Chapter Fifty Two: This Is It

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Not even a moment after he suggested it, Harvey vanished, popping back into existence in the midst of Angela's clan. He was on a warpath right now, and no one would stop him from getting what he wanted. And that was Angela Smith. He stormed past various witches, who each gave him odd looks but otherwise cleared the way for him to get past.

Finally he made it where he needed to be, at Guinevere's office. The old cogdy better be in, he thought or he would tear the coven apart in search for the witch. Bashing open the doors, for dramatic effect of course, he marched up to her desk. The old woman jumped, looking at him with wide eyes.

"What are you doing here?!" She demanded, standing up and slamming her hands on the table. Harvey chuckled, he couldn't wait to see how she would react when he told her the news.

"Sit back down," Harvey ordered back, with a flippant wave of the hand. "I'm not in the mood for joking around with you today. I'm here for Angela Smith. She has committed an atrocious crime. One that she needs to answer for." Guinevere's face paled, and she sat down as though the weight of the world was on her shoulders.

"What has that misfit done now?" She asked, rubbing a hand on her wrinkled forehead.

"She binded a demon soul outside of its original body. I know you're not an idiot. You know what that means right? In the eyes of the demon world, what she has done is worse than murder. If any of them find out what she's done. They won't just be after her, they'll be after the entire coven," Harvey explained solemnly, a hint of a smile peaking at his lips as he watched the woman cave in on herself.

Demons were no laughing matter. Stronger than witches, vampires and wolves. Even fae. Where one demon was, there were likely to be more waiting in the shadows. Almost like cockroaches. Unkillable and there were far too many of them. It wouldn't surprise him if Annalise had someone waiting for her in hell. And they didn't take it lightly when one of their own were hurt.

Despite their horrible agendas, demons had been given far too much of a bad reputation by humans. Like all supernaturals had, he supposed. Demons were after all, originally heavenly beings, but with just a different purpose. Not that a god actually existed, or Lucifer for that case. They were just tales told by humans to give their life better purpose. No, hell and heaven were made only for souls. Not gods. Demons looked after the damned, and Angels or heavenly beings looked after the enlightened. And that was that.

"Fine, she's in the dinning room with some other witches." Guinevere admitted, then looked at him pleadingly. "Don't let this get out to anyone. Please." Harvey beamed at her, eyes crinkling as part of his hair fell out of the quick bun he'd put it in.

"Only if you lead me to her. I happen to know some people who would be very, very interested in what Angela has done to a demon," Harvey requested. He knew full well, that he could just go down and get Angela himself. But it was fun to have the leader of the coven in such a vulnerable position. He would mess around, for just a little while longer.

Guinevere stood back up again, begrudgingly nodding and leading him out of the office. Harvey followed with a skip in his step as she led him through the halls. Eventually they ended up at a large open doorway, stepping into a room full of tables and chairs. Groups of witches huddled together, gossiping over their food. The minute Harvey entered the busy room fell silent.

Either they knew exactly who he was, or they were afraid of the coven's leader. He hoped it was the former. He could spot Angela from a mile away with her bright ginger hair, and she seemed to pick him out too. She looked hurriedly from side to side, looking for an escape. She should know better by now. Quickly, Harvey pushed past her friends, who stood in the way of her.

"Thank you, thank you Guinevere. I'll be taking this one now!" Harvey looked down at Angela with a grin, taking joy in her scared appearance. She tried to use her magic to get away but Harvey, being the stronger witch, put a stop to it immediately.

Before he teleported back to Vitus' garden, Harvey couldn't resist but to rub it in Angela's face. "I told you they don't care about you,". With a final wave to the witches watching him, he and Angela disappeared in a puff of blue smoke.



Annalise hovered anxiously over Eugene, not entirely sure what to do with herself when the thought suddenly entered her mind. What on earth had happened to her friends? She had been so consumed with pain in the moment, and to be honest, she was still hurting. That she had forgotten all about them. Panic flooded through her, what if something had happened?

"Gene," She said, interrupting the silence, "What happened to my friends?". He looked at her, taking his eyes off the body for a moment. He didn't seem to be that worried, as he shrugged apathetically.

"Don't worry. I asked Harvey to teleport them somewhere safe until we can get back." Gene explained with a soft look in his eyes. Some of the worry dissipated at his words, but she still couldn't help but be concerned. Her train of thought was interrupted by a loud popping noise, causing her to jump.

"Oh my god Harvey," Annalise huffed, "You've got to stop doing that," Eugene's smile tensed, like he was trying his hardest not to laugh at her. She rolled her eyes, with a grin of her own. Harvey looked at Gene suspiciously, like he didn't quite understand why he was seeing his brother smile.

"Alright then," Harvey said, "Look what I have!". He proudly presented a cowering Angela to him. Gently, Eugene lowered her body, tucking the jacket around her tightly to make sure nothing was revealed before standing up to his full height. His shoulders were drawn back, chest high as he looked down at her.

His face heavy with anger, voice deep and gravely as he spoke. "Fix her. Or we'll eat you for dinner." Gene hissed, his fangs peeking out from behind his lips. A clear show that he was ready to fulfil his threat. Angela began to shake, though her eyes remained defiant.

"Gene!" Annalise reprimanded, "You can't just eat her!". Eugene shifted to look at her, and for a moment she understood him. He wanted to get her spirit back to her body, as fast as possible. Threatening Angela was the only way. She almost pitied the woman, then she remembered that this was the same woman that had effectively changed her entire life and had her locked in an isolated prison for 5 years. So maybe not that sympathetic then.

"Fine." Angela spat, moving her skirt slightly to kneel down next to Annalise's body. "But I'm only doing it because it's the right thing to do,". With trembling hands, Angela removed her green cardigan, placing it on top of Annalise's body to cover the places where Cassius' jacked didn't.

She placed Annalise's head on her lap, moving it from side to side slowly to get a better view of her birthmark. Then, the magic began. 

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