Chapter Forty Nine: The End

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Victoria sped her way into the garden, her thoughts tunnelling into one thing only. Dawn. Dawn had been with her since the start. And even though they had their problems, despite the fact that Dawn had been the one to break up with her. She still cared. She just didn't know how to show it.

The words would clog up in her throat, as it tightened and she wouldn't be able to speak. Her arms longed to touch and to hold her, yet they couldn't move. Like a stone, she would freeze. Victoria could admit to herself that she cared about Dawn, but not anything further.

Fed up with how long it was taking, she used her vampiric speed to cross the garden in moments. She stopped abruptly when she noticed two limp figures on the ground, and one towering over them both. One of the bodies was slowly being set alight, flames licking its way up their legs. Annalise.

That meant the body next to her was Dawn.

It was like something in her snapped.

Victoria leapt over the two, and dove right for the man. His brown eyes widened in shock, but he didn't have enough time to stop her. It was a shame, she had just gotten her nails done and now she was going to have to ruin them.

Clawing out her hand, the tips of her fingers like stilettos she drove her middle and pointer finger into the man's eyes. They squelched as the man began to screech. Viciously yanking her hand back out again, Victoria started to claw at his face. Desperately the vampire tried to shake her off, but he was clearly no match for her. Probably only newly turned.

Once she was satisfied the man was no longer going to be any problem to them, she got off him. Pushing him to the floor, her face scrunched up in disgust. Gross, she got eye juice on her fingers. Her attention was brought back to the two prone figures on the floor.

Luckily, Cassius had already fanned the flames off of Annalise with his leather jacket. Something that was almost surprising, if Victoria didn't know what she did. That man adored his jacket and was never seen without it.

Raul had cradled Dawn in his arms and in a flash Victoria was there sitting besides him. "Is she okay?" Victoria demanded, her eyes scanning over Dawn's figure. She seemed alright, upon closer inspection. The only thing that really stood out to her was the bump on the back of her head.

He nodded, slowly passing over Dawn to her. Victoria took her, hugging Dawn close to her chest gently, almost as if she was holding china. Content that she was okay, Victoria looked back up again to see Cassius doing the same to Annalise, his jacket still blanketed on her knees.

Raul had stood up, looking completely uncomfortable and out of place amongst them. Victoria, in a rare moment of kindness, decided to have mercy on him. "Look, it's fine now. Go downstairs and make sure the others are okay," She suggested, looking back down at Dawn. She didn't even notice when Raul turned and left.



Eugene gazed over the bodies that had littered the floor as collateral of this stupid game Vitus wanted to play. He never wanted this to happen, never wanted it to turn out this way. It wasn't like he enjoyed killing. In fact it was the very reason he left the Vitus Clan.

He could take blood from some random unexpected victim, sure. It was how he had survived so many years. But to actually kill someone? Watch as the light left their eyes. He hated it. He didn't want to be under Vitus' thumb anymore. He wanted nothing to do with the supernatural.

Eugene would have been content to waste away centuries, in the house he had brought, away from all supernatural and natural. Yet here he was, stood in front of a fae, a werewolf and several dead vampires. But most importantly, a demi-demon turned ghost. The reason he returned to supernatural affairs.

At first, he had pitied her. He could never turn a blind eye to someone who looked like they needed help. Like calls to like, after all. Maybe he was just trying to make himself feel better, after everything he'd done, he at least wanted to do one thing right.

Then he started to learn more about her, her hopefully attitude, positivism and kindness. The woman could never harm a soul. She was magnetic, his opposite in so many ways, yet he had never felt so connected to someone. Interest developed into friendship, developed into something more. Something he couldn't even begin to define in words.

When she was happy, he was happy. When she was sad, he was sad. And when she was in pain, he was too. A perfect symbiosis. Gene shifted to look at her and his face fell. She was still hunched over in agony. He wasn't sure what had happened, for certain but he could only guess that something had happened to her body.

A blinding anger began to fill him, and he faced Vitus. He was the cause of all of this. He didn't care who Annalise was, who her father was or any of that insignificant stuff. Eugene only care for her. And this man, this man who had controlled his life in so many ways dared to mess with her? Vitus had crossed a line. And now he would pay the price.

The man in question was still encased in magical chains, with Harvey stood watching over him like a hawk. Somehow, he still managed to look arrogant and overconfident. Like everything was going according to his plan. It set Eugene off edge slightly, as he finally drew out the silver stake Vitus had gifted him. 

Stepping over the dead bodies, he rose the stake up in preparation. This was it, the end of it all. Now or never. Funny, how he's lived with a ghost for months now, and yet he had never felt more haunted than he does by this man. Steadily he made his way to Vitus.

Towering above him as much as possible, he lifted the stake above his head. This was it. 

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