Chapter Thirty Eight: Removing Curses

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Harvey made his way through the coven. To the untrained eye, all it made itself to be was just your average busy office. But Harvey could see behind its deceptively boring exterior. There were traces of magic everywhere. From the occasional distortions of reality, to the stray flying book that someone forgot to cover up.

Harvey sneered at it all.

It was all so, so fake. Far from the magic Harvey had spent years trying to learn. It went against all of his rules. There was no connection to nature here, not 10 floors up in a huge looming skyscraper. Covered and hidden in the smog of London.

He meandered his way to the elevator, rolling his eyes. No one in this building needed to use the elevator. Even basic witches could teleport with relative ease. It was all just for show. A shiny exterior to hide what was really going on underneath. Nevertheless, he went inside the desolate lift. He would need to conserve his strength if he wanted to confront Angela today.

At least, that was his excuse for being lazy.

Harvey waited until the tale tale ding sounded out, and he arrived at the 12th floor. He wandered down the hallways, barely passing a soul. Good, it was exactly what he needed when he confronted Angela. That way no one would be around to help her. He fluttered by each room until he finally found it.

Room 221.

He opened the door, and slowly stepped inside. It looked like a mediocre meeting room, with uncomfortable metal chairs all in formation around the long metal table. Harvey perched himself down on the nearest chair to wait, crossing one long leg over the other.

He glanced around the room, grimacing at the 'you can do this' posters that were littered around the room. What a load of shit. This wasn't even a real office yet it still gave off that distinct 'you are below me' feel.

He bided his time, fiddling with his phone until the door finally squeaked open. Hurriedly he hid his phone, standing up to his full height and squaring off his shoulders. This was it. 'Wow, Raul really got it spot on' was Harvey's first thought.

Angela Smith looked like a picture brought to life. Raul had gotten every bit of her features down to an art, even down to the placement of her freckles that spotted her face. Angela's face morphed into an abysmal frown the moment her eyes landed on him.

"Who are you?" She spat, crossing her arms over her chest defensively. She was wearing a loose white blouse, with a long floral skirt. Despite her relaxed way of dressing, there was an undeniable fire in her eyes.

"Don't you know who I am?" Harvey smirked, hiding his hands behind his back to prepare magic for the moment she would try to leave. Angela's face got even more darker at that, and she turned on the heels of her feet to leave.

"Ah-ah-ah" Harvey tutted, allowing a dark blue wave of magic to seep from his fingertips and wrap its way around Angela's legs like a vice. "I said, do you know who I am?" Harvey repeated as Angela struggled to break free. Angela's own magic began to pour from her hands, a dark green cloud to battle the blue chains on her legs.

But nothing happened, and the dark green mist began to evaporate.

"I wouldn't bother if I were you," Harvey advised with a false smile of ingenuity. Angela growled at him, huffing in announce as she turned this way and that.

"Let me go or else! I'll scream and someone will come in!" Angela demanded, and Harvey had to laugh. Gosh, she really was too innocent. No one would come to help her. Not in a sell out coven like this.

"Do you really think they care about you? A coven as industrial as this? You've all forgotten your roots, the brothers and sisters who gave their lives so we could be able to live today. Your coven would sooner sell you out to the highest bidder, than help you..." Harvey spat, and watched as the fire in Angela's eyes began to die out. Great, at least she knew the predicament she was currently in.

"Just a thought," Harvey added with a poisonous smile. He allowed the magic that was wrapped around Angela's legs to tightened and bit back a genuine grin this time as she tried to hide a wince.

"Who are you?" Angela commanded, trying to push back the fear on her face to something more defiant. Harvey tapped a finger against his chin in thought, and then sprung up.

"Well since you don't already know, I'm Harvey! And just Harvey to you." He said with a steely undertone to his voice. "Now are you going to answer my questions or not?". With reluctance, Angela nodded. This was obviously a heavy blow to her pride, and Harvey couldn't be enjoying it more.

"A little while ago you cursed a vampire. The name Victoria Taylor ring a bell?" Harvey asked, tilting his head. Angela scoffed, hiding the unease that had settled over her face. She avoided looking at him, when she shook her head no.

He tightened the magic around her throat to the point where she was visibly uncomfortable, her hands reaching towards her neck. "I think you'll find I'm really not a fan of liars. We can keep playing games, or you can just tell me the truth," He said, strengthening the magic at her neck even further causing her to choke and splutter.

"Fine-fine," Angela squeaked, barely able to speak. Instantly Harvey let the magic around her neck dissipate but kept up the magic at her legs, just in case she got any ideas. He made a gesture with his hands for her to go on.

"She was a right bitch," Angela bemoaned, the spark in her eyes beginning to return. "This man paid me a great sum to put a silencing curse on her. Something about not being able to speak about a dead body? I don't know, didn't ask for specifics." She began to rub the quickly reddening spot just under her chin.

"I need specifics." Harvey hissed, "You either tell me how you cursed her, or you remove the curse yourself. I don't think I need to remind you of the consequences if you don't." There was a large pause, as if she was weighing the pros and cons in her mind.

"I definitely won't be telling you how I cursed her," She said bitterly, throwing a glare his way. "Take me to her and I'll remove it myself. But you won't be getting anymore from me." She crossed her arms over her chest. Harvey smiled, good. That was all they needed anyways.

"I'm glad you agree with me then," Harvey beamed, stepping across the room to grab her by the arm. Without warning, magic poured out from him like water from a glass, covering them both up in a cloud. It swirled around them, and then it felt like the carpet was torn from underneath him.

He couldn't be asked to walk all the way back down to the bottom floor. So he did what he knew best. Teleported them back to the bottom floor. He would have taken them outside, but it would no doubt have caused a giant scene. And while he usually wasn't adverse to creating drama, he knew his brother would only hate him more if he was held up.

The magic around them dispersed in a loud 'poof' and revealed the bottom floor reception. No one even blinked an eye at their sudden appearance. Harvey stretched languidly and let the magic that was binding Angela's legs to fade too.

Angela moaned, leaning over and clutching her stomach. Obviously she hadn't expected to be teleported so suddenly. Harvey giggled, then pulled her forward and marched her out the door, ignoring her protests.

It was a fairly bright day, and Harvey had to squint against the blinding light. As they walked across to the pavement, he noticed something. Two looming dark figures hidden underneath an umbrella. Changing direction he hauled Angela over to them, pointing.

"Well would you look at that, Victoria's here already!" He exclaimed. Both Victoria and Eugene stood underneath the umbrella, hiding from the blaring midday sun. They must have been waiting for him.

The sooner they could get rid of this curse, the sooner they could find Annalise's body and return her soul. 

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