Chapter Thirty Four: Meeting Harvey Cubert

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Annalise wanted to swear at Cassius.

What the hell had he deemed important enough to interrupt them. It felt like something had shifted between her and Eugene. Like a puzzle piece shifting into place, to complete the puzzle of them. She had liked Eugene in a not so innocent sort of way from the moment she saw him. The man was deadly handsome, it was impossible not to.

But spending months with him? Day in and day out. Getting to know him on a personal level. It was almost enough to love him.


Eugene was vital to her existence. He was the first person to see her, after 5 years. The first person not to run from the house, the minute she started making noise. No matter what happened, she would always have a place in her heart for him. Maybe it wasn't entirely healthy, but at this point Annalise didn't care.

And when he lent in to kiss her? God she hoped that was what he was actually doing, and not just leaning in for something else. It had felt like everything in her spirit had shifted and it had felt so- so right.

"I got hold of Harvey, he agreed to meet us next week at his house," Cassius coughed awkwardly, bringing Annalise out of her musings. She snapped her head towards him, looking at him in shock. He had already gotten into contact with the witch? This man wasted no time. Nervously, she looked back at Eugene, noticing that they were still abnormally close.

She watched for any signs that he wasn't okay, but Eugene kept up a cold mask. His eyes were cold, but otherwise there was no sign that he was taking this badly. Annalise frowned, wondering what he was hiding behind his front.

Eugene nodded.

"We'll go next week then. Did he state a date or time?" Eugene asked, though his voice sounded strained. Cassius nodded in answer, bringing up the phone he was holding in his hand.

"Next Wednesday, anytime during the day. Night is off limits," He explained. Eugene tutted, muttering something vaguely insulting under his breath. 

"Fine," Eugene finally settled for. Cassius seemed to be thinking along the same line as her, his eyebrows knitted in what seemed like concern.

"Don't come," Cassius demanded. Okay, so maybe he wasn't thinking the same thing she was. Annalise was concerned that Eugene was making the right decision. Cassius mainly sounded annoyed.

Eugene seemed to take it in stride though, and understood the hidden meaning. "No, I have to do this," He spoke, leaving no room for anything else. Cassius nodded firmly, and a frown settled on Annalise's face.

She hoped it would all turn out okay in the end.


A week had come and gone in a flash of time. Annalise had slowly been going outside for longer periods of time, each with varying results. She wanted to make sure she could go visit Harvey with everyone else. To be there for Eugene when he finally reunited with his estranged brother.

But it took a lot of effort. Like Eugene had said a while ago, her spirit had been exhausted when she went out to look for her body. So it would take time for her to leave the house again. First, she had started with simply standing outside the front door. The first effort had left her reeling. Slowly, every so slowly, it got easier with each try.

When she could do that with little to no pain, she went to the back garden and walked through there until she couldn't anymore. It was gruelling work that left her heaving, and eventually. Little by little, she was able to stay outside for extended periods of time without being in unbelievable pain or being partially teleported to the exact spot she was murdered. 

Then eventually, it came to Wednesday. By Wednesday she was able to go outside for at least an hour plus, walk around the block without many issues and enjoy the outside world. They had all congregated outside of Eugene's car. It was only suitable for two people max, so Raul and Cassius would have to find their own way to Harvey's house.

Victoria and Dawn, surprisingly, didn't want to come. So it left Eugene and Annalise in his car alone. They hadn't spoken that much since their 'incident'. Awkward glances and a few shy words were all that had been shared between them since.

Uncomfortably Annalise opened the passenger seat car door, and sat herself down. Eugene slammed the door closed behind him as he got into the driver's seat. He seemed tense, and unapproachable. His fists were clenched over the wheel so tight the knuckles turned white.

Annalise wanted to say something, wanted to break the silence to comfort him. But she just couldn't bring herself to do it. The drive to Harvey's place was shockingly short. There were a few twists, turns and breaks. And then they were there.

Raul and Cassius were already standing outside the run down bungalow waiting for them. Annalise briefly wondered how they got there so fast, with no car in sight. Eugene pulled up and they both stepped out of the car.

All four of them walked through the overgrown front garden, to the front door. But something The front door to the house had been thrown open so violently, it was coming off of its hinges. Objects and belongings were carelessly tossed around, some of them were even jotted around the front garden.

Annalise scowled, as she peaked round the door. Could it be a robber? That's when she noticed him. A tall man was standing in the front hallway, scampering through the drawer that was there. Tossing objects here, there and everywhere. He had long dirty blonde hair, drawn up into a messy bun. He was wearing an outlandishly baggy t-shirt, with even baggier trousers.

"Eugen- '' Annalise called, trying to alert him to the strange man's presence. But it seemed he had already noticed. He stormed past them all, and into the house. Grabbing the stranger by his hair and pulling him out with a violence that Annalise thought was beyond him.

"Hey! HEY! Stop it!" The weird man cried, gripping for his hair as he was dragged along. Eugene ignored him, hauling him out into the front garden in front of them all, like he was some prize.

"Who are you!" Eugene demanded, shaking the man by his hair. The man scrambled to grip his hair, crying out in pain.

"Stop it!!" He shouted again, "This is my house you goddamned fool! What do you think your doing," Everyone paused. Silence rang out through them. Was this-

Eugene let go of his hair suddenly, and the man collapsed to the floor with a sigh of relief.


Authors Note: 

Hey ya'll! How are you all doing? I hope you like this chapter! I actually really enjoyed writing it tbh. Tomorrow ive got to go to hospital to get a 24 hour blood pressure monitor fitted, so im not sure how that will turn out for me lol. 

What do you think of Harvey's first appearance! 

Love ya'll


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