Chapter Twenty Three: Don't Leave Me Here

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Eugene had retreated to the kitchen, and Annalise dutifully followed him down. He had said that he wanted to prepare for the eventual meeting by drinking blood beforehand. If the worst case scenario happened, and it was a trap. At least he would be prepared and not drained or starved.

He yanked open the fridge draw, and withdrew the plain blue container. Annalise licked her lips worriedly. Despite having spent so much time with the vampire. She had never actually seen him be a vampire. She'd seen his shocking strength and blurring fast speed, sure. But she had never actually seen him feed.

Eugene turned to raise an eyebrow at her, as if to say 'really'?

"By all means, go ahead," Annalise acknowledged, waving her hand as if to prompt him. He shook his head, and rolled his eyes almost playfully.

"I won't be liable if you pass out," Eugene mocked, looking down at her as she stepped closer to him.

"As if I'd pass out over something like this," She retorted, placing her hands on her hips defiantly. 

"Very well, if you insist," He conceded. Eugene tore open the lid with enough furiosity, a few droplets of blood spilled over the top and onto the white tiled kitchen floor. Annalise bit her lip, as she watched them splatter. Her attention was immediately drawn back to his face as two sharp fangs peaked over his lips.

She flushed, it was the first time she had seen them properly. Annalise had seen them in passing, when he smiled, or smirked at her, but other than that he kept that part of himself tightly locked away from her. It almost hurt.

Annalise gazed at him as he greedily gulped down cups of blood in one movement. A trail of it pooled down the corner of his mouth, and trailed the lines of his throat. She stared at it, entranced as it made its way down past the collar of his t-shirt.

She looked away, her eyes wide as she tried to hide her blush. Annalise never knew drinking blood could look so.. So gorgeous. She was surprisingly unaffected by his vampire nature. Maybe it was that fact that she herself was not human, or maybe it was that fact that in the time spent with him, weirder things had happened.

Or maybe it was because, no matter what, at the end of the day this was Eugene. He wasn't a beast or monster in her eyes. He was Eugene. The man she had spent so much time with, the only man who could make her feel human again. 

He turned to look at him with something akin to disappointment on his face. It was almost like she could read his mind, just by looking at his facial expressions. Eugene seemed disappointed in her, that she turned away from him.

In a way, it was like she was rejecting his true nature.

Which was in no way, what she meant to imply.

Her mind scrambled with ways to improve the situation, but each trail led to nothing. Annalise followed her instinct, and slowly stepped up towards him. She brushed her hand against his face, and wiped the remaining blood from his face.

They stared at each other for a moment in time, lost in each other. Eugene snapped out of it first, and placed the container in the fridge. He glanced at the clock, and winced.

"We should head out now, if we don't leave now we'll never make it in time," Eugene muttered. Annalise nodded, moving straight towards the doorway. She felt a 'pull' in her chest, but ignored it.

"Are you coming?" She taunted over her shoulder, smiling at him. Without words, Eugene followed her out of the kitchen and to the front doorway. Annalise bit her lip in anticipation, she didn't know what would happen next. But whatever it was, they could face it. Whether it was a trap or not.

Eugene opened the door, and stepped out. Holding it out for her. She took one step out the door-

Full blown pain travelled across her body like liquid fire. Her body began to tremble, and vibrate as she fell to her knees. Annalise gasped, mouth hung open in surprise as her eyes filled with tears of pain.

"Anna?" Eugene called out concernedly. She could see him in the corner of her eyes, as he knelt down to face her. "Annalise, what's going on?" He made to reach a hand for her, but phased through.

He snapped back in shock. This hadn't happened in what seemed like ages.

"I- i can't move," Annalise stuttered out, her body still vibrating in agony. "I can't, i can't get out the house," The tears that had been pooling in her eyes, fell over, never landing on the floor. Only ending in the apparent void. It was like she was back to square one. Before she met Eugene, before she could leave the house.

Hopelessness. That was what she felt.

"Annalise. Listen to me, you need to go back into the house," Eugene demanded. Annalise violently shook her head, she couldn't go back in. She refused to. Annalise couldn't let Eugene walk directly into a trap on his own.

"I'm not moving," Annalise gritted out through her teeth, her forehead hitting the ground as she couldn't face the pain anymore.

"Annalise, im not letting you leave with me," Eugene asserted, and she could hear him step away from her. Desperation filled her chest and she used it to push herself upwards.

"Don't leave me here!" Annalise shouted, as the jingle of his car keys rang out. She could even see in her minds eye, the stupid little bat key chain rattling against his car as he unlocked it.

"You're obviously exhausted Anna, from when we left the house to find your body. You can't do this," Eugene stated. Annalise spluttered.

"I don't feel exhausted!" She hissed, thumping the ground in an attempt to distract herself from the growing pain coursing through her body.

"Just because you don't feel exhausted, doesn't mean that you aren't," Eugene sympathised, his tone was soft, yet there was a steel behind it that had Annalise worried. He really was going to leave wasn't he?

"Don't do this." She demanded, using every ounce of determination to look him in the eyes. His face was drawn together in concern, green eyes torn between sadness and unease.

"I have to," and with that, he opened the door of the car, leaving her stranded in her own suffering. Within moments, Annalise blacked out from the pain, and woke back up in the same hallway she was murdered in.

She frantically rushed to the front window, scrambling over the living room table. When she finally got to it.

There was no car insight. 

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