God Vessel Online

God Vessel Online

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DarkClaymore By DarkClaymore Updated Mar 23, 2017

Erika is a tall, elegant honor student and a closet gamer who is secretly obsessed with cute little critters. Mina is a short, brash girl who flaunts herself as a gamer and pays no heed to others.

Normally, the two would have nothing to do with each other. But, when a virtual Grim Reaper's curse afflicts Mina in the real world - everything goes to hell.

The two girls form an unlikely pair as they dive into the harsh virtual reality of God Vessel Online. There, the insane characters and notorious flowers are just the beginning of their fun virtual experience that will gradually bleed into their real lives.
Cover art by FluffyFlower.

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CraigCooper9 CraigCooper9 Mar 09, 2017
Good luck in @AnimeBookAwards. Looks like an interesting story :-)
FoxInFlame FoxInFlame Sep 29, 2016
Inspired by Sword Art Online much here? It seems like a great story still, however I've read too many SAO fanfiction and similar genres that I really can't continue this. Sorry. :(