Chapter Thirty Nine: Missing Dead Bodies

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Victoria lurched forward from underneath the protective blanket of the umbrella he was holding up. Yanking her back by the collar, Eugene hissed at her. While he didn't care for her romantically, he still cared for her as a friend. And if she kept on like this she would burn under the sun, like a wilted flower.

The midday sunshine had never been kind to vampires.

He scowled as his brother approached them with a beaming grin on his face. The bastard was probably enjoying all this, all the drama. He watched with eagle eyes as Harvey dragged up a very sorry looking girl to meet them.

"This is her!" Harvey exclaimed, presenting Angela off like he was a hunter coming back with his prey. Eugene rolled his eyes, how dramatic. Victoria jolted under his grip again, every muscle in her body tense and ready to pounce.

"Do you want this curse gone or not?" Eugene hissed, he knew she was doing this primarily for her own reasons. Had she not been cursed, Victoria probably wouldn't have even bothered helping them. But he knew just how much she hated having her freedom taken from her. Like all those years ago, when he had rescued her from prison.

A sentence of hanging for the murder (although rightful) of her abusive husband.

Victoria stilled under his grip, but said nothing else. Harvey placed himself directly next to Eugene, getting too close than what was comfortable, before whispering harshly in his ear.

"What are you doing here?" Harvey whispered, "You were supposed to wait with everyone else at my house?" . Eugene knocked him back slyly with his elbow, to give himself breathing space.

Keeping one eye on Victoria and Angela, he began "I couldn't stop her from leaving. If I left her to go on her own, I don't think we'd have much of a witch left to undo the curse,". Harvey seemed to mull it over for a bit, scrunching his face up as he thought about it. Then finally he shook his head, looking like he had just been told something tragic.

Harvey grabbed hold of Angela again and herded her off to the left, walking into some kind of alleyway. Left with nothing but to follow him, Eugene grudgingly trailed after them. He pulled Victoria along, until they reached the others.

Shaded by a giant, unsightly recycling bin, Harvey grabbed Eugene and all of a sudden the world felt like it was turning upside down. His stomach felt knotted up, and it took all the strength he had to not throw up. The minute he opened his eyes, he was back at Harvey's house.

It took two moments before he could sigh without feeling like he would vomit all over himself. The others were crowded around him, Dawn had even made it this time having come in tow with Victoria after hearing the news.  He noticed Annalise shy over to his side and bit back a smile. She had really pushed herself this time, staying inside Harvey's house for so long without having to go back to their home.

"So here we are, ladies and gentlemen!" Harvey clapped with a smile, "Here is your Angela Smith,". Eugene noticed Annalise scowl, biting her lip as she watched the newcomer with trepidation in her eyes.

"Undo the curse on Victoria." Cassius demanded, crossing his arms over his chest. Always straight to the point. The witch seemed to stumble a bit, tripping over herself as she edged closer to Victoria. But the other woman wasn't having it, and it was pure luck that Eugene had collected himself enough to stop the incoming slap Victoria was sending her way.

Angela stepped backwards and vehemently shook her head. "No, no way I am going to undo the curse on her. She'll kill me!" She shouted, placing her hands on her hips. Eugene rubbed his forehead in frustration, couldn't he just have one good day? 

"Dawn. Could you talk to her please?" Eugene huffed, jerking his hand towards Victoria. As much as she claimed to 'love him', he knew she wouldn't listen to him. She hardly listened to anyone. Anyone but Dawn that is.

Dawn opened her mouth to protest, brushing her hair off of her shoulder, where it was hanging in a loose ponytail. Eugene cut it off immediately with a stern look. He couldn't be asked with the resulting argument, and ended it before it could begin. There were more important things to worry about right now. Such as finding Annalise's body.

"Fine," Dawn huffed, grabbing Victoria by the hand and leading her off to a different room. Surprisingly, Victoria didn't react and he could tell Annalise was confused. All she had seen of them, and all she had known, was the two of them being at each others throat. On the outside, to any stranger, it seemed like the two women despised each other.

But Eugene knew that wasn't the case.

Years ago, maybe even centuries he wasn't entirely sure. Victoria and Dawn were a couple. Of course they had to hide it, back then what they had was illegal. Punishable by death or torture. Even still, he knew the two of them had been in love. The real kind, not the fake kind where there was something to gain from being together.

The kind of unconditional selfless love Eugene secretly longed for.

In the end though, after all their time spent together, Dawn broke it off. Ended the relationship, and till this day, Eugene still didn't know why. After that, Victoria had obsessed over him, convincing herself that she loved him to avoid the pain Dawn had left her. It was why he had never entertained her affections.

It was fake. A lie she told herself to stop the pain. And Eugene wasn't going to get involved with the drama that would cause. All Eugene was to Victoria, was a good excuse to ignore her own emotions.

Two moments later, the door squeaked open, breaking the silence that had settled over them like a thick blanket. Victoria stepped out, looking a lot more calmer, though still solemn. Dawn trailed after her, a tense grin on her face. Victoria nodded to Harvey, gesturing for him to carry on.

"Now she's not going to bite your fingers off, go ahead!" Harvey smiled, brushing Angela forward to Victoria, "Work your magic!". Reluctantly, Angela raised her hands up to the sides of Victoria's face. He could see Victoria straighten up, her jaw tightened and she looked ready to pounce any minute. She stayed still though, waiting as grey smoke shifted through Angela's fingers and swirled around her head.

The grey smoke whirled for a few more moments, sounding like a small gust of wind till Victoria's face dropped. Her skin paled, mouth open in shock as she turned to look at Annalise directly.

Angela took a step back, the smoke receding back into her fingers. Gingerly, Victoria stepped forward,  taking Annalise's hand into her own. Annalise gulped, her brows tightening in concern as she looked to Eugene for reassurance. 

"In the garden." Victoria blurted out. "Vitus buried you in his back-garden." 

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HI!! My goodness has it been a while huh? I've mentioned this on my conversations, on why I've taken such a long break, so go check it out if you've missed it! I hope you're doing okay, thank you for all the love and patience! 

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