moment for Eugene to come back, bustling through the door with a ferocity that she thought he was incapable of. "Where's the letter?" He demanded, not noticing he was standing on it. Without words, Annalise pointed to his feet. He muttered something unintelligible, before stepping back and picking up the letter. It crumpled in his hands, before he tore it apart viciously.

Detached, Annalise watched as the pieces drifted to the floor by his feet. She snapped back to reality the moment she saw him move. "Eugene? What's going on?" she asked, reaching out for him. Eugene ignored her charging up the stairs, to the office. Fumbling he unlocked the door, completely bypassing the phone Annalise had dropped on the floor. She trailed after him, frowning in concern.

He yanked the desk draw out, nearly pulling it off its hinges. He seemed to fumble for something for a moment, before pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one shakily. "What are you doing!" Annalise shouted, wanting to pull the cigarette out of his hand. "What is going on!" Eugene inhaled deeply, blowing out a plume of smoke.

"You don't smoke," She said, standing on the opposite side of the desk. The smell of cigarette smoke was pungent in the air, even with her sense dulled by death, her nose crinkled against it.

"I do it when I'm stressed." Eugene admitted, glancing at her from the corner of his eyes.

"What's going on Eugene, tell me. Please," Annalise begged. She had no idea what was going on, who that woman was to Eugene or what any of this meant to him.

There was a loud screech as he pulled out the office chair from under the desk, and sat on it. He stubbed the cigarette out on the ashtray that was by the phone holder. Holding his head in his hands, he sighed heavily. He seemed to cave inwards, as though the weight of the world was on his shoulders. "Eugene. Please," she tried again.

He looked up at her between his fingers, and then abruptly looked back down again. The silence was deafening as they stared at each other. He looked away first, and grumbled something under his breath. "What did you say?" Annalise asked.

"I said not yet, I'll tell you later. Just please, give me some space." he said, dragging his hands over his face. His jaw tensed, clenching in a way that must be painful.

She stepped back from him, worry scrunching up her face. In the short time she had know Eugene, he had never been the type of person to snap at someone. He was cool, and reluctant to speak yes, but he never snapped at her. Even when she was following him around at all hours of the day, practically joint to the hip.

She wasn't sure what to do, she didn't know-if he could just tell her. But that was the problem wasn't it. Knowing when to leave well enough alone, she left the office and it closed with a gentle slam behind her.

Annalise had been waiting for 5 years just to speak to someone, she could wait a couple of days to talk to Eugene.


She couldn't wait.

It had been at least 4 days since the incident and ever since Eugene had been more cut off and cold than she'd ever seen him. He flat out refused to talk to her about anything to do with the letter. He barely even spoke to her in passing, just a quick 'hello' here and a 'yes i'm fine there'.

It was glaringly obvious that something was wrong with him and Annalise was tired of waiting. While he was sitting in the kitchen, she took the opportunity to trap him. Quietly she sneaked in, taking advantage of the fact he was buried in his phone to shut the door behind her. It closed with a silent 'tap'. Even that was loud enough, as Eugene turned his head instantly, forest green eyes locking on to her comparatively boring hazel.

"What are you doing?" he asked, placing his phone down onto the kitchen table, tilting his head in confusion. Annalise chuckled nervously.

"Not much you?" He shot her a piercing non believing look, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. A whole conversation was spoken with just a look-' I don't believe you, what are you planning, what's going on'

"Not convincing?" she tried, a last small thread of hope. She didn't want him to run away, like he had every other time she broached this topic. It was almost like approaching a deer, she couldn't move too fast or he would jolt.

"Not one bit," he bluntly stated, moving to stand up.

"Wait! Don't move!" she shouted, stepping forward.

He froze, half off the chair as he looked at her once more. "Please just talk to me, Eugene. I live here too. I know I'm dead, so it doesn't really count. But if it's bad, and if they know where you live. Don't I deserve to know too?" She felt like her logic was flawed, like she should just let him get on with it, and deal with this himself. But there was this small, nagging part of her that told her to keep pushing. That she was missing something important, something only Eugene would know.

Eugene moved again, making his way past her. Desperation built in her chest, as the light fixture began to sway gently. He went to open the door, but it was locked. Confusion replaced the desperation. She hadn't locked the door, had she?

"Annalise, unlock the door." Eugene demanded, after hearing him call her Anna for the past few days, the use of her full name frustrated her.

"I didn't lock it?" though she said it, it sounded more like a question to her ears. Eugene glanced upwards, finally taking note of the swinging lights

 "I think you have." He said, then with a sigh, he went to go sit on the nearest kitchen chair.

"I'll let you know, just promise me something?" he said forbiddingly. Annalise nodded wearily. "Promise me you won't be mad," Again, she nodded, swallowing down the anxiety building in her chest. "Every Vampire comes from a clan. It's a long line of Vampires 'birthed' from the same Sire," he began his fingers on the table. "I come from the Modesto Clan,"

"The Sire, Vitus Modesto. He's infamous throughout the supernatural community for his hatred of humanity. For years now he's been doing underground deals, using the vampires in his clan to assassinate various humans in certain positions." the tapping increased, almost in time with anxious feelings pulsating through her body.

"I left 50 years ago, I didn't want to be trapped under his thumb anymore. I didn't believe in his morals, that humans were somehow underneath us. But no one just leaves the clan,"

"Ever since the day I left, they've been trying to get me back. Through any means possible. I think they know you're here Anna. And I think I know how they know." He looked away from her, "When I came back from the mortuary, I lied. I did find something,"

"Anna I don't think you were human. You were something more. A half demon. It's why my Sire had you killed."

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