Chapter Thirty Three: Growth

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Slowly, Eugene pulled up to the house, tugging on the clutch and pushing down on the breaks. Reluctantly he got out of his car, what had he been thinking. Just leaving like that, with no explanation. Frustratedly, he tugged on his shirt, feeling it stick to him uncomfortably with sweat. It was too damn hot today, and the heat only served to irritate him more.

With a grumpy sigh, he made his way to the front door, using his key to open it. Only to be met with Annalise. He gazed at the faint freckles that glittered across her cheeks, and watched as the curls of her hair fluttered slightly in the faint breeze. For someone who was technically dead, he didn't know anyone who could look more alive than her.

He was brought out of his musings quickly, when Annalise called out his name. She tilted her head, like a curious puppy. He could feel a warmth blossom in his chest, where his heart should've been beating. It was one of the only times he felt grateful for being a vampire. If he hadn't become one, he would never have been able to meet her.

"Have you been waiting for me?" Eugene asked, looking down at her with gentle eyes. Annalise began to stutter wildly, panic settling over her features. He could have burst out in laughter, if he was being honest with himself. But that wasn't about to happen anytime soon.

Annalise seemed to shake away the embarrassment, a look of determination flared in her eyes. "Are you okay Eugene?" She questioned, genuine concern knotting her eyebrows together. She raised her hand as if to touch his shoulder, but then dropped it just as quick.

Eugene pondered on an answer, was he okay? Was he okay?


No he wasn't. With something akin to shame, he shook his head. "No, not really." He admitted. He watched as a frown spread across Annalise's face. Before she had a chance to answer, Eugene peeked around her shoulder. Only to see the others' heads poking around the living room doorway. Even the ever silent Raul was there. 

'Really?' he thought to himself, they really didn't know when not to poke their heads into other people's business. He guessed that was why they all got along so well. Eugene motioned with his head to the stairs. "Let's go somewhere a bit more private," He inclined.

Annalise looked behind her to see what he was looking at, but by the time she did, the rest of them had already disappeared back into the living room. Eugene resisted the urge to roll his eyes, of course they would go the minute he mentioned leaving. Despite that, he headed up the stairs with Annalise trailing behind him.

He made his way to his bedroom, pausing to open the door for Annalise. They both went inside, and perched themselves on the edge of the king bed. Annalise giggled quietly to herself.

"What is it?" Eugene said. She smiled to herself, almost secretively.

"Last time we were here, you had me play games with you. It was fun, and to be honest with you it was the first time i had felt human in my five years of being, i'm not sure, whatever this is," She confided, making a crude gesture to herself. This time, it was Eugene's turn to frown.

"We'll help you, soon you'll have your body back," He promised. Annalise turned her head to face him, beaming brightly.

"We're not here for that right not," She spoke tenderly, "Let me help you for once," She reached out, and touched his hand. Gently resting it on top of his own, he watched as goosebumps trailed his flesh from where she touched him, to the tip of his arm. It was always the same whenever she touched him. Real. But not quite.

It didn't have the same warmth of life that anyone else would. It left him longing for more. "What's wrong?" Annalise urged, squeezing his hand reassuringly. Eugene began to tap his fingers on his leg with his free hand. He had never really opened up to anyone before. Not in the 200 years of his long life.

He had longed for isolation, before he met Annalise. Always a lone wolf. Yet here he was. It was a surprisingly welcome change of pace. It still didn't get rid of the niggling anxiety in the back of his mind though.

He thought against it until he eventually spoke up, "I'm assuming Cassius already told you some things?" Annalise nodded in answer to his question. "Well, when my brother left for America, I thought he had died of natural causes. Like all humans do. Or he died in the war. For 200 years. I thought i was alone,"

"He didn't even know where our mother was buried. In fact, I'm sure he still doesn't. I always admired my brother when I was younger. I trailed after him like he was my whole world. I copied his every move. I just wanted to be like him. Or at least that's what my mother told me," Eugene clenched his hands tightly, to the point they became bone white.

"For him to leave us like that, like he never even cared-," Eugene cut himself off and shook his head disappointingly. "And now? Trying to reach out to me, as if he ever thought once about me. About our family when he left. I grieved the loss of my brother back then, i'm not ready to let him back into my life again."

Annalise pried his palms open, and grasped them both into his own. Offering him exactly what he needed. Someone to listen.

"I'm conflicted," He admitted, looking Annalise directly in the eyes. "I know he's the best person to go to, in this situation. He's really the only person I can think of. But i can't accept him into my life right now,"

Annalise paused for a moment, like she was thinking through what he had just said. "Why don't we find a compromise? You don't have to go speak to him, Cassius, Dawn or even Raul could do it." She offered with another squeeze of the hand.

"No. No, I want to do it. For you. But not just for you. For myself. I need to see him eventually, I can't avoid him for the next 500 years," Eugene frowned. "Besides, the sooner we can find your body, the sooner we can-" he stopped, gazing into Annalise's eyes.

"We can, what?" She whispered, staring just as deeply back into his. Both of them slowly crept forward, unbeknown to either of them. They were so close, their noses could almost touch.

"Ahem." Cassius coughed awkwardly, standing stock still in the doorway. Immediately they broke apart, jerking back from each other like they were electrified. Silently, Eugene was cursing Cassius in his head.

Why the hell did he interrupt them! 

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