Chapter Fourteen: Time For Celebrations (not really)

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They had all migrated to the living room- Cassius, Raul and Dawn cramped up on the singular sofa, by the time the topic was brought up. Eugene had spent some time catching up with them, apparently they hadn't spoken to each other for 20 years, which was a lot in normal human time, but barely a few years for a Vampire.

But now it was time to talk about what had brung them all here anyway. Vitus Modesto. Annalise hovered anxiously by the sofa, rubbing the back of her neck. Though she revelled in the fact that now, there were so many people she could talk to. She wanted to, no. She needed to know what Vitus Modesto was planning and what was going on.

"Tell me all you know," Eugene demanded, fingers tapping his legs. No one spoke for a minute, silence permeating the room like a thick blanket before surprisingly Raul spoke up. He had been silent the entire time he had entered the house, only nodding occasionally to what was said.

"Eugene, you know why he wants you back," he stated bluntly, his voice was deep with a Germanic tint to it. Annalise looked between them, she had wondered why this man was so desperate to bring back Eugene. Grimly Eugene nodded.

"You were always his favourite pet project," Dawn chipped in with a grin, "Daddy wants you back home," Cassius shot her a seething look, silencing her in her tracks. Dawn sighed, rolling her eyes and crossing her arms dramatically.

"I know why, but I need to know now what he's planning. He's aware of who Annalise is," Eugene stated, stopping his finger tapping in favour of crossing his arm over the plain grey top he was wearing. "Vitus can not keep doing this."

Annalise spluttered a bit, eyes shifting over them all. "Erm guys?" She asked, "What's actually going on? Cause I for one, have no clue." As if suddenly noticing her, they all turned round to stare at Annalise. She shied underneath all of the attention, wiggling her finger awkwardly. 

"Of course you don't," Dawn said with a fake pout, voice dripping with sarcasm. This time, Cassius actually elbowed her, fake coughing when she turned to look at him accusingly. Eugene rubbed at his forehead in frustration. It was clear they were getting no where fast. 

"Vitus Modesto has always wanted me to stay in the clan. I was the first Vampire he turned. Ever since the day he turned me, he trained me. In..." There was a pause as Eugene scrunched his face trying to find the words, "in not so considerate ways. He tried to indoctrinate me to believe in his values,"

"It never worked. However, he still made me do things I regret to this day," Eugene ran his hands through his messy blonde hair, he looked down avoiding eye contact with everyone. Annalise felt her heart tug, and she longed to comfort him. Anything to rid him of that defeated look, but she knew he wouldn't appreciate it. At least not now, not in front of everyone.

"He did it to us all, Eugene. It is not your fault," Raul spoke once again, his tone was terse yet he looked at Eugene sympathetically. Cassius nodded, while Dawn just shrugged apathetically.

Annalise held her tongue, in all honesty she couldn't really comment. She hadn't been in their position, she couldn't understand what they went through. But she could offer them her quiet sympathy.

"Tell me, what is he planning?" This time it was a demand more than a question, and the tapping of fingers on legs began again.

"He wants you back. He wants you to take out the British government. Well, not just you. But all of us. You know he's had us assassinate various figures over the years. It's all been leading up to this. We don't know what he's planning yet, but it's something big. He's been talking with-" Cassius paused momentarily, eyes passing over Annalise, "Armaros,"

Annalise tensed, she still hadn't gotten quite used to the knowledge that her dad was a demon. Let alone one that worked with vampires, one that worked with Vitus Modesto. "I don't know how they are planning to go about this, but we know it isn't going to be pretty Eugene," Cassius continued, face dark. Eugene nodded, frowning.

"I need you to find me more information. All of you," he said, gesturing to them.

Dawn giggled, patting both Cassius and Raul's legs. "You hear that boys?" she said "We're going to be spying again! Oh how fun, but not as fun as simply murdering them. Why can't we do that Eugene?" He gave her a look that all but said 'really, you're asking me that'.

"We can't outnumber them, not now. We need to establish what he's planning, and then counter attack it. In a smart, and orderly way," Eugene explained, and Annalise scowled. She still didn't fully understand what was going on. 

"No fun," Dawn said, poking her tongue out at him. "But I'll agree for now. If my finger happens to slip though, I'm not being held accountable,"

"Cassius, keep an eye on Dawn and make sure she isn't doing anything she shouldn't be, would you?" Eugene asked. Cassius nodded, albeit reluctantly. Dawn groaned in frustration, but then shot up like a rocket, clapping her hands together.

"So! Now that we have that all together, don't you think we should celebrate?" she said. Annalise scrunched her eyes at Dawn, what was there to celebrate? Right now, from what they were saying, it seemed like the whole world was against them. There was a storm on the horizon, and she wasn't sure that they were prepared for it.

"Old friends, like us? Back together once again," Dawn said, throwing her arms up in the air. "Where do you keep your drink Eugenie," With a laugh, Dawn was off, searching the cabinets for drink.

Eugene looked towards Cassius and Raul in question, but Cassius merely shrugged his shoulders, getting up to aid Dawn in her search. Raul, as usual, sat as still as a statue in silence. Annalise glanced at Eugene, just as he turned towards her. She raised an eyebrow in question. 

He smiled gently at her, before going towards Cassius and Dawn leading them out the room and to the kitchen. Annalise felt awkward, like she was the elephant in the room and didn't quite belong. She made a face at Raul, hoping he would break the silence. But he sat there, still.

Before she could dwell too much on the fact, Dawn popped her head around the corner. Pointing enthusiastically at Annalise, she shouted "You! Join us ghost girl! I don't care if you can't drink." Annalise halted in place, conflicted. She felt out of place. But once again, she didn't have much time to think of it before Dawn interrupted her thoughts.

"Get a move on!" with a small smile, Annalise trailed after her and to the kitchen. Absentmindedly noting the noise behind her, of Raul standing up to follow, she let the smile spread.

It was nice. To have friends again.

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