Chapter Thirty Six: I Need A Favour

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Eugene turned to Raul, who had been quietly curled up on one of the garden chairs. Raul was a big man, in the sense that he was built like a bodybuilder on steroids. He was tall, as he was wide. An intimidating man crunched up on such a delicate chair was enough to make Annalise choke back a snort.

Raul stood up, rummaging around in his pocket for something, till eventually he found it. He pulled out a crumpled piece of paper and handed it to Harvey. Annalise squinted to get a good look at it, peering over Harvey's shoulder.

It was Raul's artistic interpretation of Angela Smith. Harvey held it up to the light, peering at it this way and that, as if it held the answers to all of humanity's questions. He mmmh'd and ah'd, turning it over in his hands.

She noticed Eugene rolling his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. Finally he seemed to have had enough of Harvey's grand charade and stomped over to him, unimpressed. He clasped a hand on his brother's shoulder, turning him around to face him.

"Are you done?" Eugene bit, his fingers tightening on Harvey's shoulder to the point he winced in pain. Harvey's hands shot up to brush Eugene off of him, scrambling to get away from him and dropping the picture in the process.

Annalise went to pick it up, but Cassius got to it first. He meticulously unfolded it, pulling out the folds and creases as the brothers squabbled with each other. So far this reunion was going great, Annalise thought sarcastically. She shared a wry look with Cassius before they were interrupted.

"Fine! Fine! I know her okay," Harvey admitted, holding his hands up in a pacifying gesture. "I've seen her around, I don't know her name but she's in one of the largest Covens in London,". Everyone paused for a moment.

"We need more information than that," Eugene demanded, though he seemed to have cooled down some. Instead of harassing Harvey like he just was, he retreated back a few steps and began tapping his fingers on his legs.

"Its probably one of the biggest Covens in the UK. Moreover, witches in Covens are rarely alone. Its going to be nigh impossible to get a hold of her," Harvey explained, folding his arms over his chest in a near exact imitation of his brother, only moments ago. The resemblance was uncanny. 

"Tell him her name, maybe it might help to narrow things down," Annalise whispered to Cassius, as the thought popped into her mind. Cassius nodded and repeated what she said to Harvey.

Harvey shook his head sadly. "Nope, not going to help in the slightest. We need her alone, not surrounded in a coven with other witches. " He lamented, rubbing his forehead with one hand, in thought.

"What are we going to do then?" Annalise asked, momentarily forgetting Harvey couldn't hear her. Cassius shrugged his shoulders to her question. Glad she wasn't the only one confused then.

"Lucky for you I have a solution," Harvey announced, raising a finger with a smirk. "The head witch of the coven owes me a favour. And it's about time I called it in, don't you think?" Harvey went over the stray drawer in the room, and began to rummage around chaotically. After a moment he yanked out a small glowing cube.

"What's that?" Annalise questioned, tilting her head as she studied the strange glow it illuminated. No one else seemed to be bothered by it, as if this was just something that was normal. Something they saw everyday. As if there wasn't just a floating, glowing cube in Harvey's hand right now.

No one answered her, and Annalise remained transfixed on it.

"Give me one moment while I call her," Harvey said, with a growing smirk, an air of pride around him. Annalise watched as a blue aura surrounded the cube, flowing from his fingers like starlit clouds. Her mouth dropped open in shock, and the aura around it throbbed, almost like a heartbeat.

There was a second where nothing happened, and then all of a sudden, projected just above the cube like a hologram was the image of an elderly woman. Who looked, for all intents and purposes, not happy.

"Can you please explain to me what's going on, cause this. This right now, is crazy," Annalise blurted out, looking to the person who was closest to her. Cassius seemed nigh unimpressed with her interruptions, and shot her a dirty look.

"It's magic," He deadpanned, as if that explained everything. He gave her a look that said 'You should know this by now'. Annalise rolled her eyes, yes of course, that explained everything. The woman on the hologram grumpily huffed, placing her hands on her hips with a scowl.

"What have you called me for?" the woman commanded, but her voice came over like static, slightly warbled. She was a tall woman, standing strong despite her obvious old age. She was wearing a grey blazer, ironed straight not a strand out of place. Though it was slightly hard to tell over the blue haze the hologram projected.

"Ah, calm down Guinevere. You owe me, remember?" Harvey tutted, looking all too much like the cat that got the cream. The woman, Guinevere, scowled even further, wrinkles making deep grooves into her face. Even though she said nothing, it was clear that she hated the fact she was in this position in the first place.

"What do you want?" Guinevere barked. The jolly that was on Harvey's face was quickly replaced with something far more serious. He raised a finger up, before speaking again. Taking a dramatic pause.

"Angela Smith. I want you to help me get hold of Angela Smith," He drawled.

"You know I can't do that." Guinevere contended, standing up even straighter. Harvey smiled, though it was lined with poison. His eyes narrowed into slits.

"You owe me. Do you remember that, Guinevere? Or do I have to make you remember?" There was a steely undertone to his voice that made Annalise shudder. Who exactly was this man?

Guinevere seemed to freeze, mauling over things in her head. She sighed, defeated, and then shook her head.

"Good, now are you going to give me what I want? I need you to ask Angela to meet you in one of your coven's most secluded rooms. Okay. Then, you shall give me free access into the coven to speak with her. Alone." Harvey asserted, moving a stray blonde hair out of his eyes.

"That's too muc-" Guinevere began to protest angrily.

"Do I need to remind you what I did for you?" Harvey hissed. Hesitantly, Guinevere shook her head, glaring at Harvey.

"Fine. Consider it done. I'll contact you with details later." With that, her hologram disappeared, fading like morning fog. Harvey clenched the cube in his palm, and turned to face Eugene. He spread his arms in a 'here i am' position with a grin.

"See, big brother has it sorted!" 

Authors Note:

Hey ya'll! How are you doing? I hope you enjoy this chapter <3 Thank you for reading <3 What are you thinking of Harvey's character atm? I quite like him!

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