Chapter Eleven: You're kiddin' me

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"My life is just some joke, isn't it? Why couldn't I just die in peace? Why did I have to be some kind of demon?" Annalise laughed, chucking her head back. The laugh started to break, as her voice croaked. Eugene stood up, pushing the chair back with an audible creak. She stepped back defensively, what was he thinking? Her hands began to shake, as she lowered her eyebrows at him. What had he been thinking?

Hiding something like this from her, on the assumption that it might not be true? "It's not your information to hide!" She shouted at him, pointing with a jittering finger. "He had me killed, and you hid it from me!" The light fixtures began to shake once more, eerily groaning under the pressure of her power. She could feel it now, mixed with the indignation and betrayal rioting in her head. A sense of power, like her mind was aware of every object in the room as an extension of herself.

"How could you?" She said, crossing her arms while taking a step back.

If she hadn't been so consumed by her emotions, lost in the depths of her power she would have thought to question what had driven him to hide something like this. It was so unlike him. But she was lost in her tumultuous emotions. For 5 years she longed to find out what happened to her. It was her final wish. Her family, her friends, none of them had gotten any closure when she died. Now the first person to see her, and not just see her, but to really look past who she was and treat her like she was just another normal human. He hides it from her.

"Anna, please." Eugene begged, so far from his usual put together personality. "I wanted to make sure I had all the information first before I told you. I couldn't get your hopes up just for them to crash again." He brought up his hands in a placating gesture,  his green eyes wild and frenzied.

"That's not an excuse and you know it." Annalise spat, as the door behind her swung open with a bang. Neither of them jumped, both too adsorbed in each other.

"I don't know what to say, Anna, to make this better." He admitted, scrunching his hands into fists.

"Exactly!" She shouted, "You can't!" With that she left the kitchen, ignoring the calls of her to 'come back' and headed up the stairs, to the attic. The hatch opened without prompt, the feeling of her powers wrapping around it and yanking it down was surreal. Stairs fell out, and climbed up them without pause. It shut behind her with a quiet 'clack'.

Even then, completely on her own, the tears wouldn't fall. Because now she knows what finally happened to her 5 years ago. Despite the fact that Eugene hid it from her, she couldn't help but the small trickling relief from sneaking in. She could find closure.


It had been at least a few days since their argument. Annalise had stayed up in the attic, she had no need for food or other human things so she was quite happy to just stay up there. She had been processing the information for the last few days. Surprisingly it didn't bother her that she was part demon. Over the years she had learnt not to care about too much, there wasn't much she could do about it. She was dead, it didn't matter. It was a shoddy coping mechanism, but a coping mechanism nonetheless.

The thing that had bothered her the most, was Eugene's betrayal. She couldn't get over the fact that he hadn't told her straight away. Her mind couldn't wrap around his reasoning. So instead she needed space, and seeing as he owned the damn place, as well as the fact that she was dead. She just stayed up in the attic.

Eugene had attempted to talk to her on the first day, pleading with her to come down and speak to him. But she had ignored him, too consumed by her anger to talk to him yet. After that he didn't try again. So few days had passed, in somewhat relative peace until she heard the doorbell ring.

She could hear the faint footsteps of Eugene heading to answer the door. A woman's voice called out, and Annalise frowned slightly. Placing her ear to the floor, so she could hear better.

"Eugene, darling, how pleasant to see you again," the woman's voice was sultry, and demure. Like smooth chocolate coating fresh strawberries. Heavily sweet, and delicious but definitely not good for you. "Where's your little ghost friend? I was rather hoping we could meet properly this time," the voice called out. 

Annalise shot up instantly. So it was the woman who had dropped off the letters then. Immediately, Annalise raced down the attic stairs, and made her way to where the voices were coming from. The living room.

"What do you want, Victoria?" She heard Eugene hiss, she turned the corner to see the small beautiful woman and Eugene standing across from each other. The woman was looking at her painted nails, flicking at where the polish was chipping off. Eugene crossed his arms over his chest, his hand going white under the grip he had on his arms.

Ice blue eyes locked onto Annalise, finally taking in that she had entered the room. Like a snake eyeing up its prey the woman-Victoria, made her way past Eugene to stand in front of her. Despite Annalise being at least 5 inches taller than Victoria, she still found herself intimated.

Eugene finally turned, his eyes widening as he looked at Annalise. "Anna! You're finally-" Eugene began but was immediately cut off by Victoria.

She brought her hand to her lips and hushed him, "Hush man, it's time for the women to speak," she said coyly.

"You saw me. You see me," Annalise stated, a small bloom of hope settling in her chest.

"How could I not, you practically reek of death," Victoria replied, her nose crinkling in disgust as she glowered at her. Despite the harsh comment, and her obvious distaste for Annalise, she couldn't stop the happiness.

Someone else could see her. She could communicate to someone else!

Annalise shrugged, a smile growing on her face. "You can still see me, though," She said, triumphantly. Victoria paused for a moment, looking up at her in confusion.

"Well then, darling Eugene and you," Victoria began, looking pointedly at Annalise, "I've come with a warning, for both of you,"

"Vitus isn't happy you ignored his first message, darlings. He wants you to know that things will start getting dicey if you don't reply soon. He really, really wants his little lion back home soon. And if you don't come back soon, well a birdie tells me a specific ghosties body will be 'decimated beyond belief', his words not mine"

She handed Eugene two letters, before blowing him a kiss. "I'll be on my way, do come visit soon won't you?" She made her way to leave, before leaning in close to Annalise as she passed.

"I would be careful where you tread, and who you trust, little ghostie," Victoria whispered, then using her vampire speed, left in a flourish of wind. 

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