Chapter Twenty One: Just A Normal Day (with you)

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A week had passed with surprising ease after them both finding her empty coffin. At first it was difficult for her to deal with, her body having been kidnapped, deadnappend? Could a body even be kidnapped if it was technically dead. It confused her for days, and she spent them floating around like the ghost she was meant to be.

That was until Eugene had finally had enough of her moping and sat her down, telling her sternly that he had already contacted 'the terrible trio' and they were on it. Not to mention the fact that he was doing his own research. He told her that he wouldn't sit and watch her wither away, like a leaf that had fallen from a tree far too early.

Ever since that day, he would keep a wary eye on her, constantly including her in whatever he was doing. Not one moment she spent alone. And for that she was infinitely grateful.

It was around six o'clock in the morning and the sun was blindingly rising through the cracks of the moth-eaten curtains. Annalise sat, curled up on the floor as close to the TV as she could possibly get. Eugene had kindly put on a stupid drama channel for her to watch, and she was slowly becoming more and more fascinated with it.

Eugene, himself, had left to the silence of the kitchen under the excuse that he had to call Cassius to check in on how he was doing. She was pretty sure it was just because he hated TV. She didn't know what was wrong with him, this was entertaining!

"Oh my god! Eugene!" Annalise cried out, leaning backwards slightly in hopes that he would hear her better. On the TV screen a woman had run off the set, after finding out her boyfriend of seven years had been cheating on her with her own younger sister! The drama! Eugene, absolutely, under all costs, had to know this.

There was a shuffling noise, and then Eugene appeared, his phone cradled against his ear and shoulder precariously. He rose an eyebrow at her, his face full of exsaperation. Careless of his current phone call, Annalise jabbed her hand at the TV screen.

"Look at this!! I can't believe it!" she enthused, the smile on her face causing her hazel eyes to crinkle slightly. "The boyfriend, right, cheated on his girlfriend with her own sister! How bad is that! I feel so sorry for her," Despite what she had just said, there was not a trace of sadness on her face.

Eugene rolled his eyes, and reluctantly looked at the TV, where on the screen, a vicious fight was breaking out between the girlfriend and her sister. He shook his head pityingly, and rose a finger up in the universal sign of 'give me a minute'.

He unhooked his phone from between his ear and shoulder, "Give me a minute Cassius, I'll call you back later," he said into the phone before hanging up. He shook his head once again, as if he thoroughly disapproved of what he was seeing. "Honestly, humans. I'll never understand how you go through life with these petty squabbles. Either get over it, or trial by combat,"

There was not even an ounce of sarcasm in his voice.

This time, it was Annalise who rolled her eyes. She brought up one finger, "One- i'm not human, as we've just found out," she brought out a second finger, "and two, im sorry old man but its not the 18th century anymore. We don't have trials of combat, that's what the court is for," Annalise paused as her eyes were drawn straight back to the fight on the TV.

"Although, they are making a good try at it,"

Eugene huffed in quiet laughter, and sat beside her on the floor. He sat, back ramrod straight, and legs crossed in a polite manner. Something, Annalise assumed had been drilled into him when he was young and still human. He reached across her for the remote, his chest brushing against her own. Faint tingles ran up her arms, and she blushed, turning her head away from him quickly so he couldn't see it.

The smirk on his face said over wise.

Eugene looked at her, and smiled softly, "Let's watch something better, together?" He offered, switching over the TV channels. Annalise grinned, her attention completely drawn from the TV, to the twinkle in Eugene's eyes.

She never knew eyes could be so green.


That's how they spent the rest of their day, cuddled up in front of the TV watching crappy horror movies that both of them could poke fun at. They were completely false, exaggerated to the point where it was just funny.

Eugene stood up, cracking his back with a languid yawn. It was obvious to Annalise that he was tired, he looked paler than normal and there were dark splodges underneath his eyes. He had spent the day with her, when the sun was out. She knew it drained him, being out in the light.

Yet he still choose to spend it with her.

"Are you okay?" Annalise asked, standing as well. She couldn't really get uncomfortable, what with only being a spirit it wasn't like she had the body parts to even be uncomfortable. Eugene nodded, rubbing his eyes.

"Yes, i just need a drink," He said, and Annalise knew it wasn't a normal drink, he meant. After spending so much time with him she had come to learn that 'drink' really meant blood. He always kept a container of it in the fridge, just in case he couldn't go to the nightclub that regularly supplied it.

Lazily, he trudged to the kitchen and Annalise perched herself on the sofa. A few moments later, a massive 'BANG' rang out, and she heard Eugene let out an uncharacteristically high pitched squeal. 

Panicked, Annalise ran to the kitchen and her metaphorical heart clenched in her chest.

"Eugene?" She called out reluctantly. The man in question was spread out eagle, on the floor surrounded by crimson blood.

The ratty band top he was wearing today, was drenched and stained alongside the black joggers. Annalise winced, he surely wouldn't be happy about that. The mess of Eugene that was on the floor groaned, covering his eyes with his elbows.

She felt a wave of relief collide over her, and a giggle burst out of her throat. Pearls of laughter began to spill out of her as she clutched at her stomach. Eugene moaned even louder, rolling around so that he couldn't see her face.

His childish behaviour only made her laugh harder. She wiped the tears that were collecting at her eyes, and blinking rapidly to stop them from falling.

"You're going to need a bath," she pointed out "I can't believe you just fell over! You're a 200 year old vampire,". There was another pathetic whine from him.

"Dear god Anna, don't remind me,"

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