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Love Bites by BrandyGardner2020
Love Bitesby Brandy
It was a love they never imagined possible. How could they let it end so quickly? Running away seemed to be the only option but would prove to be a major mistake. Hollyw...
LOVE FOR ETERNITY || Kol Mikaelson love story || by TanjaMikaelson
Kol and Natali met 1002 while his family was in France. But they got together again after hundred and plus years and were together for almost nine hundred years. Klaus d...
THIRST || Vanitas no Carte  by alyseiki
THIRST || Vanitas no Carte by Artem Kudo
Can Y/N lift the curse of the vampires? A young and fragile human girl wanted to be a detective when she grows up but she never thought of having this case. The case stu...
The Doctor Meets the Vampire [Completed] by talitypanda
The Doctor Meets the Vampire [ i am nobody
Rank #1 in bloodlust! 10/09/19 Rank #1 in vampireseverywhere 04/09/21 Rank #1 mystery thriller! 04/20/2022 Monique is a doctor and at the same time one of the best surge...
In Your Dreams by _haileyyk
In Your Dreamsby Hailey Kelly
•Completed• Claire Fields has dreams and visions about a boy and a life that she's never had. Because of her delusions, she is put in a mental institution. Things begin...
The Lost Boys Imagines + Prefrences.  by Meggy_Cade
The Lost Boys Imagines + Megan Street <3
"One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach... All the damn vampires." Welcome to my The Lost Boys Imagines and Prefrences. I hope you enjoy...
The Wedding Crashers by bana1215
The Wedding Crashersby bana1215
After two years on her own, and two more as a hunter with Sam and Dean Winchester, Leah thought she'd escaped her old life at La Push. But when she's called home to atte...
Stiles X Bonnie  by EdenZero4
Stiles X Bonnie by Eden Zero
Summary: After her father found her passed out, he decides to move her across the country after taking a promotion. They move to Beacon Hills, which to Bonnie is normal...
The Vampire Prince by Hanleigh_Bradley
The Vampire Princeby Hanleigh Bradley
I'm not like the vampires in your books, little girl. I'm not agonising over my own soul or the ethics of drinking your blood. I don't want saving or to find some great...
I finally found you mate alucard X reader  by NatashaPalma
I finally found you mate alucard VienneauWolf
No life king going give up finding his mate sir integra told him there signed of ghouls headed in at a high school him and police girl going on the mission what hap...
Bradford Manor by Leossgirl
Bradford Manorby LeosGirl
After barely escaping being assassinated, and the death of her parents, Arie is taken in by her parent's friends and their six teenage vampire sons. They are tasked with...
bloodlust- vampire diaries x twilight  by EdenZero4
bloodlust- vampire diaries x Eden Zero
When Edward leaves Bella she decides to leave Forks and go to another place that means a lot more to her. People she loves and cares about are there. Be prepared for sur...
𝕿wilight oc x oc by Ariannaaddams
𝕿wilight oc x ocby IseeyouNeteyam
Trinity, a gifted nomad who used to run and hunt mankind had met her match with Luis Cullen, the animal blood sucker who quickly fell in love with the gifted nomad. She...
Master Is Waiting (Under Editing) by Simmurgh
Master Is Waiting (Under Editing)by Arion
!!WARNING!! This book has content for mature audience only. Be 18 or older to read or read at your own risk. Warnings before chapters will not be made. _________________...
From Memories To Madness ~ ONC 2023 by Alexandra_Lanc
From Memories To Madness ~ ONC 2023by Alexandra Lanc
A quirky vampire king and a budding detective investigate a series of devilish disappearances. In the city of Donium, ten people have disappeared in the last three days...
Immortals by Somi_Ria
Immortalsby • | - ᴄᴏɴsᴛᴀɴᴄᴇ - | •
A girl named Eliana De Mortal The II has turned into a vampire and now lives in Transylvania Castle. While living there,she expirences the life of being a vampire and fi...
TVD ↠ preferences/imagines by Omahaxlove
TVD ↠ preferences/imaginesby Omahaxlove
↠ short little fluffy drabbles about some of the vampire diaries boys ↠ accepting character, imagine + preference requests ↠ featuring • Stefan Salvatore • Damon Sal...
Pet by Brilise
Petby Brilise
~on hold~ In a world where humans with a handicaps aren't wanted, what do they do with them? That's right, they become pets to others that can take care of them, inclu...
Best Vampire Books by Artemisneith
Best Vampire Booksby READ BIO PLZ
Highest Rank #1 in VampireBooks I've found that its very hard to get good vampire books nowadays on Wattpad. In that hot charts, you'll find more werewolf books than vam...
Bloody Hell | Yandere vampires x reader by ShinyClatter
Bloody Hell | Yandere vampires x ShinyClatter
This is a story about six vampire boys, and their new human (Y/n) (L/n). (Y/n) is a human girl, unlucky enough to attract unwanted attention from the wrong people. She k...