Chapter 47: Blobby

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"Look, Vivi. It's your new friend~"

Erika smiled fuzzily and held Blobby in front of Vivi.

"Like, get that thing away from me! I'll rip it apart!"

Vivi twisted her face and charged wind energy throughout her arm.

"Oh, don't be like that~ Look how small and harmless it is~"

"Hmph, you Vessels are idiots. Like, why'd you want such a stupid thing as your familiar?"

Vivi glared at the harmless blob with clear disgust. Blobby studied the pixie with his crystal green eyes, then raised a hand.


Blobby shot water out of his palm.


Vivi turned pale as she examined her soaked body. She trembled from fury and her voice exploded.

"N-now you've done it!!!"

"Calm down, Vivi."

Erika shielded the little criminal in her arms, afraid of Vivi's wrath. With patience at its boiling point, Vivi wished to rend everybody asunder. However, for once, she put effort into subsiding her anger.


She arrogantly turned away and darted forward along the road. It wasn't the prettiest or smoothest of exchanges, but Erika sighed in relief; at least she didn't lose her new familiar five minutes after taming it.

"What was that good for? Bad Blobby!"

Erika lightly flicked Blobby on the head like a scolding mother.


Blobby lowered his head and a confused icon circled around him. It seemed like the baby didn't harbor any ill intentions when he sprayed Vivi. It may have been a form of greeting among blobs, as they absorbed water better than sponges.

Or, maybe Erika simply couldn't imagine a baby with such a round, chubby face doing anything bad. Even if Blobby submerged half of the world with a tsunami, Erika would forgive its cute baby face.

"Don't do this again, okay?"


Blobby answered something vague, but Erika wanted to believe he understood the message. She patted the blob's head and went on to catch up with Vivi.

With short and chubby legs, it was difficult for Blobby to keep up with the pace. Nonetheless, he did his best and run forward, tripping and standing up every couple of seconds. It made mommy very proud.

When they finally caught up to Vivi - disaster struck again.


Blobby sprayed water again.

"Ack! Y-you! Like, do you have a death wish!?"

Vivi barked and channeled wind force into her palm.

"No fighting!"

Erika put herself in front of Blobby, serving as a meat shield. She was prepared to be blasted to shreds... but Vivi lowered her hand.

"Hmph, fine! But like, you tell that idiot to not mess around with the great Vivi, lest he wants to water the grass!"

Vivi lifted her chin and crosser her arms. If Erika hadn't interfered, then Blobby would have been dead by now, no question about it.

"Bad Blobby."


Blobby lowered his face, expressing genuine regret. It seemed that Blobby understood he was scolded and he truly felt bad about it. However, he didn't understand what crime he committed.

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