Chapter Fifty Six: Auntie

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Her friends ended up staying for a while after that, chatting about everything from what they had been up to in the last 5 years to how exactly they had gotten to be in Vitus' house anyways. They had been tipped off by Victoria, of course, but then having followed a lead Noah's family had given him ended up right on Vitus' door step.

Gene had apparently told them what happened to her, and how Annalise had found out she was a half demon. Mia and Noah were still full of questions though, and she was happy to fill in the blanks. For hours they sat, chatting about everything and nothing until the sun went down.

With surprisingly gentle prodding from the vampires, Noah and Mia left, promises to come back tomorrow on their tongues as they left. Eugene stepped into the room, looking thousands times better than he did before. He paused in the doorway for a moment before asking. "Do you mind?" jerking his head towards the bed.

Annalise laughed, feeling lighter than she had in weeks. He was really asking permission to sit somewhere in his own house. What a dork. She wiggled her feet to the side, making room for him. She was lucky, by the time she had woken up, the burns that Vitus' henchmen had inflicted on her were already healed. She patted the bed enthusiastically.

"Sit down doofus," Annalise giggled. Eugene faltered for a moment, before picking up pace and collapsing into the bed by her legs. He reached a pale hand onto the blanket where her knees would be, squeezing them reassuringly.

"I haven't really been able to talk to you, since you woke up," He admitted, looking down with narrowed eyes, as his fingers began to drum a pattern on top of her legs. Gene looked back up, regret dancing in his eyes. "How are you?"

"I feel like I've been hit by several cars," Annalise replied, beaming back at him. He raised his eyebrows in confusion, and she was sure he probably thought she'd gone mad. But the truth was, even though she felt like crap, every muscle burned with exhaustion. She couldn't be happier. Everything felt so real now. So, alive.

The anxiety that maybe, she would never be able to touch anything again, that she'd fade into the background of this house to be forgotten and lost forever. It had all faded. God she couldn't wait to leave the house, to explore, to breathe the cool air again. Reasonably she knew she couldn't go see her mother right now, or her brother. But even then, nothing could quite quell the happiness that bubbled inside her.

Eugene huffed a laugh, smiling with something Annalise had never seen on his face before. It was soft and warm, his eyes glowing like the forest during a sunset. There was something underneath it though, something that she couldn't understand. At least, not yet.

"I'm glad you're back," He drawled, squeezing her knees once more before letting go. Annalise returned his smile, reaching out her own hand to place next to his. Fingertips just brushing.

"Me too.


Time had gone by in a peaceful sort of interlude. True to their word, Noah and Mia turned up to the house regularly. That wasn't the thing that had changed, post-resurrection. Harvey would frequently visit, as well. Now that he could actually see her, he and Annalise got along pretty well. Much to Eugene's dismay. He was funny, if not a bit exuberant.

Victoria, Raul, Cassius and Dawn still hung around the house, content to stay there for as long as possible now that the clan had officially disbanded. Surprisingly, she had healed up pretty quickly. One of the benefits of being part demon, Harvey had helpful reminded her.

The main thing that had changed, however, was Eugene. Something between them had changed, shifted imperceptibly. They still got along just as well, but there was an undercurrent. Something lurking under the surface, each touch was electric. Now they could finally interact with each other, fully, Annalise was always finding excuses to touch him.

A piece of dust here, a drop of blood there that she just had to wipe off his face. And what was even better, Eugene didn't seem to mind. In fact, he reciprocated, leaning in to every touch. It was intoxicating.

It seemed to reach its peak, on a Thursday evening, just as the sun was setting across the horizon. Annalise was perched on the edge of the sofa, watching TV with Raul and Dawn, when Eugene came in asking for her to come out into the garden.

She wondered after him, breathing deeply as the cool air hit her face. It was euphoric. Not really focused, Annalise tottered around the garden taking in its overgrown appearance. She should really get around to cleaning it sometime, seeing as the vampires couldn't really look after it. Maybe she would plant some petunias or something.

Eugene coughed pointedly, snapping her attention straight back to him. "What's up?" She asked, tilting her head. He licked his lips anxiously, fangs peeking out from behind them.

"I-, I need to," He muttered, before seemingly setting himself straight and gesturing for her to come closer. She obeyed his unspoken order without question. "I need to admit something. To you.". Annalise felt her heart thump loudly in her chest, something she still hadn't quite gotten used to.

"I didn't want to help you." He said bluntly, looking directly into her eyes. Her stomach dropped. "When I first met you I wanted nothing to do with the supernatural. I wanted to hole myself away in this house and slowly decay. But then I saw you, and I mean I really saw you. When I saw you crying that day, I really saw myself. I just wanted to help you," He continued bluntly.

Annalise raised her eyebrow in confusion, where exactly was he going with this? "You soon made me realise, I had no reason to pity you. You were strong in your own way. Resilient. No matter what I had to see this through with you," He gulped, working his way up to something. "I've never really been confident. But I am confident in one thing. And that how much i care for you, Annalise,"

She could feel her cheeks heating up, the cool air doing nothing to fight down the blush that was spreading across her face. "Originally, you were just a way out for me." Annalise admitted shyly, "A way out of my limbo. But soon, you became one of my closest friends. I couldn't imagine life without you, I care for you too."

For whatever reason he seemed to deflate at the word 'friends' but then he quickly picked himself back up, reaching a hand out to her. "No, Anna, you don't get it. I lo-". Eugene was quickly cut off by the garden door slamming open, followed by shouting. Gene took a few steps back from her, and Annalise willed herself to not be disappointed with the distance between them.

It was Cassius at the garden door. Once again.

"There's someone at the front door for you, Annalise. She's saying she's your Auntie?". Annalise frowned, pulling a face at the vampire, then turning to Eugene. He seemed to have the same train of thought, giving her a questioning glance.

"But I don't have an Auntie?" 


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