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Mr. Billionaire  by DaydreamerGirl97
Mr. Billionaire by Daydreamer
Starting at a very young age, she's always been described as "her" shadow. The shadow of a beautiful, intelligent sister that she could never beat. Her whole l...
Love by Coin by bbllaacckkaangel
Love by Coinby black_angel
Most love stories start by chance or coincidence. Ours began with a COIN. "Do you want to give it a chance?" I was stoned by his bold proposition. "Come...
Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️ by FreedomHasan
Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️by Raneem Hasan
|#1 in Romance| She was broken He was hurt She escaped He built a wall around his heart She ran into his life And he saved her life... __________ Not much Mature Content...
Yours, Forever by insouciancy
Yours, Foreverby mae ♡
"Feel that?" He asked, keeping her hand still. "That's what you do to me. Every time I see you. Every time I hear you laugh. Every time I think of you.&qu...
Arranged At First Sight by Tanishasahu12
Arranged At First Sightby Tanisha sahu
"One sight at her and I knew she was the one for me." «» {Reyansh Shekhawat} He is powerful. He is cold hearted. He is ruthless. He is possessive. Well that's...
The billionaire want me ♡ {Completed} by LovelyShifah
The billionaire want me ♡ { Shifah
"Give me your hand." He ordered and i looked at him confused. He sighed before taking my left hand. I gasped when he suddenly put an engagement ring around my...
Love of my life by sweet_cute_love
Love of my lifeby Gayathri
"You might have came into my life without my permission, but u cant go out now" he said in a very serious tone I don't know what to say before that he grabbed...
My Unexpected Husband by dianalovesdiane
My Unexpected Husbandby Diana Ara Ybalez
What if one day you wake up a billionaire / handsome/ man whore and Playboy claimed you as his wife? sound confusing? find out here!! Mandy is a anti social doctor who l...
My Forgotten Crush by AnchalBhatnagar8
My Forgotten Crushby Anchal Bhatnagar
Trisha Bhatt, a strong and independent woman, famously known as Doyenne Queen in the business market is a successful CEO of her reputed brand. The problems in her life n...
The waitress |✓ [not edited] by ahmednafiza
The waitress |✓ [not edited]by Nafiza Abuyan Ahmed
After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal j...
My Falling Wife by dianalovesdiane
My Falling Wifeby Diana Ara Ybalez
Gabriel is a combination of sexy, handsome and rich but a total womanizer. He's never been into relationship before and would never want one. He is the kind of guy "...
Saved By a Gangleader ✔️ by morebob
Saved By a Gangleader ✔️by bob
19 year old Ray gets abused by her foster parents that don't want anything to do with her. She's in her fourth year of university planning to become a doctor. Ray is ext...
Arc-en-ciel by CoffeeGirl_10
Arc-en-cielby 𝐂𝐀𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐏𝐄𝐈𝐀
"So responsive," he says hoarsely against my lips, as he takes my bottom lip between his teeth. "That's my good girl." ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ Arc-en-ciel(n.): Rainbow...
The Future Queen  by StarLight11247
The Future Queen by StarLight11247
Falling in Love with the Future King- Something Amelia Peterson did not expect when she agreed to go with her friends on a vacation. Completed as of 2/4/21 (Full Descrip...
Running Scars | ✔️ by FreedomHasan
Running Scars | ✔️by Raneem Hasan
"Your scars shouldn't define you. They just tell your story. A story of how you fought." * Rose was only 16 when her problems began. Her life would never be th...
Red Bully (Bad Desires #1) by ktish7
Red Bully (Bad Desires #1)by Krystal Watt
Since their childhood James Sullivan enjoyed making Kara intimidated. He relished her fear every time she saw him coming. Every time she stepped inside his house to play...
Coffee Spills by ashleighclaire1003
Coffee Spillsby Ash
There were many ways Aria King imagined that she'd meet her soulmate. Spilling her coffee on him certainly wasn't how. She also didn't expect him to be such an idiot or...
Junoon - Madness In Love by ADB891
Junoon - Madness In Loveby ADB891
Let's dive into a sweet college romance of Arjun and Mirha. Arjun is in making of a political career and Mirha is an innocent soul.
Be My Solace. by Gemini_eye30
Be My Mrs. styles
BOOK 1 of Modern Day Fairytale. " She moved on with her life so did he. Then why are you stuck in your past." She said with a genuine smile on her face. He loo...
𝖲𝗈𝗋𝗋𝗒 by pimpdaddylj
𝖲𝗈𝗋𝗋𝗒by lj🌚
she's been through a lot and she was once really quite she just had to open up but she's always sorry i'm still getting the hang of this writing shit 1k-tuesday May 4th