Arms of the Ocean by merikurage
Arms of the Oceanby Meri Kurage
****************WATTPAD FEATURED: HIDDEN GEM******************* Nineteen year old Tristaine lived a life of bitterness. When her mother abandoned her family and her fat...
  • undiscoveredfantasy
  • ocean
  • collaboration
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My Vampire Mate by Thaliana12345
My Vampire Mateby Thaliana12345
Thousands of years ago, an oath was made by the villages surrounding a castle run by the Vampire King, that every five years they would offer 3 maidens to his ancestors...
  • witches
  • happyeverafter
  • hate
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Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete) by SabrinaBlackburry
Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete)by Sabrina Blackburry
Highest ranking #28 in Fantasy Thea didn't think much of the fantasy world. Fairy tales and make believe were stories you tell children, not something to actually worry...
  • paranormalromance
  • mate
  • fangs
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The Mute Alpha by JDHoward_Official
The Mute Alphaby J. D. Howard
A ball is a traditional celebration for werewolves that signify the alliance of two packs. But for the socially awkward Kaylynn, a ball seemed like a waste of time. How...
  • romance
  • fantasy
  • hybrid
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Sold To The Beast (Wattys2017) by KatLover000
Sold To The Beast (Wattys2017)by Jennifer
Imagine a world where Humans are not the dominant species...a world where Vampires, Werewolves, and all kinds of Supernatural beings reign supreme. This is the world Eve...
  • fantasy-romance
  • vampire
  • eroticromance
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My Deaf King (ON HIATUS) by SerialKillersLikeMe
My Deaf King (ON HIATUS)by Athena Cassavettes
"You. . .you can't hear me can you?" I stuttered, utterly confused. He couldn't hear. He was deaf. What? How did this happen? I looked up at him, his eye...
  • vampires
  • lycan
  • supernatural
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Bereft: Demise (Book Two) by rentachi
Bereft: Demise (Book Two)by Ren Tachibana
"All villains believe themselves the heroes of their tales. You are no different, Sara Gaspard." Sara and Pride escaped Verweald's dangerous streets...
  • thebereftseries
  • magic
  • faeries
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Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1) by rentachi
Mark of the Harbinger (Book 1)by Ren Tachibana
"You will find her," he whispered, fangs gleaming in the moonlight. "Or you will take her place." More than anything, Grae Winters wants...
  • writteninaction
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
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THESE HUNGRY DOGS by anthoelogies
NOW A FEATURED STORY. ❝ beware of those who enter the forest, beware of those who devour the forest. ❞ 2017 © ellery bell
  • faes
  • witches
  • featured
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The Dark Prince. (Book 1) by LaDameBlanche
The Dark Prince. (Book 1)by Emma Leech
The man of your dreams is coming ... or is it your nightmares he visits? Laen is Prince of the Dark fae, with a temper and reputation to match his black eyes, and a hear...
  • prince
  • unseelie
  • faeries
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Sinister Secrets Book. 3 by AshtonMarie
Sinister Secrets Book. 3by Ashton Marie
Highest Ranking: #50 in Fantasy (05/19/17) Book. 3 I almost snorted. "You were scared of me?" I looked up at him, but he continued to watch Genius. "Foste...
  • highfantasy
  • darkfantasy
  • warriors
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The Faerie Curses by August_Blue
The Faerie Cursesby August
A war is brewing in The Faerie Realm; it's up to a knight, a prince, and an outcast to stop it. When a sinister and mysterious master takes control of a group of curs...
  • fantasy
  • paranormal
  • war
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Underestimated Alpha by books_n_boots
Underestimated Alphaby books_n_boots
I was soon deemed an Omega, diminishing hope of our pack having an Alpha female. My father had things under control but he is getting old and wishes to retire. Cale will...
  • vampire
  • ashlyn
  • ashes
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The Real [Edited] by BrandyKFeltmate
The Real [Edited]by Brandy K. Feltmate
It started in Northern Canada: Rumours. Quiet reports. None by television, social media, or newspaper; all by mouth. Entire towns blacked out, entities snatching childr...
  • witchcraft
  • faeries
  • urban
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Finvarra's Circus [Available on Amazon/iBooks/Kobo/BN] by DistantDreamer
Finvarra's Circus [Available on Am...by Monica Sanz
[Now available in ebook and Paperback] Born with a damaged heart, Leanna Weston has lived a sheltered life with little chance at adventure. When she hears that Finvarra...
  • folklore
  • leanna
  • circus
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Across Acheron by Sepherene
Across Acheronby kirah
Nobody knew where Jack came from. Nobody knew when he’d ever leave. From the moment he arrived at Saint Dymphna Asylum, Jack hadn’t uttered a word. He stayed voi...
  • dark
  • fae
  • homosexuality
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The Whispers of the True Heir by CluelessNation
The Whispers of the True Heirby Clueless Nation
To Students of Equites Academy for Pangaeans, Werewolves and Witches, As Headmaster of Equites Academy I am pleased to welcome back all returning students and welcome al...
  • vampire
  • love
  • werewolf
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Crown of Faeries by Watercolors75
Crown of Faeriesby Watercolors75
IT'S A MATCH OF DEATH Caelia Emerson is about to embark on her greatest journey yet. Her mother has died and her uncle can no longer take care of her anymore, forci...
  • book1
  • faeries
  • evil
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King of the Woodlands  by fwashley
King of the Woodlands by ash !!!
"They say the Woodland King's voice makes the rivers flow fast, that his claws could shred men into mere ribbons of flesh and bone." The Woodland King terroriz...
  • folklore
  • thefaefolk
  • featured
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The Faerie Prince by AuthorRachelMorgan
The Faerie Princeby Rachel Morgan
Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale is just weeks away from one of the most important occasions of her life: graduation. After messing up big time by bringing a human into...
  • teen
  • fantasy
  • faeries
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