Chapter Forty Five: Irony

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Eugene stood outside the unassuming cottage with an unexpected anxiety. Harvey stood next to him conjuring a ball of magic large enough to knock down the door, it rolled around his hands like a small gaseous planet.

It would be impressive, if it wasn't for the fact that he was Harvey. But that wasn't the problem. He had left Annalise with Dawn to go find her body. Logically, he knew she was in safe hands. Dawn was one of the best in the entire clan. Still, it was easier to deal with when he could actually see she was okay.

He was drawn from his thoughts by a loud bang. Harvey brushed his hands together, a self satisfied grin on his face as he looked at the devastation he had brought. The door had been completely blown in, all that remained were shattered splinters. Bit over dramatic, but it would do.

Eugene stepped through first ignoring Harvey, who was waiting eagerly for a compliment. Cassius followed suit and Harvey eventually brought up the rear. Surprisingly no one was there to greet them, after all the noise Harvey had made.

He looked around the hallway, it was pretty unassuming for what it was. He hadn't been here for years, yet nothing had changed. The walls were painted a faded cream, decorated with all sorts of knickknacks. Like china plates, and stupid signs of 'welcome home'. It was pretty sickly, when Eugene thought about it.

It presented this lovely image of a homely old man, when really, Vitus was anything but. He was violent, sickeningly sadistic and manipulative. In the corner of Eugene's eye he noticed a flash of movement.

In a moment a vampire was angling their knife towards Harvey, who had placed himself between Cassius and Eugene. The vampire managed to make it within a hair's width distance of the man, but Eugene snapped out a hand to stop him.

He grabbed him by the neck and forced him backward a bit, so his knife was no longer grazing Harvey's own neck. Eugene quickly brought up his other hand, and snapped the man's neck like it was a twig. He dropped him like a sack of potatoes, stepping over his dead body with a cool detachedness that only came from years of killing.

Contrary to popular belief, vampires weren't immortal. They could die, just like any other creature placed on planet earth. Granted, it was a lot harder to kill something that had already died, but it wasn't impossible. Things like a broken neck, or a stab to the chest could just as easily kill a vampire as it so often did humans.

Eugene didn't even bother to look back and check if the others were following him, scouring the house room to room. From the kitchen, to the library, to the living room and back. He began to fiddle with the silver stake in his pocket. He could remember the day Vitus had given it to him, like it was only yesterday.

Eugene was crawling on the floor, desperate with hunger, and covered in blood. He had only just been turned by a vampire, a few nights ago by a man named Vitus Modesto. Eugene had resisted the hunger, the all consuming yearning for blood. For food.

It was inhumane, it was sick. He couldn't drink blood! It was wrong. So he had resisted despite Vitus' warnings. Eventually, Vitus had enough of him, dropping him out into the street with no help. And Eugene, to put it simply, had fallen into insanity.

Driven mad by the devouring hunger he had slaughtered a young village girl, tore off her head in a blood filled rage and drained her of all her blood. Her mother found him, hunched over the girls body like some monster. She'd screamed into the night, alerting everyone nearby.

A horde of villagers had scampered to the scene, all bearing some kind of weapon. A pitchfork, shovel or fire poker. They came after him. A mob of humans. They had almost beaten him the point of death. He would have died, if he wasn't a vampire. God how he had wanted to die.

Soon after, they left him, covered in blood, broken and bruised. The worst part of it all, he couldn't even cry about it. The girls blood wasn't enough, and he was still left with an aching hunger.

Slowly, he crawled back to Vitus' house, just off the edge of the village. Vitus stepped out of the house with an all knowing grin. "They hate you don't they?" He gleamed, hiding something behind the tails of his coat. 

"You're a vampire now, Eugene." Vitus said, brutally blunt. "Do not hesitate to kill those who want you dead." He knelt down to Eugene's level, pulling out a silver stake and dropping it next to his head.

"Use this next time."

After that, Vitus had helped him, patched him up and sent him off. Eugene kept the stake.  For years to come. 

It was certainly ironic, Eugene thought as he pushed the stake around in his pocket, that now he was going to use this very stake to kill the man who had given it to him. His gaze flickered to more movement in the hallway and headed off in that direction, ignoring all thoughts of Vitus.

This time Cassius and Harvey helped him take down the new group of Vampires who had decided to attack them next. They didn't stand a chance. The group of vampires dropped like flies with a couple hits from himself and Cassius, and one big swell of magic from Harvey.

They had searched mostly every room in the house by now, all the rooms except for one. Whatever was in the basement of the house, they had left till last. They made their way to the top of the descending stairs, all three of them peering anxiously down it.

"We need a plan," Harvey insisted, "We don't know whats down there yet, and i have just the perfect spell! Its invisibility! I know, I know, its a fairly hard spell, but its nothing for a witch of my calibre-oh hey! Wait! Where are you going?"

Eugene could hear Harvey scramble behind him, he didn't need invisibility for this. He wanted Vitus to see every bit of what was coming. There was a hum of magic, and then he felt a presence pass him and Cassius.

The door at the bottom of the stairs opened wide as if on its own. But Eugene knew who it really was, rolling his eyes he followed after his brother. When he finally reached the bottom of the stairs he froze for a moment. There stood the one man he hated most.

Vitus Modesto. The cause of all his waking problems.

Eugene drew out his stake with a smile.

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