The Vampire and The Demon: Prologue

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Hell, it turns out, wasn't half as bad as it seemed. It wasn't half as bad as earth. As being human, Annalise would come to find out. Having been thrust down under, quite literally, by her new found Auntie. Annalise spends a year in hell.

When she comes back to meet Eugene, just like they had promised, everything's changed. The world is different. People are gone. Friends have moved on. And Eugene. Gene is broken.  There's a new type of monster on the horizon.

Her own father.

In the midst of a new age war, Annalise has to fight, not only to save Supernaturals and their kind. But to save Eugene. From himself.

Eugene was willing to wait for her, the one person who meant the most to him, throughout his long life. But, in the end, life rarely ends up the way we want it to. And certainly not for him. At the face of a new war, and head of a recently re-formed Modesto Clan, Eugene finds it hard not to crumble under the weight of it all.

Then she comes back. Bringing change in her wake. And just like before, nothing is quite the same anymore. In lieu of Vitus' death, Armarous has taken his place, leading the rogue supernaturals against humans. Finishing what Vitus started.

Love, blood and war.

Will Eugene and Annalise be able to reconcile their feelings for each other amongst the battlefield? Or will something, deeper, darker, take over? Eugene is a monster. But thankfully, Annalise is too. 

Author Note: 

The Vampire and The Demon is now out and published on my page! Give it a read and let me know what you think <3 

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