Chapter Fifty Nine: Fin

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It was a decent Friday afternoon when Astaroth showed up again, in the same shroud of chaos as she had last time. Annalise had been so anxious leading up to this day, unable to sleep. Most of her nights were spent restless pacing the halls, much to the concern of the other vampires. Dawn, Cassius and even Victoria had been hounding after her, repeatedly asking if she was okay.

It hurt like hell that Gene didn't bother.

Over the months she had gotten to know him, she had become dependent on his approval and like an addict she was waiting for the next fix. He was being twitchy around her. Each time she tried to breach the growing tension between them, he would entertain it for a little while but then he would shut it down soon after. With words of 'next time', or 'im busy right now'.

That morning though, she had tried something different. Annalise had cornered him in the kitchen, catching him drinking blood from the growing store they had in the fridge. Eugene had wiped his mouth smearing some of the dark liquid on the corner of his lips. A part of her ached to kiss it off his lips. She couldn't help but stare.

In a moment of panic, Annalise had hugged him. Clutching him to her like this was the last time she would see him. Though that was a silly thought. She would do everything in her power to make sure she could see him regularly. To make sure he was safe.

Eugene had stumbled over his words for a few seconds, before melting into her hug with a sigh, his arms wrapped across her shoulders as he squeezed her back. He'd questioned her then, genuine concern plastered over his face as she breathed him in. He smelt like ash and roses, harsh yet gentle.

It was something she had wanted to wrap herself in forever but reluctantly she pulled away. Annalise had shrugged it off, playing it like it was just a spur of the moment thing, and said nothing more on it. Going off to talk to Raul, rather than face the consequences of her own actions.

She still hadn't told him her decision. The half demon had gathered the courage to call her friends, Noah and Mia, to tell them. Initially the disagreed, but after hours of explaining they were on her side. Encouraging her with gentle words of support. Despite all of this, despite their positive reaction. She still couldn't tell Eugene.

Annalise was a coward.

So when Astaroth turned up to the door again, naturally all the vampires were confused. Everyone except herself and Raul were in uproar. Anxiously, Annalise picked up the small bag she had packed. It was filled with only the bare essentials. She didn't even have any clothes of her own, what she wore were hand me downs from Dawn and Victoria.

Following the shouts, and arguments she made her way downstairs, breathing heavy and uneven. The moment she reached the bottom stair, all eyes turned her way. She looked towards Raul like a lighthouse, finding comfort in his gentle smile amongst all the angry glares.

"Why on earth is she here?!" Eugene spat with vitriol, jabbing an excusing hand at her Auntie. She couldn't look him in the eye. Instead she shifted on her feet, moving her small black backpack to the other hand.

"Eugene." She said with a sense of finality and watched as his face fell. Gene's eyebrows rose, scrunching together in confusion. He hissed out a disbelieving laugh. Annalise didn't even have to tell him, in the end, he already knew.

"You're joking right?" Eugene asked, "Why are you leaving with her? You hardly know her! Why didn't you tell me?" The last of his words sounded more disheartened than the hissing anger of before. Annalise bit her lip, a sharp pain stabbing her chest.

"I trust her. We've been texting, she showed me a picture of me and her when I was a toddler. Even if I can't trust her, Gene. This might just be my only chance to get to know more about myself! I've been suddenly thrust into this life where I know nothing anymore! Now I have a chance to learn," Annalise explained, gripping her backpack tighter.

"But why didn't you tell me?" Eugene demanded. Annalise shied away from his piercing gaze, glancing towards her Auntie who gave her a welcoming smile.

"I was worried, I knew you wouldn't agree with me," Annalise mumbled, but Gene caught it anyway. His face distorted with anger first, then, even worse, disappointment. He seemed to lose all his fight. He fell silent, and Annalise felt the need to fill it with jumbo. Anything to get ride of the underlying guilt tightening her chest.

"I'm only going for a year," Annalise offered hopefully, "And I'll be able to visit." She was met with an empty silence. Cassius nodded thoughtfully, raising a hand to his chin as he seemed to ponder it over.

"That's good." Cassius spoke, filling in the gap. "You'll be able to get stronger and we can still see you," Annalise nodded with a wobbly smile, opening her mouth to respond before she was interrupted by a pointed cough.

"I hate to interrupt the farewell but we need to go, I can't hold open the gates of hell for long," Astaroth announced with a bemused look on her face. With one last look to Gene, Annalise made her way to where Astaroth stood, just outside the building. Astaroth grasped her hand, and Annalise found herself reassured a bit by the warmth.

"I know this is selfish of me to ask but, could you wait for me?" Annalise hoped, licking her lips as she gazed directly in Eugene's eyes. It was a question, a promise, and a confession all in one. She only hoped he could hear it. Really hear it. With a smile, she felt the world slip underneath her feet. And then there was hell.



Eugene watched with shattered hope as the ground swallowed Annalise and her Auntie up like they were nothing but bugs. He tried to chase after her, but not even his vampire enhanced speed could catch up to them. He slammed into the cold concrete where she once stood, pounding it in anger, with her scent of cinnamon and brown sugar still stuck in his nose.

"Fuck!" He shouted, grinding his teeth down so hard he was surprised his fangs hadn't broken. In his pathetic self pity fuelled rage, he hadn't even got to say goodbye. Like a child he had stropped, mad that he hadn't gotten his way. Gene was snapped out of his self depreciative thoughts by a large scarred hand clasping his shoulder.

"She'll be home soon," Raul comforted. Gene would hold onto those words like a prayer for the months to come. While Annalise was busy training, and learning more about herself. Eugene Cubert would be here.

He would wait for her. 

Authors Note:

So, here we are. How many chapters is this now?! I hope you enjoyed it! And I hope you're excited, cause despite what the chapter says, this is not the end of Gene's and Annalise's adventures <3

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The Vampire and The Demon- A Bloody War. 

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