Chapter Forty Three: The Siege

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They had all trundled downstairs, to where the others were huddled in the living room. Crowded around a fairly flustered looking Harvey. During the time they had spare, they had found that even though he couldn't see her physical form, Harvey could teleport Annalise as long as she had a connection to someone else he was teleporting.

That way he could teleport everyone to their locations without any of them having to use transport. It was both quicker, and more stealthy. They didn't want to give away what they were doing straight away. Eugene had come up with the idea to collectively storm the house, making sure no one was aware of their positions outside of it.

Dawn and Annalise wandered up to the group, slotting themselves besides Eugene and Cassius. Annalise worried her lip, there was so much going round in her head like thousands of tiny butterflies in a swarm. She was unable to catch a single one but it tormented her nonetheless.

"We best get going, guys!" Harvey smiled, flexing his wrists and rolling his shoulders. He was wearing a tight white top, with black work out joggers. His long blonde hair was pulled to the side in a plait. Harvey himself had been staying with them for the past two days. Camping out on the couch, only once going back to his home for supplies and a change of clothes.

Annalise winced. She needed to go, she had to go. But god, she wished it could just be easy. Harvey clapped his hands, and pointed directly at Dawn. "You!" He exclaimed, "You and Annalise are going first. You guys are going to be the easiest to transport without getting spotted!"

Annalise knew this was coming but she still hated it. It was the plan, Harvey would teleport her and Dawn first. Then Raul and Victoria, and finally Gene, Cassius and himself. There was a silence for a moment, before Gene turned around to face her.

Reluctantly she looked into his eyes, searching for something. Any kind of comfort. He smiled, placing a hand on her shoulder with a tight squeeze. He made a jerk, like he wanted to do more but stopped himself. He heaved a heavy sigh.

"Be safe," Gene commented, there was a burning in his eyes. A steely determination that glowed green. And in that moment, Annalise knew that everything would be okay. He would be there. He hadn't led her astray this far. She had more faith in him than she did herself.

"Be safe," Annalise echoed back with a smile of her own, tilting her head slightly. There was a warmth in her chest, and a determination in her own eyes. They could do this. Before she could say anything else, a loud cough interrupted them.

Harvey was staring just above her head, like he was trying his hardest to see her. "Where is she? I'll never get used to this." He complained. With that, Eugene gently nudged her towards Dawn. The woman in question grabbed her hand with far more enthusiasm than the situation called for.

Harvey in turn grasped Dawn's hand. Gene didn't need to say anything more than what he had. She knew what he was trying to say in the silence that followed. Be safe, it will be okay, you will be okay. And it was all she needed.

There was a feeling of weightlessness for a moment, and as the world faded away, she didn't take her eyes off Eugene. His eyes were raised in a question only she could read. 'Will you be okay?'. Annalise nodded with a gentle grin. Bringing up her spare hand for a short wave.

What Annalise didn't see, as the scenery began to change, was Eugene visibly slumping in on himself. A feeling of both relief and trepidation overcoming him.

Before Annalise knew it, she was behind a collection of large fern trees and an array of bushes. She turned to look at Dawn, who seemed a little green around the gills. Annalise squeezed her hand in reassurance before letting go to glance around their location.

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