Chapter Forty Two: Plan In Progress

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Time flew by like sand through her finger tips, and before she knew it. It was already the day they would storm Vitus' house. Annalise hadn't really been able to do much in the days running up to today. She was stuck inside, unable to really help as the others dashed around, preparing.

Guilt fogged up her chest like tar, as she sat idly by and listened in to their plans. She knew there wasn't much she could do, she had to rest. Spending all day outside, when they had gone to Harvey's had drained her. And she wanted to be able to actually leave the house on the day they would finally retrieve her body. She needed to be able to see her friends again, safe and sound.

More importantly, she wanted to make sure that her newly found friends, vampire or not, would be okay. Even if she wouldn't really be able to do much, just being there helped ease the anxiety that had wrapped tight in her chest.

She heard the sound of scuffling downstairs, from where she was sitting in the main bedroom and wondered if Gene was flaunting round his stake anymore. It wasn't what it sounded like. Apparently,it was an old relic from when he had just been turned into a vampire, a fledgling (Gene constantly reminded her).

Vitus himself had given it to him, forged from steel and blood of ancient fae. Bit morbid, if you asked Annalise. But then again she supposed the whole vampire thing was a bit. Not that she could say anything, what with being a spirit of a half demon.

Before she could even think of standing up and heading downstairs, the door slowly opened. Revealing Dawn, who poked her head round, looking around them room till her eyes finally landed on Annalise.

"There you are!" She trilled, raising her arms in celebration. Dawn's long sleeved tan top rolled down with the action, bunching up at her elbows. "I've been looking everywhere," She continued, looking behind her as she came over to sit next to Annalise.

"Why? What's up?" Annalise asked, tilting her head. Her brown hair fell slight over her eyes, and she flicked it back behind her ears. Dawn seemed like she could explode with how much she was vibrating in excitement. Or anxiety, she wasn't quite sure. Dawn was always hard to read.

Dawn hummed nonchalantly, taking a quick look around. "Do I need a reason to see you? I just thought this is all pretty exciting right?" She asked, seeming uncharacteristically unsure of herself. Annalise frowned in concern, that wasn't like her.

"I wouldn't exactly call it that.." Annalise said hesitantly. Dawn laughed, patting her on the back and seemed even more excited over the fact her hand hadn't phased through.

"What do you mean? We're finally gonna take down the big old bad guy. It will be amazing, can't you imagine it now? Besides, we're gonna get your body back AND your friends. What more could you want?" Dawn joked, nudging her with her elbow. All the while still anxiously looking around. Almost as if she was expecting something. Annalise's scowl deepened.

"What's really wrong?" Annalise questioned, going straight to the point. Dawn giggled, waving a hand as if that could disperse the conversation. But Annalise wasn't going to have it. Despite Dawn's gruff, eccentric exterior, she wasn't half bad. And Annalise found herself growing closer to the vampire.

"Are you waiting for someone?" Annalise inquired, looking around the room to find what Dawn was looking for. Dawn seemed to deflate a little, hugging her arms around her chest loosely with a sigh.

"Its Victoria." She admitted, as if that explained everything. Annalise raised an eyebrow in question and glanced towards the door. Was she waiting for her? When she voiced her thoughts, Dawn shook her head with a mournful smile.

"I just don't understand her," Dawn confessed. "One minute we're fine, talking and nothings wrong. The next minute she's fawning over Eugene like there's no one else. I don't exist." Annalise swallowed down some of her own jealousy. She was painfully aware of Victoria's feelings for Eugene.

That brought up another question though, what was Dawn's problem. Annalise wasn't that naive, after spending years alone watching as people passed by unable to speak to them. She became good at picking up emotional cues.

She was aware that Dawn liked Victoria, in that way. That was obvious, but just how far it went was the question. Whether it was one sided or requited, Annalise didn't know yet.  It seemed like she didn't even have to ask, as Dawn was content to keep talking.

"It just gives me whiplash." Dawn blabbered, "Do you know, Eugene was the one to introduce us? I'd been a part of the clan far longer than Eugene had been at the time. He rescued Victoria from a death sentence, for Vitus to turn her into a vampire. Then he dumped her at my door,"

"I was supposed to be her mentor, I guess? But over the years we got closer and closer. I saw a side of her, I never thought I'd see. Yeah sure, she's bitchy, I get it. But she's also so much more," Dawn looked off, with a soft expression on her face, "She's funny, determined and secretly kind. Even if she shows it in a really weird way sometimes,"

"I really really loved her, you know? But Vampires, we live so long, for most of us monogamy isn't an option. Victoria always made it clear that no matter how much she liked me, she also liked Eugene,"

Annalise held Dawn's shoulder in sympathy, nodding as she continued to speak. "Over the years, we would spend less and less time together. I got it, we were two girls-together. Back then if anyone found out we both would've been hanged or burned at the steak,"

"It just got worse and worse as the years went on, and I just couldn't cope with it. Not while I knew she was trailing after Eugene or getting with other men. It was horrible. While vampires tend not to stick to monogamy. Some of us do. I do. I've only ever had eyes for one person. But she never really did for me,"

"So I broke it off. Ever since then she's been back and forth, back and forth. We're getting on great one minute, like we could almost be back together. And the next we're at each other's throats. It's so confusing!" Dawn cried, tugging on her hair violently.    

Annalise gave her a comforting glance, pulling her closer in an attempt to wipe the harsh frown on Dawn's face. She didn't know what to say, she'd never been in a situation like that before. She couldn't think of the words to say. No advice, anything.

Annalise smiled weakly, squeezing Dawn slightly. "I'm sure it'll be okay. You don't have to be with her, there's more fish in the sea," she said hopelessly, wincing as the words left her mouth. Yeah, she knew it sucked but she couldn't think of anything else to say.

Dawn laughed slightly, opening her mouth to say something but before she could speak the door opened once again. Both of them snapped up, praying it wasn't the topic of the conversation at the door.

It wasn't.

It was Cassius, he seemed stern, body up ramrod straight, eyes narrowed in concentration. "Its time," He simply said, and left. Anxiety clamped up her throat. It was time to leave for Vitus' house.

They were going to get her friends, and her body back.

Authors Note:

Hey ya'll! How are you doing? I hope you like this chapter, i thought i give a little bit more of an insight into Dawn and Victoria's relationship? What do you think? We're finally getting closer to the big showdown!!

Hope you're all good! 



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