Chapter Thirty One: Way Back When

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Annalise watched in awe as Eugene stormed out of the room without a word. He left the room in stunned silence, all gaping after him like fish in a fish tank. Snapping out of her thoughts with a shack of the head, Annalise was the first one to move.

"Eugene!" She called after him desperately as she heard the front door open. Picking up her pace, she followed him to the front door. But by the time she got there, he was already in his ancient car, turning the engine on and pulling away.

"Eugene! Wait!" Annalise shouted pointlessly. Her eyebrows raised as she helplessly watched the car fade into the distance until it was just a black speck on the horizon. She paused for a moment. What the hell was going on? Eugene had left with the speed of the Tasmanian devil. What could have caused such a reaction?

Reluctantly, she stomped back into the living room, noticing absentmindedly that she was the only one who had bothered to move after him. She peaked round the living room doorway, to she that no one else had moved, all looking at each other with awkward darting eyes. She almost winced at the atmosphere.

"What was that about?" Annalise questioned, to anyone who was willing to answer, "I didn't even know he had any family left," Annalise tilted her head as she thought about it, unless his brother was a vampire. It didn't make sense that he was still alive, seeing as Eugene was born hundreds of years ago. Or was it a witch thing?

"Its not really my story to tell," Cassius said, as he inclined his head towards her. He looked up at the ceiling contemplatively. "But i'll tell you what little I know," Cassius moved over to the sofa arm that Eugene had quickly vacated and perched himself on it.

"When Eugene was born, he lived with his mother, father and older brother. The older brother being Harvey, of course. Harvey left to move to America when Eugene turned 5. Harvey wasn't there when Eugene's mother died, in fact i'm not sure that Eugene even knew Harvey was still alive till recently," Cassius shifted, and paused for a moment to readjust himself.

"Eugene always held it against Harvey, especially with how close he was to his mother. He never could find it within himself to forgive Harvey," Cassius explained. "Recently, Harvey moved back to England to try and reconnect with his brother, but Eugene never accepted it. As far as Eugene is aware, Harvey is dead to him,"

Annalise's jaw dropped, aghast. And she thought her family situation was bad enough, what with her absent father being an actual demon. She couldn't imagine abandoning her younger brother, to face the death of their mother. Or just abandoning them altogether. When she was 'alive' she would never have even thought of doing such a thing. A wave of sadness overwhelmed her, but isn't that what she was currently doing? They thought she was dead, and yet here she was conversing with Vampires as though it was a normal Saturday evening.

Annalise bit her lip, as dismissed the depressive thoughts. What was done, was done. And right now, no matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't see her family. A different kind of thought popped into her head. Just how exactly was Eugene's brother alive?

"Eugene's brother, how is he still alive?" She voiced, squinting her face up in confusion. She looked to Cassius for an answer, but surprisingly this time it was Dawn who spoke.

"Harvey is a witch, though people aren't born witches and can only become one after vigorous training. Their life spans are extended due to the magic that is contained within them," Dawn offered, crossing her arms at the same time as she crossed her legs. "Harvey will leave for another 200 years at least. Though it isn't as long as a vampire, its still a lengthy lifespan,"

"Yeah no kidding," Annalise choked, as her eyes widened. "Why are we going to Harvey in particular? If Eugene hates him so much, why don't we just go to another witch?" She then questioned.

"I keep track of everyone. Yes, even you," Cassius said, looking pointedly at Annalise. "It was my 'role' when I was in the Modesto Clan. I've done it ever since I became a Vampire. If there was a better witch to go to, I would know by now. Harvey is the only one I trust to do a thorough job,"

"He's also the only one I trust not to tattle on us to Vitus Modesto,". Annalise nodded as he spoke, it made sense, she guessed. She just hoped that, with time, Eugene would be okay with it. Annalise glanced out of the window solemnly, wondering where Eugene was at the moment.

There was silence for a brief moment, looming over them like a cloud. Cassius and Dawn looked at each other for a moment, then looked towards her. Annalise raised her eyebrow, what could they be thinking?

"I think you should speak to Eugene when he gets back," Cassius demanded, more so then asked. "He won't listen to any of us. You need to change his mind. We can't go to any random witch. Best case scenario they would know of Vitus and give up our secrets for money. Worse case scenario is that they are already under Vitus' payroll,"

Annalise gulped, she knew that going to Harvey was probably the best idea. She trusted Cassius and his judgement. He was probably one of the smartest people she had ever met, and he hadn't been wrong so far.

Slowly she nodded. Two identical grins blossomed on both Cassius and Dawn's faces. She suddenly understood what it was like to be the prey facing off two giant predators. Small and insignificant.

What were they thinking? 

The tale tale squeak of the front door rang out, causing them all to turn to face the doorway. Annalise glanced out the window, and saw Eugene's old car parked haphazardly in the driveway. Immediately she shot up, at the same time as Victoria did.

Eugene was back. She guessed they had been talking for longer than she had imagined.

Both she and Victoria darted towards the living room doorway. In her determination, she didn't notice Dawn holding Victoria back, stopping her from going any further. As she reached the hallway, she took in the state of Eugene.

There were sweat marks on his shirt and his face paler than normal. If she looked close enough there was a drop of blood on his jeans. Today was the first day she had seen him wear jeans, she thought distantly. He looked good in them.

Now wasn't the time for those kind of thoughts though.

Now she had to convince Eugene to talk to his estranged brother once more. 

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