Chapter Twenty Nine: A Lead

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Going downstairs was the easy part, but sitting in the suddenly cramped living room, waiting for Eugene to come. Now that was difficult. Annalise was unbearably embarrassed, she couldn't even look anyone in the eyes. She had almost seen Eugene completely naked.

What if they knew? What if one of them had seen what they had been up to? Neither of them had been doing anything indecent, but still! Just the thought of what she had just done was enough to make her want to cover her face to avoid the heavy blush that was settling on her cheeks.

Annalise was so wrapped up in her thoughts, that she didn't notice the icy glare that Victoria sent her.

It only took a few more moments for Eugene to come downstairs, towel in hand to dry off his dripping hair. Annalise glanced at him briefly, but quickly looked away awkwardly as their eyes met. She noticed Eugene do that exact same thing. Good. At least she wasn't the only one embarrassed.

"What is it you want to say, Cassius?" Eugene coughed into his hand, as if that could disapete the uncomfortable atmosphere that had settled in the living room. Cassius nodded, almost to himself, as he gestured to the pink phone in his hand.

"This," Cassius rambled, "I've been working on it as you know, and was able to pass through her passwords. She was smart. She protected her phone carefully, her internet history has been completely wiped-"

"We don't want the complete autobiography, nerd. Just tell us what you know. In layman's terms," Dawn interjected his fascinated rumblings, raising her hand to stop him. Cassius paused for a moment, and Annalise could tell he was slightly upset. He looked around the room for approval, and soon found there was none to be had.

Annalise glanced around, Victoria looked as if she was about to rip the phone from his hands and find out herself. Dawn seemed like she was about to fall asleep, if Vampires could really sleep. Eugene was adamantly looking towards the window outside, the only one who seemed vaguely interested in the semantics of it all was Raul.

Annalise shrugged her shoulders as Cassius' gaze drifted over to her.

With a sigh he continued. "I found her name. She doesn't have any other information on her phone but that. She doesn't even have any contacts or phone numbers, nothing," Victoria rolled her eyes, leaning forward as far as she could get without falling off the sofa.

"Just tell me her name, and I can do the rest," She hissed, her sharp fangs peeking out from behind her lips.

"Angela Smith. Her name is, Angela Rose Smith,"

Silence permeated the room like a thick blanket, suffocating each of them. The name didn't ring any bells for Annalise, she peeked round the room looking for clarification in the eyes of the Vampires.

But there was none.

No one seemed to know who this woman was. 

"Do you guys know her?" Annalise asked, tilting her head. Maybe they just weren't saying anything? Victoria scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest furiously. Dawn scowled at her in retaliation.

"Ignore her, Anna, she's just upset that she doesn't know something for once. Isn't that right, primadonna?" Dawn taunted, lips curling into a snarl. Victoria seemed to visibly recoil at the insult and turned to face Dawn.

"You bitch," She choked indignantly. Annalise blinked and made a face, the two women seemed to hate each other down to the core. What had happened between them to make them despise each other so much?

Eugene finally spoke, his voice serious and booming. "Stop it. Listen to what Cassius has to say," He demanded. The two women immediately sat up right, spines straighter than rulers. Was this the man Cassius was on about, the cold, calculating vampire? Annalise shook her head, to get rid of the thoughts. It didn't matter. Not now anyways.

"I couldn't find anything else on her. But I did find this," Cassius inclined, whipping out his own phone from his pockets. "Her Facebook account," All thoughts about Eugene abruptly halted. Witches have Facebook accounts? For all intents and purposes it was a fairly normal thing, but still. It was unexpected.

It was human.

"You guys have Facebook accounts?" Annalise questioned, her eyebrows drawn together in confusion. Surprisingly Raul was the one to answer her with a nod.

"We have Facebook accounts," He spoke, then pointed to Eugene, "Except him, he only uses twitter,". Eugene shrugged apathetically.

"I don't like Facebook, it makes me feel old," Eugene said in a way of explanation. Annalise scrunched up her face, what was this man on about. Vampires using social media, what an odd thought. It was a stark reminder of their humanity, despite their immortality.

"You are old," Annalise pointed out. Dawn barked out a laugh, reaching over Victoria to pat him on the back. Eugene recoiled from the touch like she had just punched him. Dropping the towel that he had been using to dry his soggy hair.

"She told you," She chuckled, beaming with mirth. Eugene frowned at her, tapping his fingers on his black denim jeans.

"You're older than me," Eugene stated, and soon after Dawn stopped her laughing. She grimaced, as Victoria giggled prettily. Dawn turned her glower to Victoria, but she didn't stop. Simply raising her hand to cover the smirk that grew on her red lips.

"With her Facebook account, we can find out where she lives. Surprisingly she wasn't as cautious with her details on her Facebook account as she was with the rest of her phone," Cassius interjected before more arguing could break out.

"Where does she live then?" Victoria interrogated, sobering quickly. Cassius paused for a moment, opening his mouth to speak then deciding against it. He twiddled on his own phone for a moment, placing the pink one down besides Annalise on the sofa.

Turning his phone to face them all, he showed them the woman in question's Facebook account. Annalise squinted against the glare of the phone. Was it a vampire thing to have the phone turned up to 100% brightness.

The woman's profile picture was fairly bland, just a picture of a tabby cat kitten, lying next to a ball of wool. Nothing that gave away anything about her appearance. But then, as she squinted harder, in the information box of her profile, Annalise saw it.

'Lives in London'  

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