Chapter One: Wondering Eyes

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It was the 5th anniversary of her death, and to say that she was upset would be an understatement of massive proportions. She was roaming around the halls, and corridors dejectedly when she heard it. The loud purring of an obnoxious car pulling up to her driveway.

Cutting short her sad musings, she rushed to the front window shoving her face up to the glass excitedly. In the long concrete driveway stood two cars. One was an average white Corsa, the other one looked as if it had been plucked right out from a 1950's movie set. It was long, sleek and black. It was a two door, pristine antique  thought Annalise, as she strained to look at the man inside it.

Out of the Corsa stood the same young woman who had shown countless other people round this house. Emily her name was, Annalise had managed to catch it briefly during some of the tours. She was a smallish woman, always wore high heels, a suit and black trousers. Her long blonde hair was consistently pulled up into a tight bun, granted Annalise only saw her whenever she came to the house. Emily seemed nice enough, if a bit money hungry. 

Her real attention though, was drawn to the man in the old black car. She watched as he stepped out of the car with grace and precision. He was tall, fit with messy short blonde hair and stunning green eyes. Those same eyes glanced towards the window she was standing at, and widened.

Uncharacteristically shy, Annalise shot behind the curtains like a bullet. There was a large chance that he didn't see her, no one had for five years. What were the chances that he suddenly would? It wasn't likely he was going to be the first. But the way those green eyes had locked onto her own hazel eyes.

It was enough to light a spark of hope in her chest.

There was a high pitched squealing noise, as the front double doors opened. Annalise peaked round the living room entrance and into the hallway where they both stood. Finally she got a good look at the man and her cheeks flushed. Though his face was serious, eyebrows scrunched together forming wrinkles on his forehead, and mouth in a thin line. He was indisputably handsome. Even in his worn grey joggers, and plain white top that looked like it had seen better days. 

Her curiosity spiked, Annalise stood in the hallway and waved at him. She knew Emily couldn't see her, so there was no point in even trying to contact her. But maybe, just maybe, this man could. She knew it was stupid to hold onto this, only for her to inevitably crash when it turned out he was just a normal human. 

"Hello?" Annalise asked nervously. There was hope in her chest, and it was dangerous. So many times had someone come into this house, and so many more times had she tried to talk to them. None of them saw her.

The man's head moved slightly, and he coughed into his hand pointedly. "So you said this house was haunted?" He spoke, his voice smooth and eloquent, thick like dark chocolate. Annalise moved closer to them both eagerly, her ghostly palms tingling. Emily chuckled, shaking her head.

"I wouldn't worry, sir. They're just silly rumours since the house hasn't been occupied for a while," she said, and with a wave of the hand she began to walk towards Annalise and down the hallway. Annalise stepped out the way as they both walked past her. Silly habits from when she was still human. 

"I heard someone committed suicide here 5 years ago?" The mysterious man asked, his piercing green eyes glancing towards Annalise. She  jumped at those words, shocked as he stared directly at her. She inched forward, as both Emily and the man walked into the open plan kitchen.

"You can see me?" Annalise questioned with a tilt of the head. Quickly the man's eyes left hers, and snapped back to the realtors, ignoring what she said completely. Maybe he could see her, but not hear her? Who knew how these things worked. In all honesty, she had no idea ghosts could exist until she died. 

"Yes, actually it's the 5th anniversary today. But I wouldn't worry, the house was meticulously cleaned afterwards. There isn't even a stain on the floorboards!" Emily enthused, gesturing her hands to the room around her. Annalise sighed heavily, rolling her eyes. 

"I didn't off myself, I was killed." she huffed to herself.

This time the man turned directly to her, wide eyed and raised eyebrows. They stared at each other for a moment, frozen in time when the realtor tapped the man on the shoulder. "Are you alright Mr Cubert? You look like you've seen a ghost." If this hadn't been one of the most staggering things that happened in all 5 years of her afterlife, she might have laughed at the irony.

'Cubert' Annalise thought, 'his last name is Cubert'. Said man paused for a second, before he glanced back at Emily, and nodded. "Yes, yes it's nothing. Can we look at the bedrooms?" He rushed out of the room, through the hallway and to the bottom of the stairs. "I presume they're upstairs?" Emily remained in the kitchen for a moment, stammering before smoothing down the lines of her suit.

"Yes of course," She said, catching up to him and guiding them upstairs.

Maybe Annalise had scared him off? She looked down at herself, she didn't think she looked that scary? She trailed after them slowly, watching them both interact. "You can see me right?" Annalise said, more of a statement this time, than the nervous question she had asked before. He completely blanked her, continuing his conversation with the realtor about the colour of the curtains in each bedroom. Hardly as interesting as talking to a ghost, Annalise thought bitterly.

She stepped into the master bedroom the two were standing in, and spoke once more.

"Hello!" when she didn't get any type of recognition, she reached for the light switch and flicked it once, twice then a third time for good luck. It was always a hit and miss to whether or not she could interact with the outside world. Fortune was obviously on her side today. 'Cubert' finally turned to look at her, crossing his arms like a disappointed parent. Despite no words having been spoken she felt oddly chastised.

"Ahh! Don't worry about that!" Emily chuckled nervously, rubbing her hands together. "It's just faulty electricity, if you buy this house it will be sorted immediately," Annalise crossed her own arms, staring down the man.

"You can see me." She said flatly. He tilted his head slightly in acknowledgement and forced out a pacifying chuckle for Emily.

"It is an old building of course," Cubert grunted, with a tight lipped smile.  "Yes, exactly!" Emily smiled back, oblivious to the fact that his happy attitude was faked. "Now let me show you around the garden, it's a little overgrown but it's very charming!" She led him downstairs and to the back of the house. Annalise watched with a frown. She couldn't figure this man out but hope still resided in the back of her throat and heart.

He could see her. Fact. He could hear her. Fact.

But he wouldn't reply. Maybe he just didn't want to look weird in front of the realtor, Annalise thought to herself. She watched them talk in the back garden through the kitchen window, and an odd sense of longing overtook her. Followed by a violent flash of anger.

She picked up the vase of flowers that were perched on the windowsill and threw it at the adjacent wall. It wasn't fair. It wasn't fair! She'd spent so long alone in this house and she couldn't even go into the garden! The garden for god's sake! It was like being trapped in isolation but so much worse.

People could come in and out, talk to each other, touch each other. Yet here she was, in this damned house. Cursed to haunt it. She gripped her hair, and fell to the floor, tears beginning to pool in her eyes.

Unbeknown to her, Cubert had turned to watch her from in the garden, a look of sorrow etched into his features. 

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