Chapter Twenty: A Werewolf and A Fae

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Noah was almost vibrating with anticipation, not minutes ago he had been talking to the member of the Modesto Clan, Victoria Taylor. She had willingly revealed a lot to him, including the fact that the Vampire now living in the house Annalise was murdered in, was a part of the Modesto Clan as well.

However, there was a big but here. She couldn't reveal everything to him over the phone, as she didn't want anyone else to hear. So Victoria, if that was her real name, had offered to meet him up in the town's park. It was a huge green area, full of a variety of plants and flora. Yet it was desolate, and deserted. It clearly hadn't been maintained, and was overgrown.

Nature had fully reclaimed the private place.

So Noah had agreed, he wasn't too worried about the fact that it could be a trap. He was a werewolf, first and foremost but not only that he was a werewolf of one of the most powerful werewolf families.

Just in case though, he was ringing up Mia to tell her the news. Someone might be able to overcome a werewolf. But a werewolf and a fae? The chances were 0 to 1. He waited nervously as his phone buzzed, fiddling with a stray piece of paper.

Finally the phone had stopped ringing, and Noah waited with baited breath for Mia to speak.

"Noah?" She called out questioningly. He could hear the curiosity in her voice, and bit his lip to hid the smile that was trying to grow on his face.

"You need to come round now, Mia. I've got something to tell you," He bragged.

"What is it? Can't you tell me over the phone?" Mia hesitated, she sounded skittish, like she was anticipating the worst.

"It's good news! Don't worry, I just need you to come over as soon as you can. I can't say it over the phone right now," Noah reassured, flicking the errant piece of paper into the bin and rolling his eyes when it inevitably missed.

"Okay, I'll be there in five- I just, I hope everything's alright," Mia doubted.

"It's more than alright Mia, trust me. It's more than alright,"


True to her word, Mia arrived at his doorstep in only five minutes. She was always a stickler for time, whereas he and Annalise had never really cared. Always arriving ten, sometimes even twenty minutes late to the place they were all supposed to meet. They would laugh it off, while Mia would pretend to be annoyed with them.

But that was then. It was only him and Mia left now.

Eagerly, he held the door open for her and gently guided her to the living room. It was still a mess, with random papers scattered here, there and everywhere. Some of them were newspaper clippings, others had random scribbles on them- his hardly legible handwriting blindingly obvious.

He pushed a few books and binders off the sofa so they could both sit down together. Mia fiddled with her hair, even though it was incredibly short now, it was a habit she never could get rid of. She bit her lip as she looked directly into his eyes.

"So.. what is it you want to talk about?" she mentioned, twirling a short strand of black hair around her finger. 

"It's about Annalise," he said and Mia seemed to deflate, letting the curl of hair drop over her eyes. She let her hand fall down to her lap, her shoulders curved inwards and she sighed. Noah shot her an odd look, why did she seem so let down? He would have thought she would have been just as excited as himself, if not more.

He continued, letting it pass for now.

"I got in contact with someone from the Modesto Clan, you know how I told I narrowed it down to some vampire from that Clan right-" Mia nodded slowly, "Well, she told me that the Vampire that moved into the house that Anna was killed in. He's from the Modesto Clan too! On top of that, she knows who killed Annalise, but she can't say it over the phone. I'm meeting her tonight, at midnight in Greenwood Park. I want you to come with me,"

Mia blinked, once then twice, tilting her head in confusion. " Beg your pardon?" she said, bewildered. 

"There was a woman from the Modesto Clan, she's going to-" Mia held up her hand, to stop Noah from rambling any longer. She shook her head.

"I heard you the first time," she reprimanded, rubbing a small, delicate hand over her face in frustration. "Have you heard yourself? This is insane. You don't even know her!" Mia was always the voice of reason, within their trio. Didn't mean he had to agree with it though.

"I know how stupid it sounds. But I need to find out. We need to find out, Mia. The police don't care, our families don't care. Annalise's family can't do anything, there's only us. The only people left who can do anything about Annalise's death are me and you. I'm going to go, whether you come or not. Anna deserved that much," Noah accused, his jaw tight in frustration.

He had spent so much time researching, chasing dead ends, trying to find out anything about Annalise's death. He knew the moment the news broke, that Annalise hadn't killed herself. There was no way one person could stab themselves eighteen times and not have once faltered. It just didn't seem possible.

His family hated the fact he had spent so much time on this, they thought he was deluded and lost in grief. But Mia had understood, she had agreed with him and supported him throughout this entire thing. 

Mia's family had been a lot more supportive of them, but still hadn't helped and he could tell they didn't like the fact that Mia spent so much time with a werewolf and not one of her own kind. Even then, they invited him into their home, sharing with him their authentic Filipino meals, his personal favourite being crispy pata.

Mia and her family had migrated from the Philippines to the UK, after a disagreement with the Fae council over there. They had moved when Mia was only five years old, in the same neighbourhood both Annalise and himself lived in. It was almost fate. 

But that was then, and this was now. Now they were so close to finding out what really happened to Annalise, he wanted to find it out together. With Mia. But if he had to do it without her, he would.

Mia sighed heavily, leaning back onto the sofa. "I'll go with you. But only because I don't want you to hurt yourself," she pouted her red coated lips, but her eyes were alight with determination. 

"Meet me at Greenwood park, a little before midnight. Be prepared for anything,"

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