Chapter Twenty Four: Night Time Cravings

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Eugene hated what he was doing. He despised it more than he despised himself. Which was saying something. But he had to do it, he had to. No matter how much he longed to comfort Anna, no matter how much he yearned to turn back the car.

If Victoria revealed where Annalise's body was, the possibility that she could even have her body back. It was far too tempting to even ignore it. Eugene gripped the steering wheel tightly, his pale fists turning bone white. He gritted his jaw, and turned off onto the motorway.

If he could find Annalise's body, they could be toge- no, he couldn't be thinking about those kinds of things right now. He had to focus. Eugene felt the power of the rising moon thrumming through his veins. If there was one small thing he was grateful for, it was that Victoria had decided to meet at night time.

If the worst did happen, he stood a chance.

Eugene quickly turned off the motorway, eyeing the empty roads wearily. He pulled into the small town, and it only took another five minutes of driving for him to arrive outside the Night Time Cravings club. It was a blindingly obvious building, with neon flashing lights and giant signs. Honestly, you wouldn't guess that a lovely frail old woman owned, and ran the club.

Two stockily built bodyguards stood outside the grand entrance, Eugene knew them both to be werewolves. He passed the line of supernaturals that had gathered outside, each waiting to be let in. Nodding to the body guards, they let him through without hassle.

The music hit him first, beating in his ears and vibrating throughout his body. Eugene glanced around the floor, fluorescent purple lights flashed around the room, illuminating it in a hazy lilac glow.

There were quilted sofa sets placed around the walls of the room, allowing a space in the middle for a dance floor. Supernaturals of all kinds were mingling, dancing and drinking. He knew from personal experience, it was nice to forget things for a while here. Not only that but the club supplied blood for vampires as the owner's husband was an elderly vampire himself. Probably the oldest one Eugene knew.

He scanned the room, finally spotting a shock of blonde hair in the farthest corner. Pushing past the crowd he made his way to where Victoria was sitting. Glaring at the woman, he sat on the sofa opposite her.

Victoria looked surprisingly maudlin, cradling a wine glass of blood in one hand. She couldn't even look him in the eyes. She was wearing a red cocktail dress, to match the rouge nails on her hands.

"What do you want, Victoria?" Eugene demanded, crossing his arms over his chest. Slowly she drew her face up to look at him. Victoria was a wreck. Makeup streaked across her face where she had been obviously crying, her eyes were bloodshot and covered in smeared mascara.

"Victoria?" He called out again cautiously. What was going on? Victoria hiccuped a sob and wiped her eyes with the back of her free hand.

"You were right," Victoria moaned, "You were right. I really was just another pawn in his plan," She sniffed loudly, then shook her head and sighed. Almost as if on cue, she sat up ramrod straight, placing her best determined face on.

Victoria took a large gulp of blood, setting it back down harshly and almost spilling it across the table if it wasn't for Eugene's quick reflexes. He stabled the glass and looked back at her.

"I need you to listen to me carefully," Victoria said, glancing around the nightclub suspiciously. She lent in towards him and lowered her voice. "I can't tell you, tell you but I can give you some advice. Annalise's body is where you expect it the most, and least expect it,"

Fury ran through Eugene as he leaned away from her, placing his hands firmly on the table between them. He didn't come all this way, leaving Anna on her own in pain just to be met with some stupid mind games!

"I didn't come here for you to fuck with me," Eugene growled, "Tell me where she is. Or else." Victoria's face wobbled, tears merging with the mascara on her face and making black trails down her cheeks.

"I can't " Victoria pleaded, "You've got to believe me, I can't tell you," She took another gulp of blood, hands shaking before beginning again. "You were right about everything, Eugene. Vitus had a curse put on me the minute he thought I would reveal anything to you," Victoria hiccuped another sob.

The fury died down and was replaced with pity. Once upon a time, she was his friend and Eugene knew just how much she hated to have her own freedom taken from her. He frowned as he began to tap the table with his finger tips.

"What can't you tell me?" Eugene asked, tilting his head. Victoria obviously spoke, but no words came out. She gestured at her mouth, her throat bobbed in clear indication that she was talking. But, once more, no words.

"I can't tell you! Don't you get it, you stupid man," She cried, growing quickly frustrated. "I've told you all I can, I don't even know if I'll be safe when I return back to the clan. I don't know if i can," Victoria sipped at the last of the blood in her glass, lips trembling.

"Then don't go back Victoria, you never have to go back," Eugene said. Victoria scoffed uncharacteristically.

"As if i'd go back now. Vitus would have my head on a silver plate the minute I stepped past those gates and we both know it," She huffed, brushing a strand of blonde hair behind her ear. "No, I intend to hunt the bitch who cursed me,"

"Who cursed you?" Eugene asked, almost sympathetically. Victoria let out a slow chuckle, reaching beside her, in the silver handbag she had brought with her.

"I don't know, but I managed to grab this before she left," With a sly grin, she withdrew a small pink phone, twiddling with it. Her eyes widened, as if she just had the most intriguing thought.

 "This will lead me straight to her, and i'm rather hoping your merry little band of friends will help me. If we can get this curse off of me, i can tell you exactly where Vitus Modesto is hiding her body. No word tricks this time."  

Authors Note:

Hey all, hope you're doing good! Bit of a smaller chapter this time, but i hope you like it. The song i linked above is what i imagine is playing in the club when they are talking. Give it a listen!

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