One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime by myatpannuhtun
One Night, One Day, One Year, florjoven
One Night, One Day, One Year, One Lifetime Translation of 《一夜一日一年一世》 Author: Fu Sulü [扶苏绿] Genre: Romance, Modern-day, Tragedy, Forced Marriage, Obsessive Love
  • obsessive
  • modern-day
  • chinese
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The Love Affair by Vampirefangsrules
Rose Stanton is a bestseller contemporary romance novelist. She has a mortgage on her four-bedroomed house, a husband and her dream job all before the age of thirty. Bu...
  • hot
  • vampirefangsrules
  • author
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The Convict's Son by lRosannal
The Convict's Sonby lRosannal
Sequel to Convict When I find her, she will fucking pay. I'll tie her to the bed post, if I have to. She is not leaving no, not again.
  • romancestories
  • highschool
  • convict
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FuckBoy's SideChick by _Gypsy_Girl_
FuckBoy's SideChickby A.Dee
"Come on, don't be so shy." he pulled me back in his lap, the contact between our bodies was oddly terrifying. He knew the type of girl I was and I expected hi...
  • ceo
  • lovetriangle
  • urban
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Just One Cup by smallwenwen
Just One Cupby Jenny
[NOT EDITED] I nodded my head and looked back into his soft hazel eyes. I really wanted a hug. "Dan, can I hug you?" I whispered with my scratched up voice. He...
  • jealousy
  • trust
  • sexy
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Innocence by nlori1234
Innocenceby Naomi
"So goddamn tiny," He muttered to himself, making a blush rise to Freya's cheeks. "I am not," She defended herself quietly. "You're just huge.&q...
  • boyxgirl
  • millionaire
  • badboy
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Someone Like Fatima ✔️ by that1muslimgirl
Someone Like Fatima ✔️by Sumayo 🌻
⭐️ Featured On Spiritual ⭐️ Fatima Nour is a timid, introverted practicing Muslimah who's one day blindsided by the fact that she has to marry the CEO of a Multimillion...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • saleem
  • fatimandsaleem
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The House of Carrington™[Completed] by DawnMDrake
The House of Carrington™[Completed]by Dawn-Marie Drake
{Book 4} ~ [Can Oil and Water ever mix?] Carrington Enterprises, the most successful Oil Company in Dallas, Texas, comes under a personal siege. Philip Winthrop, owner o...
  • fiction
  • cleanromance
  • florom2019
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The Noble's Hidden pet  by Dragon_Seeking_Books
The Noble's Hidden pet by •ᴥ• 𝕯𝖗𝖆𝖌𝖔𝖓 ᵔᴥᵔ
♥️MATURE themes and SENSITIVE topics/ANIMALISTIC natures/SUPERNATURAL BEINGS (Vampires, werewolves etc)/LGBTQ+ and DIVERSITY positive/EXPLICIT SEXUAL scenes/BAD LANGUAGE...
  • halfblood
  • hybrid
  • romance
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Winter's Idolatry by Fiapie
Winter's Idolatryby Sofia
i·dol·a·try īˈdälətrē noun : An extreme admiration, love, or reverence for someone. "She was afraid her attraction towards him was increasing to idolatry."
  • highschool
  • school
  • badboy
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Fighting Different by WhereWhenWhat
Fighting Differentby WhereWhenWhat
Ethan gets thrown for a loop after meeting Julian after years. Soon he becomes haunted by his thoughts of him and begins to hate himself for wanting him again. Fightin...
  • boyxboy
  • lgbtlove
  • love
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Miss Curvy and Mr. Six Pack by tannyanaputri
Miss Curvy and Mr. Six Packby Tannyana Putri
Despite her body size, Clarity Adam has a quiet confidence that not even a sexier woman has can compare. She is smart and hard-worker. She is kind but also brave and str...
  • drama
  • mysteryromance
  • plussize
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The annoying charisma of Max Brown by SandraCorton
The annoying charisma of Max Brownby Sandra
Dawn Carmichael found Max Brown busy having sex on her couch one night, which began their fiery relationship. The next time they met he laughed at her. The time after th...
  • romancestories
  • findinghappiness
  • happiness
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B L A C K L O V E 💛 by TyeishaYoFave
B L A C K L O V E 💛by TyYoFaveeeee
S T R O N G L O V E Mature Content , I'd Advise Anybody Who Does Not Like Cursing To Not Read This Book & Also I'd Advise For People Who's 14 & Under To Not Read This E...
  • urbanfiction
  • thuggette
  • urbanromance
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Let me repair your broken soul (Guardian BL) by luckyclouds
Let me repair your broken soul ( LuckyClouds
When your soul is broken what you need is not a glue to make it right, what you need is love. Note: I do not own the characters in this fanfiction or the pictures and ph...
  • gayboys
  • fandom
  • shenwei
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Falling for the bad girl by mydelusionalsoul
Falling for the bad girlby mydelusionalsoul
Bella sat down on her bed to process all of this. For the first time in her life, Bella wished she could just stop everything. She didn't want to feel anything anymore...
  • fiction
  • highschool
  • illegal
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The Moon and His Stars by kjroethle
The Moon and His Starsby K. J. Roethle
"Isn't it funny how something so beautiful can exist in a world so cruel?" - a good pal. May 7th, 2018. This day marks the day in which all of Elliot's immedia...
  • teenfiction
  • love
  • romancefanfiction
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Addicted. by Huskylover188
#18 Minmystic
She was always addicted to the constant pain that came with his embrace. Like a drug it stayed in her mind, she couldn't let it go. She was held hostage with invisible c...
  • adultfiction
  • sadness
  • cheatingboyfriends
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Under The Night Sky by BronteJay
Under The Night Skyby BronteJay
Marco Sanchez is known across the world. Made famous by the Internet, Marco's adventurous, fun-loving personality is displayed to all - and working in some acting jobs o...
  • romance
  • songs
  • singing
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indescribable  by ph33lo
indescribable by ph33lo
  • drama
  • mystery
  • romancefanfiction
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