Chapter Thirty: Finding Angela Smith

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"That's good, that's great, right?" Annalise questioned, looking round the room for reassurance. "London's only down the road from here, last time i remembered," No one seemed to reciprocate her glances, the vampires lost in their own thoughts.

Finally Eugene spoke out, "London is a large place, crammed with large amounts of people. It will be like finding a specific needle in a haystack of needles," He frowned, tapping his fingers rhythmically on his leg. He pondered for a moment before continuing. "We don't even know what she looks like. We only have her name. Who knows how many Angela Smith's there are in London,"

Cassius nodded in agreement, crossing his arms over his chest, the leather of his tale-tale jacket groaning in protest. Victoria seemed to perk up a bit, sitting up even straighter than before.

"I know what she looks like," She interjected, raising a delicate hand. "From when she cursed me, I know what she looks like. We can base our search from that,". Annalise raised her eyebrow in contemplation. Could it really help them that much? Even if they knew what she looked like, they still had the whole of London to look through to find her. But, she supposed, anything would help at this point.

"Raul," Cassius inclined, "Draw what Victoria describes to us, then we can use that as a basis for our search. Like a forensic sketch, so to speak,". Mechanically, and without words, Raul stood up. It almost made Annalise jump, he had been entirely silent for most of their discussions, it was easy to forget he was there.

Quietly, Raul exited the room and made his way up stairs. Annalise pointed after him, confused. "What is he doing?" She asked, tilting her head. Cassius looked down at her from where he was standing, and Annalise had the odd feeling that she was only a bug under his gaze. Like a spider he couldn't be asked to remove from his bedroom.

"Victoria is going to describe the woman she saw, and Raul is going to sketch the interpretation. Do you know anything about forensics?" He said bluntly, like he genuinely couldn't understand why she was confused. It could have been cute, but the deathly cold look he had on his face diminished that thought quickly.

"Cassius," Eugene warned, glaring at him. The man in question simply shrugged his shoulders and waited for Raul to return.

It only took a few moments for Raul to come back, a pencil and notebook in hand. His large hands practically engulfed them, making everything look insignificant in comparison. It seemed, almost contradicting, that he was the one sketching the witch.

"Victoria," Cassius began, waving his hands in a motion that said 'go on'. "What did Angela Smith look like?". Victoria crossed one leg over the other, elegantly. Smoothing down the lines of her pencil skirt. She looked up, as if she was thinking hard about something. Eagerly, Annalise lent closer to Victoria so she could hear her better.

"She has ginger hair, incredibly curly and unruly. Though it was short, hmmm. Like a bob cut," Victoria listed, biting her lip as she recalled the woman who cursed her, "She was only a little taller than me, but smaller than Annalise. She has a plethora of freckles, and is incredibly pale,".

"At the time, she was simply wearing a white t-shirt and grey denim jeans. Honestly, I wouldn't be seen dead in something so simple-" She began to ramble off about fashion, while Raul diligently scribbled on his notebook.

"Victoria," Cassius deadpanned, bringing her back to focus.

"Yes, okay," She complained, rolling her eyes dramatically, "She was fairly slim, she had blue eyes and ginger eyelashes, I believe. Her face was rather round? Hmm I suppose soft would be the most accurate word for it. That's about all I can recall,"

All of their attention suddenly drifted over to Raul, who was sketching down the final details on his notepad. Raul looked up to find them all looking at him expectantly. With an inaudible sigh, he turned the notebook over so they could all see.

Annalise squinted at it inquisitively.

She was surprisingly normal. For lack of a better word.

Annalise didn't know what she was expecting, but once again, she was surprised by the unexpected humanity of the supernatural. Despite being 'dead' for five years, she still couldn't get adjusted to it.

"Does this look like her?" Cassius asked Victoria. She reached out, gently taking the notepad from Raul, transfixed on the pencil drawing. Annalise peaked over her shoulder to get a better look at it. It was just like Victoria had described, like the words themselves had painted a perfect picture.

It was like magic. Almost.

The drawing was startlingly real. She had no idea that Raul was such a talented artist. It almost made her feel ashamed that she knew so little about him, in comparison to the others. 

"It looks exactly like her," Victoria awed, turning to look at Raul with a shocked expression. "This is truly amazing, how did you do it?" she asked him. Raul simply shrugged his shoulders, placing the pencil he held in the pocket of his cargo trousers.

"It's great that we have something to go off now, but what are we supposed to do with this? Even with this image, it is still virtually impossible to find her in the midst of a place like London. Maybe if it was a small village, sure. But its not," Eugene rationalised with a frown, standing up from where he was sitting on the arm of the sofa.

Cassius had already seemed to think of this, always two steps ahead of everyone else. "I know of someone, a witch too. He can help us track her down. He apart of a coven in London. He will either know her, know of her, or can at the very least help us to track her down," He explained with a smirk.

"Who is he?" Annalise questioned, biting her lip in anticipation. It was almost too real, they were so close to finding her body. So close to everything.

"Someone not to be trifled with. Eugene you should know him," Cassius said with a pointed look to the man in question. Eugene's eyes widened, as his eyebrows scrunched together.

"You're joking." Eugene stated, almost unbelieving. Annalise made a face, what were they on about? The smile seemed to grow even more on Cassius, as a maniacal look took over his face.

"But of course. Its your brother. Harvey Cubert," 

Authors Note: 

Hey all of you! Hope you're all doing okay <3 What do you think about this chapter? Who knew Eugene had a brother! I linked the song above, cause honestly, atm its my favourite song. 

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