Chapter 33: Fantasy Food

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Most of the named NPCs in Murph Village either sold goods or offered quests. The merchants bought and sold items related to farming, but nothing else.

NPCs in GoVe were picky about trading, they didn't mindlessly buy whatever was shoved into their faces. As such, Murph Village was a great place to get rid of the seeds Erika collected from Windfloras. After all, there was no telling whether anybody would care to buy seeds in a city like Zelin.

The average price she could fetch for a single Windflora Seed was 4 pieces. It was a decent trade for an item which was completely useless for her. Nonetheless, the RPG veteran in her whispered:

"Keep the seeds until you check every corner of the village. You can always sell them later."

Heeding her own advice, Erika only surveyed the different merchants; she neither bought nor sold anything. She wrote mental notes on all the information she gathered and moved on to do quests.

NPCs who had quests for Erika were marked with a letter icon above their heads. It was a standard MMORPG mechanic, but in GoVe these icons were only visible with a Lv.2 [Communication].

As she suspected, the quests in the village were still aimed at beginners. "Deliver these apples to another NPC", "Fetch some potatoes from that NPC". These were the types of quests available to Erika.

This is as generic as it gets.

Such fetch quests were hardly engaging. Nonetheless, Erika wanted to finish all the four quests she spotted. Even if they were shallow and straightforward quests, there was a chance one of them would lead to another quest, which would lead to another quest and so forth.

Fetch and delivery quests were easy in Murph Village. Erika was asked to go from one end of the village to another, but that took just a couple of minutes in such a small village. She had to carry big packages of food, but the Dimension Vessel was the perfect place to store everything.

It doesn't seem I can do more than one serious delivery at the time. If this inventory can't be expanded, then I'll be having a very bad time

Erika frowned at the small floating island as she unloaded a bag of potatoes for her delivery. Her inventory had roughly the area of one square meter; it was nowhere enough for a hoarder MMORPG player. One bag of potatoes was enough to cover the whole space.

"Say, Mini. Can I upgrade my inventory somehow?"

"Yeah, ya can expand it in the cities. They give ya a quest and stuff."

"I see. This is great."

Erika sighed in relief. The future of this RPG hoarder wasn't as bleak as she feared.

Erika finished two fetch quests and only two more available quests were left. She thoughts they'd be a breeze, but...

【Wipe Out Water Blobs】

Erika glared at the NPC through the message box. It was a standard quest to hunt weak mobs, but Erika couldn't possibly go through with it. How could she possibly bully the baby blobs!? It'd be blasphemy!

This was one quest Erika had to decline. Instead, she went on to the final available quest. After a short stroll through the village, she arrived at a big farming field.

"Heya, wanna buy anything, girlie?"

The caretaker of the field was an old, tanned man named Jeff. Erika was greeted warmly, and a shop screen popped up in front of her. Jeff was both a merchant NPC and a quest NPC in one.

The first options in the shop were plain: carrots, apples, potatoes and so forth. However, there were also oddly named fantasy products, such as: Wind Carrot, Fire Apple and Water Potato.

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