Chapter Twenty Five: A Commotion

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"Fuck!" Annalise cried, glancing around the room frantically for something to take her anger out on, "Shit, goddammit! You idiot!" Spotting her target, she went to push the vase that was innocently perched on the window sill, only to phase through it.

It didn't even move an inch.

She gripped her head painfully, collapsing in on herself as she screamed. It didn't make any sense. Annalise knew Eugene had told her that she was just exhausted. But now she couldn't even interact with objects! Her emotions were fluctuating rapidly, flying between panic, anger and desperation.

She sat there, crouched on the ground for a while, seconds turning into minutes as she pulled on her long hair. Shakily, Annalise stood back up. Sitting there, complaining to herself would get nothing done. She may not be able to go outside right now.

But she wasn't about to be the crying damsel in distress.

There was something she could do. Or rather, something she could get someone else to do. Annalise paused for a moment, to recollect herself before darting up the stairs as if Satan himself was on her heels.

She pounded past the main bedroom, and straight into the office. Annalise crossed her fingers as she skidded to a stop in front of the large desk. She hoped against hope that this would work, with shuddering fingers she reached for the telephone, unhooking it from its dock.

The tenseness that had accumulated within her body vanished as she flipped through the contacts in the phone. A small smile grew on her rosy lips, if she could get a hold of one of the terrible 'trio', then they could go and help Eugene.

She stopped as soon as she hit the name 'Cassius Ramirez'. A flash of panic rushed through her, what if she couldn't get a hold of them? If they never picked up the phone, what would she do then? All of a sudden the phone fell through her hands.

Annalise cursed violently, biting her lips angrily. She attempted to pick it up, but once again it phased through. Rocking back on her heels, she took a moment to calm down. Her ability to interact with the world seemed to coincide with her emotions. If she calmed down, then maybe she could touch the telephone again.

Pausing for a moment, she tried her best to think of nothing at all. Once she felt the irritation dissipate, she tried again to reach the phone. Annalise closed her eyes in relief as she felt the cool metal touch her palms. Harshly, she pushed down on the call button, nervously waiting for Cassius to pick up the phone.

Finally, the ringing stopped as Cassius answered. A barrage of unintelligible Spanish rang through the phone. Annalise moved the phone from her ear, wincing at the loud noise.

"Erm Cassius?" Annalise asked cautiously. There was dead silence for a moment, before Cassius coughed almost embarrassed.

"Annalise. I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else. Why are you ringing actually?" He questioned, there was a brief moment of static before Annalise spoke again.

"It's Eugene." She stated bluntly.

All of a sudden Cassius seemingly sobered, silently waiting for her to continue.

"We got a message from Victoria, she wanted to meet him up. Alone. A club called 'Night Time Cravings', I think? It's got to be a set up, Cassius. You need to listen to me. Can you get there?" Annalise rambled, beginning to rock back and forth on her heels again.

"Victoria?" Cassius repeated, "Victoria Taylor?" Annalise hummed in acknowledgement, and Cassius began to mumble under his breath in Spanish. "What a hard headed idiot. What is he doing?" He grumbled.

"I don't know, but Victoria mentioned that she had something to tell him. Eugene thinks..Eugene thinks that it has something to do with where my body is," Annalise replied, gazing at a spot on the floor dejectedly.

"Of course," Cassius tutted, and Annalise felt sort of ashamed. If it wasn't for herself, Eugene wouldn't be in this position.

 "You know, he wasn't this impulsive before. The Eugene I knew, was cold, calculated and isolated. Yet, he's not that way with you? You've changed him, for the better or worse. I'm sure we'll find out soon," he continued.

Annalise swallowed past the sudden dryness in her mouth, licking her lips. The only Eugene she had known was someone, despite not outwardly showing, was kind, funny and gentle. To say that she had changed him.. It seemed almost impossible.

Awkwardly, she laughed it off. "Can you get the others to come with you? I can't go outside the house. And if it really is a trap...Eugene's on his own," she questioned. Cassius hummed.

"Let me ring them first, then we will go," Cassius said. Annalise sat down on the floor, like all life had left her. Waves of reassurance ran through her. They would help. Eugene wouldn't be walking head first into a trap alone.

"Thank you, thank you so much," Annalise muttered, but Cassius had already hung up.


Only a few moments had passed when she heard the downstairs door slowly creak open. One of these days Eugene would have to fix it, but it probably wouldn't be anytime soon. That's when it hit her, the downstairs door had just opened and Eugene was out.

Darting down the stairs, she froze at the bottom step in front of Cassius himself. Behind him stood Dawn and Raul, lingering awkwardly in the doorway. Pointing at him angrily, she shouted, "What are you doing here!"

"I rang Eugene before we left, he said that he wanted us to check on you first. He was worried," Cassius explained, crossing his arms over his chest, the leather jacket he was wearing squeaked. Annalise stuttered, confused. All of a sudden Dawn violently pushed past Cassius, knocking him to the side.

"Did you hear that Anna!" Dawn enthused over Cassius' sounds of protest, "He was so worried about you, how cute!" She laughed, making kissy faces at Annalise.

"Can-why are? What?" Annalise spluttered, her checks going warm from the embarrassment.

"Oh I wouldn't worry Annie! We'll be on our way anyways since you seem okay," Dawn smirked. "We'll see you in a bit, okay," With that, all three of them turned round to leave, almost as quickly as they had arrived.

But as they went to leave, all four of them jumped.

Standing behind them was Eugene and Victoria. The former, who looked very sheepish.

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